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Hiking in Mallorca

The combination of the mountains and the sea in a single setting, thanks to the privileged location of the Sierra de Tramuntana, turns this island into a perfect scenary and the ideal paradise for hiking in Mallorca and other outdoor sports such as cycle touring and golf, which have been chosen as the star sports of the winter.

For some time now, the island has been transforming its model of tourism, increasingly promoting a way of traveling that invites you to practice outdoor activities. An increase of interest in sustainability and environmental awareness, that from Yo soy Mallorca we want to promote.

Thanks to this paradigm shift, hiking in Mallorca enjoys a large number of followers, including travellers, who are increasingly looking to discover the island in a different way from September to May. Are you one of them? Keep reading!

When to go trekking in Mallorca?

Thanks to the good climate and weather in Mallorca, any time of the year could be a good time for a trekking or hiking route.

Even so, the best seasons for outdoor sports are spring and autumn, as temperatures are milder than in summer and there is less chance of rain.

Hiking routes in Mallorca

There are endless possibilities for hiking routes on the island:

  • The Ruta de Pedra en Sec, also known as GR-221, is the star hiking route in Mallorca. It crosses the Sierra de Tramuntana longitudinally and comprises a series of villages from west to east in this order: Andratx, Calvià, Estellencs, Puigpunyent, Banyalbufar, Esporles, Bunyola, Valldemossa, Deià, Sóller, Fornalutx, Escorca, Lloseta, Mancor de la Vall, Selva, Campanet, Lluc and ending with Pollensa in the north of the island and extending its domain as far as the Formentor Lighthouse on the Formentor Peninsula.
  • Artà-Lluc route on the Llevant Peninsula, in the east of the island. This route connects with the previous Pedra en Sec route, from the village of Artà to Lluc. You will walk among its mountains covered with vegetation while you discover beautiful unspoilt coves such as Cala Mesquida, Cala Agulla, Cala Torta, Cala Mitjana and Cala Estreta, among others; and you will cross beautiful villages such as Artà itself, Betlem, Colònia de Sant Pere and Lluc. You can download the Artà-Lluc Route here.
  • Routes through the beautiful and picturesque villages of the Raiguer area: Caimari and Moscari, located in the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains in Mallorca.
  • Ruta dels Fars (Lighthouses route) This route not yet a realitybut it is about to begin to develop and will, in our view, be the the icing on the cake for hiking in Mallorca as it will link the Artà-Lluc route with that of Ruta de Pedra en Sec (Pedra en sec route) This means that Mallorca will be fully connected and can be covered entirely on foot along paths and trails. The Ruta dels Fars will be a route along the Mallorcan coastline and you will be able to discover all the lighthouses of Mallorca from Cala Agulla, in the north-east, to Andratx in the south-west of the island.

Hiking in Mallorca: Sa Costera route
Sa Costera route linking Sóller and Cala Tuent

Ruta de Pedra en Sec or GR-221

Download the Pedra en Sec Route

The Ruta de Pedra en Sec or GR-221 is the route par excellence in Mallorca. It was created in 1999. This route has about 300km of roads. The main route is 170.74km but with the 128.82km variants it totals 299.56km.

There is currently a programme to amend the Special Plan to extend this route by 70km, thus ensuring free and open access for walkers along a signposted itinerary.

In this way, the Serra de Tramuntana to be more accessible to everyone who wants to practice hiking in Mallorca and will make the paths connect the different villages, facilitating access to nature and the enjoyment of a different kind of leisure activity to that of the summer, thus de-seasonalising the island’s usual tourist trade..

The Ruta de Pedra en Sec will be structured in 8 stages and 15 variants that are subdivided into sections. The stages begin, when possible, in a village or in one of the refuges of the existing hiking network. This makes it easier for the hiker to rest or stock up on food at the beginning and end of each stage.

Current map with future enlargements
Current map with future enlargements

Most popular hiking routes in Mallorca

Mallorca offers a wide range of options, with many trails and different levels of difficulty, ranging from idyllic walks along the coast to technical walks through the Sierra de Tramuntana.

So, if you ask us about easy hiking routes in Mallorcaour recommendation, and bearing in mind that they can always get complicated in some sections, would be the Route of the villages of Raiguer, the Lighthouses route (as the flatter route) and the Artà-Lluc routein this order from the easiest to the most difficult hiking route. The Pedra en Sec route is reserved for medium to high level hikers.

The best hiking trails in Mallorca

These routes reflect the essence of Mallorca, its history, tradition and culture, and its fauna and flora. We offer you some recommendations about the best hiking trails in Mallorca:

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Guided hiking routes in Mallorca

If during your holidays you would like to go on a hiking route in Mallorca accompanied by an expert guide who gives you the opportunity to get to know the impressive Sierra de Tramuntana – as well as learning more about the island, its people and traditions -, we recommend that you rely on certified professionals and companies that have experience and comply with all current regulations , qualifications, safety and approved materials.

⛰️ In this link you can consult all the offers for hiking in Mallorca from professional and certified companies offered by our trusted partner.

If you finally decide to book any of the activities from the link, you will not incur any extra cost and you will help us to keep the website of Yo soy Mallorca alive in order to continue offering you the best and most up-to-date information about the island 💙.

Mountain, nature and its dangers

Having the mountains and nature at our disposal is a privilege for those of us who like freedom and enjoy clean, fresh air. It is rest and well-being. It is the perfect place, if it is not your natural habitat, to recharge your batteries and return to your place of origin to continue with your life and daily routine.

It is easy to get carried away in it, as it invites you to do so, but it is also an environment that can be new to many and can sometimes be beyond our control, even for those with some experience.

Who hasn’t had a small slip or an accidental fall while hiking in the mountains? Incidents and even accidents are possible, they are undesirable but they can happen.

When preparing a trip there are certain aspects to take into account that we must have under control and one of them, if your idea is to go hiking in Mallorca or any other type of activity that involves a risk, should be to travel with a good travel insurance.

Travel Insurance IATI Escapadas

From our own experience in our travels and having tried some other insurances with which we have had some bad surprises and disappointments, we can clearly recommend IATI Seguros as a reliable insurance. In this article we explain the importance of travelling with insurance, why IATI Seguros is the best option and we will give you a 5% discount on the purchase of their services.

Accommodation in the Sierra de Tramuntana

The Serra de Tramuntana is one of the ideal destinations for nature lovers, since it has been declared a nature reserve. World Heritage in 2011, activity in this mountain system, which is home to the highest peaks on the island of Mallorca has been incessant and has multiplied exponentially.

In order to provide good support to hikers who walk through the Tramuntana in Mallorca, there is the possibility of accommodation in shelters, having doubled the demand in 2022 in all the shelters that run the Ruta de Pedra en Sec (Pedra en sec route), the number of bookings increased from 9,333 to 25,075, including bookings in the Government’s refuges (6,543) and camping areas (12,586).

Due to this high demand of requests, places in these refuges are scarce and there may not be availability on the date you want to make your trip to Mallorca.

As we explained earlier, the Ruta de Pedra en Sec crosses many municipalities in Mallorca, so if there is no availability in these refuges, you could book your accommodation in villages in the Sierra de Tramuntana where you plan to spend the night.

What do you think of this “other way” of getting to know the island? Don’t think twice and visit Mallorca also in the autumn and spring months, you won’t be disappointed!

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