Mallorca cycling: discover the island by bike

Mallorca has become one of Europe’s top destinations for cycling tourism, being visited every year by more than 150,000 tourists who travel to the island with the aim of touring it by bike and being, moreover, the chosen terrain for the winter training of a multitude of professional teams, as well as for the celebration of international events such as the Mallorca 312.

And this is normal if we consider that the island is located in a privileged location, with the impressive Tramuntana mountain range presiding over it, its mild climate and many other factors that turn Mallorca the perfect setting and the perfect paradise for the practice of cycle tourism and other outdoor sports.

Travel insurance for cyclists in Mallorca

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Iati insurance

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Why cycle touring in Mallorca?

Cyclotourism allows you to explore new places from a different perspective and Mallorca offers a wide range of routes that you can enjoy whether you are traveling as a couple or with your family, or if you are part of a group of professional cyclists.


If there is one factor that makes Mallorca such a special and charming island, it is its varied landscape and unparalleled beauty.

The numerous mountain roads that run through the Sierra de Tramuntana and its natural monuments, the shallow ponds and canals of the Albufera Nature Park, the impressive rugged coasts of Mallorca and the charming inland villages, where cyclists can stop to recover their strength, could hardly be more varied.

The secondary roads have hardly any traffic and provide cyclists with alternative and diverse scenic routes on a regular basis.

Mallorca cycling


The climate and weather in Mallorca is another of the main reasons why it is one of the favourite destinations for outdoor sports.

The island has 300 days of sunshine a year and in autumn, winter and spring the weather conditions are perfect for cycling, with mild temperatures ranging between 15º and 23º, and few rainy days.


Mallorca has one of the most important road networks for cycle tourists in the Mediterranean, which is why it is in such great demand in Europe.

Specifically, it has about 1.400 km of roads, on which more than 450 km cover signposted routes for cycle touring with different levels of difficulty, so that the most experienced sportsmen and women, average amateurs and those who are just starting to enjoy the benefits of cycling will be satisfied.

Safety: protected cycle routes

In 2017, the Spanish government launched a list of protected cycling routes with the aim of improving the safety of certain roads when practising this sport.

These routes have better signage, lower speed limits, a higher number of patrols carrying out breathalyser checks and greater presence and surveillance by police helicopters.

Three of these routes are in Mallorca, covering a total of 94km of roads:

  • From Llucmajor to Porreres.
  • From Lluc to Valldemossa, through coll de Sóller.
  • From Tolleric to Campos.

Access and infrastructure

Palma International Airport (PMI) offers multiple air connections with other Spanish and European cities, even during the winter season. You’ll find cheap flights to Mallorca from most international airports that will take you to the island in just two hours.

✈️ Do you want to book your flight at the best price? Then don’t miss this article with all the information and the best tips for booking your flight to Mallorca.

On the other hand, Mallorca has good infrastructures aimed at the cycling sector. The paradigm shift in the tourism model, which aims to increasingly promote a form of travel focused on environmental awareness, invites the practice of activities in nature, including cycling.

As a result, more and more local businesses are catering to the needs of this type of traveller, so you’ll find plenty of bike rental shops across the island, specialised tour operators, bars and restaurants with bike racks, and Cycling Friendly accommodation equipped with everything you may need (mechanical workshops, bicycle storage, etc.) to stay with all the comforts.

When is the best time to cycle around Mallorca?

Thanks to Mallorca’s good weather, any time of year is a good time to cycle around the island.

Even so, the best seasons for outdoor sports are spring and autumn, as temperatures are milder than in summer and there is less chance of rain.

Cycling events in Mallorca

The months of February, March and April are the months most frequented by European cyclists, and in April we have in Mallorca one of the cycling events that is beginning to establish itself each year as a long-distance race, the Mallorca 312.

Mallorca 312

On 29 April 2023, the 14th edition of the Mallorca 312 cycling race will take place, which will place Mallorca, as it does every year, at the centre of international cycling with the celebration of this mythical cycling race on the island, which welcomes thousands of participants every year.

