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Public transport in Mallorca

Using public transport in Mallorca is the cheapest way to get around the island and is a good option if you need to get around the capital, Palma, which has an extensive bus network.

However, if your idea is to visit other areas further away on your route and get to know Mallorca in depth, we don’t think this is the best option, because although intercity transport connects the city with most municipalities, it does not connect the capital to certain attractions or to the beaches that are worthwhile.

Public transport in Palma

Public transport in Mallorca is quite good in the city and its use is being boosted in recent times, in order to reduce congestion and improve efficiency and sustainability.

Currently it is provided with bus and metro services and, soon (and if plans do not change…), it will also have a tramway.

Bus in Palma

Palma has an extensive bus network (which you can distinguish from the rest as they are blue and green) managed by the company “Empresa Municipal de Transports (EMT)”.

In the city, the bus service runs between 6.30am and 11pm, although this timetable may vary on some lines at weekends or on bank holidays.

You can check here the routes and timetables of the Empresa Municipal de Transports daytime bus service.

Night bus in Palma

The EMT also has a night service, the NitBus, consisting of four routes that operate on Fridays, Saturdays and the eve of public holidays from 11.30 pm to 6.30 am, with a frequency of 50 minutes per stop.

In order to facilitate the connection between them, all the lines cross the Plaza España stop.

Palma night bus
Source: EMT

Bus stops in Palma

Our recommendation, if you plan to use the bus service in Palma, is to download the MobiPalma app, available for iOS and Android.

With it, you will find the nearest bus stop, know which bus(es) to take depending on your destination (route design) and have up-to-date information on the arrival time of the next bus(es).

Bus service fares in Palma

Single ticket price: €2.

Children under 5 years old, accompanied: free.

Prepaid card (10-trip voucher, not rechargeable): €15.

The ticket payment entitles you to one free transfer per journey between different city lines, up to 90 minutes after the first validation.

Special rates:

Price of a single ticket to Palma Airport: 5€.

Price of the single ticket to get to the Port of Palma: 3€.

💶 On EMT buses you can only pay in cash. Please be aware that the maximum exchange rate is €10, so you will not be able to pay with a higher value banknote.

Palma Metro

The Palma underground has two routes: the M1, which goes to the University, and the M2, which goes to the municipality of Marratxí.

In practice, we don’t think you will need to use it, as its lines go to polygonal and residential areas, but if you decide to take it, here you have information about the routes, stops and fares of the Palma Metro.

Metro stops in Palma

You will find a total of 15 metro stops around Palma.

Line M1 Palma Metro
Source: TIB
Line M2 Palma Metro
Source: TIB

Fares for the metro service in Palma

The price of a single ticket is €1.80, which is valid for one journey and is not valid for transferring to other bus lines.

You can buy your ticket at the machines available at all the stations and also at the ticket offices at Palma Intermodal Station, and you can pay in cash or by card.

Public transport in Mallorca: other municipalities

The Balearic Islands have a lot of to-do’s in terms of inter-urban transport. There are connections to almost all municipalities, but these are expensive, scarce, very slow and impractical.

So although we would love to encourage the use of public transport and tell you that you don’t need to hire a car to get around Mallorca, this would not be true.

If you only need to reach your accomodation, because you are not going to leave the area, or because you are going to do a type of tourism that does not imply the use of a car, such as cyclotourism or hiking, then you could take advantage of the public transport network.

🎁 But if what you want is to get lost and explore the secrets of the island, then our recommendation is that you download the free map of Mallorca that we have prepared for you and hire a vehicle.

Buses in Mallorca: outskirts of Palma

Intercity buses are distinguishable by their red and yellow colours. These are managed by the company known as Consorci Transports Mallorca (TIB), which also manages Palma’s metro and train service.

Bus schedules and frequencies vary widely between routes, and these also vary in winter and summer, so check the detailed information before planning your itinerary for the day.

TIB bus fares

The price of the intercity bus service will vary depending on the distance to be traveled, ranging from €3 to €13.50 if you pay in cash on the bus. Fares operate on a zone jumping system, with the ticket being valid for a single journey and not for transferring to other bus lines.

TIB Mallorca bus fares
Source: TIB

💰 Save: if you pay by credit card directly on the bus, or if you buy a single ticket online in advance, it will cost you between €1.80 and €8.10 depending on the zone, and you will also be able to make two transfers.

Bus fares TIB Mallorca card payment
Source: TIB

Mallorca Train

Mallorca’s train is a good means of transport for residents living on the outskirts of the capital, but it is not very useful for visitors as the network is mainly deployed in the interior of the island.

There are ambitious projects, with the intention of reaching tourist areas such as Alcudia, but for the moment… they are only plans, so we will have to make do with the current network.

Train stops in Mallorca

There are a total of 22 train stops in Mallorca which, as you will see, do not correspond to any of the main tourist destinations, so if your idea is to travel to your accommodation by train you will necessarily have to use a second means of transport such as a taxi.

If you happen to be staying in Palma and want to explore the interior of the island, take advantage of the train and visit one of the weekly markets, such as the one in Sineu or Santa Maria del Camí. A visit is worthwhile!

Mallorca Train
Source: TIB

Mallorca train fares

The fares for the train service also operate using a zone skip system, ranging from €1.80 to €5.40 depending on the distance to be traveled, and are valid for a single journey and are not valid for transferring to the bus lines.

You can buy your ticket at the machines available at all the stations and also at the ticket offices at the Intermodal Station in Palma, Inca and Manacor, and you can pay in cash or by card.

Public transport fares in Mallorca for local residents

In 2023, public transport in Mallorca will be free of charge for all local residents who use it on a regular basis. Metro, train and bus users with travel cards will be able to benefit from this measure.

Other options for getting around Mallorca

As you can see, you have many options available for getting around Mallorca. Choose the type of transport that best suits your needs and preferences and don’t hesitate to ask us for any information you are not sure about!

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  1. Hi, I used the bus service last week and paid with my visa card but I still cannot find it in my bank statement. Thanks

    1. Hi Anthony. We’re glad you wrote us.
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      If you experimented any issues related to payments, you should put in contact to your current bank or, in this case, to the bus company you used in Mallorca.
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