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Welcome to Yo soy Mallorca, a complete tourist guide about the island written with love by local residents, so in addition to finding a lot of useful information for traveling to Mallorca, you will find honest opinions and tips for living and enjoying the island to the fullest in a responsible way.


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Yo soy Mallorca is a tourism site about Mallorca written by local residents, so our priority is to offer you useful and quality information and advice, promoting the practice of a type of tourism that is responsible, sustainable and respectful with our island.

We want to help you to organise your trip to Mallorca on your own in a simple way, offering you all the information you may need from the moment you begin your arrangements until you find yourself enjoying the island. One of the most spectacular places in the world awaits you and we want you to experience and enjoy it before, during and after.

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The 262 beaches and coves in Mallorca are the main tourist attraction and this is to be expected as some of the island’s beaches are ranked among the best at international level. In 2023, for example, Playa de Muro has been one of the Spanish beaches that made it into the rankings of the 25 best beaches in Europe and the 25 best beaches in the world in the “Best of the best by Travellers’ Choice (Tripadvisor)” awards. That’s quite something!

However, Mallorca is much more than that. On our website we write about the beaches, but also about the history of Mallorca, its towns and villages, its lighthouses, its culture, its traditions and its gastronomy. We want you to get to know all the details that make this island such an special place ❤️.

But the first thing you will need to know and that we tell you about are the different options you have to get to Mallorca, as it is an island, you will only be able to do this by plane or by ferry, in addition to the current COVID19 pandemic requirements and restrictions, and whether or not it is necessary to hire a travel insurance.

Book your vehicle before travelling to Mallorca

Once in Mallorca and with your accommodation booked, the best option for getting to and around the island is hiring a car.

We would love to tell you that this is not necessary and that you can travel around Mallorca, with no limitations, by public transport. Our intention is to promote a responsible and sustainable model of tourism with the environment and local culture, distancing ourselves from the promotion of certain practices related to mass tourism, but we would be lying if we told you that Mallorca can easily be explored without a car.

We also recommend that you book your vehicle as far in advance as possible as there is a lot of demand, the options are limited and the cost increases considerably as the dates of travel approach, especially in the summer season.

Download our Mallorca map for free

If this is your first time on the island and you don’t want to miss anything, we recommend you to download the free Mallorca map that we have prepared for the readers of our website. With it you will be able to organise your trip easily, as it includes all the island’ sights, and consult it at any time during your holidays.

Relax and enjoy Mallorca

Whether you travel to Mallorca for many days or just for one weekend, the island is an ideal place to relax and unwind, as well as it has an infinite number of options if you are one of those who prefer to be more active. You will be able to practice alternative and sustainable sports such as hiking and cycle touring, which is becoming more and more popular, as well as enjoying other activities such as sailing on board a boat or renting a sailboat, watching a beautiful sunset from the Formentor Lighthouse or dining in one of the trendiest neighbourhoods nowadays, Santa Catalina.

Whatever the case, what we are sure of is that Mallorca will impress you and that this will only be the first of many visits you make to us… We’ll be waiting for you at “la roqueta”!

* During the winter season not all hotels and accommodation in Mallorca are open. Because of this, they may not appear on the map.