As in previous editions, the race will offer participants three routes: 312km, 225km and 167km running around the island, although the main route is the 312km route, hence its name. They are hard races because of their heights and slopes, but for that reason there are 3 different races, so that everyone can choose the one that best suits their characteristics.

Mallorca 312 is a very international race, with the presence of national and international cyclists:

  • 32% from Spain
  • 26% from UK
  • 13% from Germany
  • 4% from Ireland
  • 2% from Belgium
  • 13% others

It is an excellent opportunity for people who want to get to know Mallorca and its surroundings, combining outdoor sports with tourism.

This cycling race is special not only because of its long distance but also because of the route through the most beautiful Mallorcan landscapes of the island:

  • The Serra de Tramuntana, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • North of Mallorca, also known for its beaches, natural parks and tradition.

With Mallorca 312, Mallorca once again proves that it has activities to highlight outside the summer calendar, demonstrating the deseasonalisation of tourism, which is becoming more and more evident every year, and that it has a tourism model based on sustainable competitiveness.

As we often say, Mallorca is not only beaches and coves, but also has areas of great environmental and scenic value. Thanks to the Mallorca 312, the island is once again in the international spotlight thanks to this cycling event in Mallorca.

Do you want more information about this event?
🎁 Download, free of charge, three infographics with the careers of the different levels that take place at Mallorca 312. Enjoy them!

Infographic of the cycling race Mallorca 312

Bicycle rental in Mallorca

If you have decided to go cycling in Mallorca, you have two options. You can bring your own equipment with you, whether you’re traveling by plane or ferry, or you can hire a bike from one of the many companies offering this service around the island.

If you choose to rent your bike or the rest of your equipment on arrival, you can do so at Bike Experience Mallorca, with a shop in Puerto Pollença and a pick-up and delivery service anywhere on the island.

The best Mallorcan cycling routes

The island offers us a wide range of options, with many routes and different levels of difficulty. Whether you are an amateur or an expert cyclist, you will want to experience the sensation of cycling these incredible routes around Mallorca.

If you dare to discover the island on two wheels, we have a gift for you: a map with the best cycling routes in Mallorca so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

You can download it and enlarge it at maximum quality from any device, so if you want to consult it at any time during your trip, you can do so from your mobile phone.

So you have no excuse for not making the most of these stunning Mallorca cycling routes.

Cyclying routes map in Mallorca

Download the map of cycling routes in Mallorca

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    Information about the map of cycling routes in Mallorca

    Mallorca has more than 450 km of signposted roads for cycle touring, with ten specific routes that are complemented by other circular routes.

    In the map we have prepared for you, we emphasise what we consider to be the best ones, covering different areas, distances and levels of difficulty.

    Specifically, what information will you find on the Yo soy Mallorca cycle touring routes map?

    • The ten best routes to discover and enjoy Mallorca by bike.
    • The areas covered by each of the routes, as well as the main cultural and natural attractions that you will find and be able to visit along the way.
    • The total distance in kilometres, with routes ranging from 8 km for beginners to 105 km for more experienced cyclists and the estimated time to complete the tour.
    • An outline of the gradient and difficulty of the route.

    Recommendations for cycling in Mallorca

    Cycling in Mallorca is a practice that should be safe in order to run as little risk as possible and to avoid putting other road users and the environment at risk. Here are some very important guidelines that you should follow:

    • The roads described are not for the exclusive use of cyclists.
    • For your own safety, always wear a helmet
    • Respect the cycling rules in Mallorca, and the rest of the general regulations
    • Respect flora and fauna on the roads
    • Free camping is not allowed
    • Do not litter and dispose of your rubbish in the bins.
    • It is forbidden to build fires. A badly extinguished cigarette butt can cause a fire
    • The emergency telephone number is 112

    Don’t hesitate! If you like outdoor sports… download it, take it with you and enjoy your cycling holidays. We are waiting for you!

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