Torrent de Pareis

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The impressive natural monument of Torrent de Pareis is the wonder of wonders in Mallorca, and its beach is the icing on the cake of one of nature’s most beautiful caprices.



Torrent de Pareis

The Torrent de Pareis beach is located at the mouth of a torrent that rises 180 metres above sea level and crosses the Tramuntana mountain range over a length of 3.300 metres.

Located in the northwest of the island of Mallorca, it is born in S’Entreforc, in the municipality of Escorca, thanks to the confluence of the Lluc and Gorg Blau streams, the latter coming from the reservoir of the same name.

The erosion and abrasion of torrential water and wind action on the predominant limestone rock in this area of the island initiated a process of karstic dissolution millions of years ago, giving rise to multiple changes in its initial morphology and creating the fracture that we see today full of caves and chasms. This has given rise to one of the most admirable and spectacular spots on the island, surely the greatest natural monument on Mallorca. Its jewel is the mouth of this torrent into the Mediterranean Sea: a beach that emerges from the sea between two rocky elevations of up to 200 metres high, as if they were two sculptures.

Don’t confuse this beach with Sa Calobra, which is just 300 metres away. Both are, without a doubt, one of the must-see places you should not miss during your holiday on the island.

Aerial view from the front and back, showing the sea and the interior of the Torrent de Pareis.
View of the sea and the interior of Torrent de Pareis

How to get to Torrent de Pareis

There are several different ways to get to Torrent de Pareis, each one of them a real adventure, as visiting this impressive natural monument leaves no one unimpressed.

Road to Sa Calobra

To reach the Torrent de Pareis by road, you must take Sa Calobra’s road, which is located in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana and is one of the most spectacular routes in Spain.

Allowing you to enjoy an enormous scenic beauty through the valleys, holm oak forests or the highest peaks in the surrounding area, Sa Calobra (snake in Mallorcan, because of its winding route) is a road with vertiginous curves that trace endless ‘zig-zags’ and which are the work of the Italian engineer Paretti, as well as the road leading to the Formentor Lighthouse.

Entering Sa Calobra is impressive in itself. You will cross one of the arches of the emblematic and imperial Turixant Aqueduct and you will cross beautiful viewpoints and the famous “tie knot” where you will change direction with a 360º turn.

Although it is not suitable for sensitive people, you should know that although you should be careful at all times… the road is safe, the asphalt is in very good condition and there are crash barriers all along the route.

Ultra panoramic view of the road to Sa Calobra
Ultra panoramic view of the road to Sa Calobra

Getting to Torrent de Pareis by car

To get to Torrent de Pareis by car, you can depart from two villages located on opposite sides of the island, and one or the other will suit you depending on where you are staying in Mallorca.

If you haven’t booked your hotel on the island yet, we recommend you to consult this accommodation directory that we offer you together with the selection of the best hotels in Mallorca that we propose and that will give you clues as to which place will suit you best depending on the expectations you bring with you.

Therefore, you can get to Torrent de Pareis from:

  • Lluc, which is located in the middle of the Tramuntana mountain range and is accessible both from Caimari and from Pollença. The road is the Ma-10 and the route is about 24 kms, approximately 45′.
  • Sóller, located in the northern part of the island, is well connected with Palma and Santa Maria. Also the Ma-10 road which is the road of the Sierra de Tramuntana and the journey time is 1h 5′, about 48 kms.

Our recommendation is to make this journey by car. Our experience tells us that it is a very long journey and can take even longer if it is done, for example, by bus.

Car hire in Mallorca

If you are going to visit Torrent de Pareis or Sa Calobra with children, traveling by car will be your best option. Get rid of the idea of hiking to Sa Calobra with the youngest members of the family because this route is totally contraindicated for them for the reasons we tell you here.

The road is too dangerous to be done on a motorbike and is only recommended if you are a lover of two-wheeled motor vehicles and have sufficient dexterity and skill. If so, then you’ll have a great time with all the curves and bends along the way.

But be careful not to speed up and run too fast, as cycling on this road is a very popular activity throughout most of the year, and along the route you will come across dozens of exhausted cyclists who ride at very slow paces and cause crowds of cars. So if you encounter them, stay calm and be respectful of them.

