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Climate and weather in Mallorca: best time to travel to the island

The climate and weather in Mallorca is one of the main reasons that make the island one of the national and international tourist references and one of the favourite destinations in Spain (and the world!) for people looking for a place to spend their holidays.

The island has 300 days of sunshine a year and, although the summer season is the preferred season for enjoying its spectacular beaches and coves, more and more visitors decide to travel to Mallorca in autumn, winter and spring, when the weather conditions are perfect for visiting its main attractions or enjoying outdoor sports.

Weather in Mallorca today: weekly forecast

Climate and weather in Mallorca

The climate of Mallorca is typically maritime Mediterranean, with more or less mild winters and very hot summers., which are easier to cope with thanks to the sea breeze known as “embat”; therefore, the island has mild average temperatures and seasonal rainfall..

Some coastal areas such as the bay of Palma, the Campos area and the Alcudia area belong to the subtropical Mediterranean subtype.

Exceptionally, there are cold spells that allow us to enjoy the snowy Sierra de Tramuntana, which is something we Mallorcans are particularly excited about 💙.

Temperature in Mallorca

During the summer months, from June to September, daily maximum temperatures usually range between 27°C and 31°C, with night-time minimum temperatures around 20°C. In spring and autumn, daytime temperatures hover around 20-25°C, while in winter daily highs are usually around 15°C, with night-time lows that can drop to as low as 5°C.

Mallorca sea surface temperature

The physical environment of Mallorca is, first and foremost, the sea that bathes our coasts. This is responsible for regulating the temperature and means that the thermal seasonality is not as marked as in the inland areas of the peninsula.

The sea temperature in Mallorca varies throughout the year and depends on the season. In general, the waters around the island are warmer in summer and cooler in winter.

During the summer months, from June to September, the sea temperature in Mallorca is usually between 23°C and 26°C, which makes it an ideal time to enjoy the beaches and water activities.

Kayak rental in Cala Molins in Cala Sant Vicenç in Mallorca
Cala Molins in Cala Sant Vicenç

In winter, sea temperatures are cooler, averaging around 14°C in January and February. However, the water temperature can still be warm enough for swimming on sunny days.

In spring and autumn, sea temperatures in Mallorca vary between 15°C and 20°C, which can be a little cool for some, but it is still possible to enjoy water activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding and scuba diving.

Rainfall in Mallorca

The average rainfall in Mallorca varies according to location and time of year. Normally, the rainy season lasts from October to March, while the summer months are usually quite dry.

On the west and south coast of the island, the average annual rainfall is between 300 and 500 mm, while in the mountainous areas of the north and west it can exceed 1,000 mm per year. In any case, it is important to bear in mind that the climate is variable and rainfall can vary significantly from year to year.

Most of the rainfall is concentrated in a few days, with heavy or very heavy rainfall in autumn and light rainfall the rest of the year.

📝 If it rains a lot during your stay, check the status of Ses Fonts Ufanes in Campanet and don’t miss the opportunity to visit this impressive natural monument that only emerges after days of heavy rain in Mallorca. It will leave you speechless!

The wind in Mallorca

The wind in Mallorca can also vary depending on the time of year and location. During the summer, the prevailing winds are the easterly winds, which blow from the east and can be hot and dry.

Moreover, Mallorca is exposed to the tramontana winds, a strong and cold wind that blows from the Pyrenees towards the Mediterranean Sea. The tramontana can have gusts of up to 100 km/h and can be especially intense in the mountainous areas in the north of the island in winter.

Check here the wind and its forecast in Mallorca:

Embat, the sea breeze in Mallorca

In Mallorca, the sea breeze is known as “embat”. This is a local wind that blows from the sea to the coast during the summer months and is caused by differences in temperature and pressure between the sea water and the land.

During the day, the sun warms the land faster than the sea, causing warm air to rise and creating a low pressure zone over the coast. At the same time, cool, moist sea air moves inland to fill the vacuum, creating the “embat” sea breeze. This wind is usually strongest in the afternoon, when the temperature difference between the sea and the land is greatest.

The “embat” sea breeze helps to cool the atmosphere and reduce temperatures during the hottest days of summer. It is also particularly appreciated by sailors, windsurfers and kitesurfers, as it provides ideal conditions for these activities and water sports.

Water activities kitesurfing in the north of the island
Kitesurfing is becoming more and more popular in Mallorca

Best time to travel to Mallorca

As we mentioned, Mallorca has around 300 days of sunshine a year. Summer is always hot and sunny, perfect for beachcombing or sailing, but you can also enjoy ideal holidays in spring, autumn and winter, when the temperature is particularly suitable for outdoor sports or exploring the island’s cultural and historical attractions.

Climate and weather in Mallorca

Mallorca in spring

Spring in Mallorca is, without a doubt, one of the most recommended times to escape to the island, as you will be able to enjoy the Mediterranean slow life on the most visited Balearic island. Longer days, good temperatures, less tourism, better prices when booking accommodation and beautiful scenery are the perfect setting for a holiday.

It is a perfect time to practice outdoor sports such as hiking or cycling, which is why thousands of cyclists choose spring to come and practice their favourite sport. And this is to be expected considering Mallorca’s privileged location, with the impressive Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, presiding over the island and its mild climate.

Spring is the perfect time for outdoor activities such as wine tasting in Mallorca‘s more than 70 wineries, which in summer become more complicated due to the intense heat.

It is also an ideal time to visit the capital, Palma de Mallorca, when there are not so many travelers. Palma has many interesting places scattered throughout the old town and its surroundings, and this season is the ideal time to visit them.