At the end of the journey, first of all, you will arrive at the beach of Sa Calobra where you can park your vehicle in a car park, which is paid by the minute, not paying more than 15€ per day. You will not be able to leave your car anywhere else in the area.

Then, to access the beach of Torrent de Pareis you will have to walk about 5′-10′, going through a tunnel with neon lights and a couple of “windows” (holes created in the stone as windows where you can take some picturesque photos) until you reach the beach. You’ll understand why the Torrent de Pareis is the most impressive of the natural monuments of Mallorca.

Going by public transport to Torrent de Pareis

Nowadays, the area of Sa Calobra is not accessible by public transport, although there is the possibility of visiting the Torrent de Pareis or Sa Calobra by bus through private companies that organise excursions by bus and van.

Getting to Torrent de Pareis by boat

Getting to Torrent de Pareis by boat is a very good option, especially if you have a hard time with curvy roads or suffer from severe vertigo, as the scenery and the road, although spectacular and unique, can be hell for people with these difficulties.

There are several excursions and group activities with the Torrent de Pareis as the final destination. Most of them have a pick-up and drop-off service to Palma, which is where the activity begins.

Boat trip from Sóller to Sa Calobra. Arrival at the port of Sa Calobra
Arrival of the boat-excursion from Sóller to the port of Sa Calobra

The collection service operates in the following areas:

  • North: Can Picafort, Playa de Muro, Port d’Alcudia, Port de Pollença and Cala Sant Vicenç.
  • East (Levante): Cala Mesquida, Cala Ratjada, Font de Sa Cala, Canyamel, Cala Bona, Cala Millor, Sa Coma and S’Illot.
  • East (Calas de Mallorca): Porto Cristo, Cala Mandía, Punta Reina, Calas de Mallorca, Portocolom, Cala Ferrera, Cala d’Or, Cala Egos, Porto Petro and Cala Barca.
  • South (Colonia de Sant Jordi): Colonia de Sant Jordi, Cala Figuera and Cala Santanyí.

Once in Palma you will take the famous Sóller train. Once there, you will transfer to a tram to the final station at the Puerto de Sóller, where you will board the boat that will take you to Sa Calobra.

The price of the activity also includes a transfer back to your accommodation. Below we show you how to book these excursions with final destination in Sa Calobra.

If you are already in the area, you also have the option of taking an excursion to Sa Calobra on your own. Departing from Sóller, a boat will take you along the coast to Sa Calobra and the Torrent de Pareis, where you can enjoy a few hours of free time before returning to Sóller.

If you prefer to visit the Torrent de Pareis at your own pace, you can also get there by private boat, although you should bear in mind that the part that faces the sea is subject to a strong pounding from the sea. Therefore, anchoring boats is not highly recommended if you are not an experienced skipper, although on very calm days you will see many boats in these waters.

If you want to rent a boat departing from the Port of Sóller you can do it from here. We recommend that you use the search filters and select the option to navigate with a pattern. All you have to worry about is relaxing and admiring the beautiful surroundings!

Cycling and cycle touring in Torrent de Pareis

One of the sporting feats you can do during your trip to Mallorca is to go to Sa Calobra by bicycle. However, as we explained earlier, it is a feat within the reach of very few due to both the difficulty and the distance of the route.

There is a circular cycling and cycle touring route that starts and ends in Puerto de Pollença. It covers a distance of 104.45 km and is therefore classified as a very difficult route. Its estimated time of execution is 5h 30′ and with an accumulated level of ascent and descent of 2271 m up to a maximum height of 713 m.

If you still feel like cycling to Sa Calobra on this difficult route, we make it easier for you with this gift we have prepared for you: a map with all the details of the cycling route from Puerto de Pollença to Sa Calobra.

You can download it for free and enlarge it in full quality from any mobile device, so you can check the route at any time along the way.

Cycle route map from Puerto de Pollença to Sa Calobra
Map of the cycling and cycle touring route from Puerto de Pollença to Sa Calobra

Download the map of the cycle touring route: Puerto de Pollensa – Sa Calobra

Information on the map of the cycling route from Puerto de Pollença to Sa Calobra

In recent years Mallorca has become one of the most popular destinations for cycle touring, so there are many roads all over the island with indications of cycle touring routes that you can follow.