🆓 If, like us, you like to know the history and curiosities of the places you visit, don’t miss the opportunity to book in advanced one of the free tours in Palma de Mallorca. A local guide will accompany you and show you the most important areas of the capital, in an entertaining and free way..

Would you prefer to get to know other towns and villages in Mallorca? Spring is the ideal time to get to know the essence of the island, taking advantage of its markets and street markets, where you can stroll around and buy fresh food, typical craft products and everyday objects.

Mallorca in summer

Summer in Mallorca needs no introduction. Although the island is quite crowded, it is undoubtedly the best time to enjoy the 262 beaches and coves of the island.

Many of Mallorca’s beaches are, in fact, ranked among the best in the world. In 2023, for example, Playa de Muro has been one of the Spanish beaches that has managed to break into the rankings of the 25 best beaches in Europe and the 25 best beaches in the world of the “Best of the best by Travellers’ Choice (Tripadvisor)” awards. That’s quite something!

Although each and every one of Mallorca’s beaches and coves are true natural paradises where you can enjoy the characteristic fauna and flora of the Mediterranean, we understand that you probably don’t have time to visit them all.

Do you want to know which are, in our opinion, three of the best beaches and coves in Mallorca? Here are our suggestions! 💙

Although they are its main attraction, Mallorca is not only about beaches and summer is an ideal time to enjoy other visits such as the Lighhouses of Mallorca that guard and protect the coastline; for water sports and activities; or a good time to relax at one of the many beach bars and end the day contemplating a beautiful sunset.

In terms of price, summer is the most expensive time as we are in the middle of the high season. Even so, thanks to the endless hotel offer in Mallorca, it is possible to find interesting options in all-inclusive resorts, which are the star accommodation in the Balearic summer.

Mallorca in autumn

Autumn in Mallorca is probably our favourite time of the year. The island is a little quieter and the temperature, including the sea temperature, is still great for enjoying the beaches but with a little more space and privacy.

As well as spring, autumn is an ideal time for outdoor sports, such as cycle touring or hiking; adventure sports, such as canyoning, climbing or coasteering; and water sports and especially sailing sports such as kite surfing – increasingly fashionable all year round.

Mallorca’s gastronomy in autumn is a delight for lovers of good food and seasonal products.

At this time of the year, the island offers a wide variety of dishes and products that can be tasted in the many restaurants on the island, or, just as in spring, but in autumn with the grapes just harvested, by taking part in an event such as a wine tasting in Mallorca, visiting a traditional winery.

Be sure to try specialities containing “esclatasangs”a variety of wild mushroom that grows on the island of Mallorca and is used in numerous recipes such as “llom amb esclatasangs”, “arròs brut” and many more; “llampuga”a delicious oily fish, with roasted peppers; or sausages such as “sobrasada” and “botifarrones”, which are at their best time of the year.

As for the price, in the same way as in spring, accommodation in autumn is cheaper than during the summer months, so you will be able to find a large number of hotels and aparthotels in Mallorca suitable for all budgets.

Mallorca in winter

Every season has something special, and even winter in Mallorca is worthwhile; especially if you get one of the cold spells that leave us with snowy images in the Sierra de Tramuntana like the one we show you below, don’t you think? 😍. ¡Un espectáculo!

Cúber reservoir at the foot of Puig Major in the Sierra de Tramuntana in Mallorca
Cúber reservoir at the foot of Puig Major. Photograph provided for use by Miguel Caimari

If this happens, an ideal plan – and one that we Mallorcans love – is to visit some of the charming mountain villages such as Valldemossa, to enjoy the snowy landscape and finish the day at Ca’n Molinas having a delicious coca de patata accompanied by a hot chocolate.

The capital, during the winter and especially at Christmas, is a beautiful place to wander through its streets. You can find Christmas markets throughout the centre of Palma for Christmas shopping, but also in other areas such as Puerto Portals, Lluc and even ice skating in Port Adriano.

In addition, during the colder months, the island is booming, with some of the island’s most important patron saint festivals of the year such as Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià (both in January), where you can enjoy the famous “correfocs” and mingle more than ever with the locals, taking part in one of the many “torrades” (barbecues) that are held in the street.

In February, for example, the almond trees blossom in anticipation of spring, making these days ideal for walking and enjoying the landscapes offered by the “Pla” or interior of the island, in the surroundings of villages such as Sineu.

💰 Winter, being low season, is the cheapest time to travel to Mallorca. Great prices can be found when renting a car or booking a hotel with a spa and even hotels with a Jacuzzi in the room, which are ideal for a romantic winter getaway.

Best time to sail in Mallorca

One of the best ways to get to know the island is by boat, as you will have access to hidden beaches and coves that are difficult to reach on foot and unbeatable views of the island.

The best time to sail in Mallorca is between spring and autumn. During these months, temperatures are pleasant and sailing conditions are usually good.

Boat hire in Mallorca

In summer the island is very busy, with many people in the ports and on the beaches, so the option of getting around by boat is a plus when it comes to experiencing the island with more intimacy and without giving up the good weather.

In winter, although temperatures are mild, there can be strong winds and more difficult sailing conditions, as well as fewer leisure and activity options on the island.

⛵ If you want to enjoy sailing and you don’t have your own boat, we recommend that before looking for options you read our article with information and tips for renting boats in Mallorca, with or without a captain. We tell you about companies and give you useful tips to book your boat from reliable owners, with the least negative impact on the island and at the best price.

Have you decided when you will travel to the island? We hope this article with information about the climate and weather in Mallorca has helped you to make up your mind! Whatever the time of year, you’ll find plenty of options to enjoy la roqueta that surely will leave you looking forward to explore the rest of the seasons. Let us know in the comments!

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