One of the most impressive is this circular route that runs between Puerto de Pollença and Sa Calobra. One of the most impressive is this circular route that runs between Puerto de Pollença and Sa Calobra.

  • Exact route and villages you will cross.
  • Detailed location of the peripheral mountain system.
  • Total distance of the route.
  • Maximum and minimum accumulated altitude.
  • Maximum height reached during the route.
  • Estimated time to complete the route.

There is nothing better than knowing the way to enjoy it to the fullest and not miss anything at all, so don’t think twice and download it for free!

Leaving Puerto de Pollença and heading towards Lluc, the first village you will come across is Pollença, one of the most charming towns in Mallorca. In Lluc you should stop to contemplate the monastery, for its undeniable architectural beauty and historical value.

When you get to the beach of Sa Calobra you can leave your bike, sit down for a while to rest and take a breath of fresh air in the many bars and restaurants or go directly to the wonderful beach of Torrent de Pareis as we explained above in the section of how to get there by car

Excursion to Sa Calobra

The last of the options for reaching the Torrent de Pareis beach is via a hiking route, making an excursion to Sa Calobra by crossing the torrent itself from its source. If you choose this alternative, we ask you to take the utmost care and caution, as it requires a certain level of physical fitness and skill. This hiking route is not suitable for children.

If you do not have the possibility to be accompanied by someone with experience in similar activities, we recommend that you do so through this activity where you will be provided with all the necessary equipment., you will be guided by a experienced professional who will advise you at all times by giving you the peace of mind and the necessary security so that you only have to worry about have fun and enjoy.

The excursion to Sa Calobra is recommended between May and October, as during the other months the torrent is usually full of water, making the excursion even more difficult.

The excursion starts in the Escorca restaurant and you will travel a total of 7 kilometres among pools, caves and stone walls which verge on 300 metres above sea level until you reach the beach of Sa Calobra, which is simply the delight and the cherry on top of so much effort that will surely have been well worth it.

Activities in Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis

During your visit to Torrent de Pareis you can do a wide range of activities. On land you can do the hiking route we have explained and it is also possible to go climbing, as there are many via ferratas open.

The Torrent de Pareis with its cliffs, vertical walls and breathtaking views is one of the favourite places of pilgrimage for local climbers from all over the world who visit the island on holiday.

Abseiling is another activity that can be practised, starting at S’Esmolar. As with the excursion to Sa Calobra, we recommend that you do it with a professional guide or a very experienced person.

If you prefer to practise water sports or activities, you will not be able to rent any equipment on this beach due to its small size and the final access tunnel to the beach from the Port of Sa Calobra.

There is also no possibility of renting pedal boats or equipment on the beach of Sa Calobra, which is right next to it. Where you will be able to rent a kayak and take a tour of the surrounding area is at the beach of Cala Tuent. From here you can paddle to both Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis beaches.

On the first Sunday in July, a free concert is held where the best voices of the island come together at the mouth of the torrent, in an unrepeatable setting, with acoustics that have nothing to envy of the best and most famous auditoriums in the world.

This is a classic summer event on the island of Mallorca and is organised by Obra Social La Caixa. These concerts are dedicated to a more classical register and should not be missed if you happen to be in Mallorca on these dates.

Facilities at Torrent de Pareis

The beach of Torrent de Pareis does not have any services. If you need refreshments or to use the toilet, you can do so on the beach of Sa Calobra, which is about 300 metres away.

During the summer months, the beach has a nursing service, which can provide first aid until the eventual transfer to hospital if the case is more serious.

Accommodation in Sa Calobra

If you are thinking of staying overnight next to the Torrent de Pareis you should know that unfortunately there is no accommodation available for the night in the area of Sa Calobra, so you will either have to go back to where you started from or search for accommodation in areas close to Torrent de Pareis and Sa Calobra.

The nearest area where you can stay is in Cala Tuent, where you will find the following accommodation:

This is all the information you need to get to Torrent de Pareis beach and the area of Sa Calobra.

We recommend that you don’t miss the opportunity to spend a full day in the most impressive area of the island. It will be worth it!

How do you plan to get there in the end? Do you think you have all the information you need to get to Torrent de Pareis? Had you heard of the area of Sa Calobra before organising your trip to Mallorca? We are all eyes and we are here to answer any questions you may have. Let us know!

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