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What to do in Mallorca

As the largest of the islands of the archipelago, Mallorca offers variety and endless options to enjoy it. For this reason, we have recommendations for everyone on what to do in Mallorca, as we understand that it is not the same whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or with your family.

Perhaps you only have a weekend to enjoy the island and you are not sure what you should prioritise. We have prepared a plan for this too.

Get a map, our map of Yo soy Mallorca

Ideally, when you arrive to Mallorca you should have a map ready to locate the main attractions and must-see places that you shouldn’t miss during your stay.

You can download here the Mallorca map that we have prepared for you, completely free of charge. We’re sure you will find it very useful to plan your tour!

Mallorca map
Mallorca map

Book a vehicle to get around the island

The most advisable thing to do is to have a vehicle to get around Mallorca, as the distances are long and, as we have already explained you, public transport is limited.

You can rent a car, but you can also hire a bicycle or a motorbike, depending on your plan. You will be able to pick it up at Palma Airport or at the seaport, depending on whether you arrive by plane or ferry, or you can arrange to pick it up somewhere else with the company you choose.

Get to know the history and culture of Mallorca

Mallorca is full of history, which you will discover through iconic monuments such as the St Mary’s Cathedral or The Castle of Bellver (Castillo de Bellver), being the departure point of a journey through time that culminates in the superb modernism that you will be able to admire in the capital and in towns such as Sóller.

The three best beaches in Mallorca

As we assume that your trip to Mallorca is limited to a few days, you probably won’t have time to visit all the beaches and coves. We tell you what we consider to be three of the best beaches in Mallorca, so that you can include some of the good ones in your trip.

And if you already know them or want to discover some more, you can consult the Mallorca’s beach guide we have prepared for you and fall even more in love with this island.

The best activities to do with children

Are you traveling with the youngest members of the family? If so, you should know that Mallorca has incredible beaches to enjoy with kids and lots of activities to make sure the children (and not so young!) have a great time. Do you want some suggestions?

The most romantic plans to enjoy with your lover

Surely, the best memories are the ones we share with someone special, so visiting Mallorca as a couple will be a great idea.

If you are planning a romantic getaway, the island is the perfect destination… paradisiacal beaches, beautiful sunsets, evening walks through the capital, incredible gastronomy and the chance to get lost in the mountains, away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Do you want to surprise your partner with a special plan? We provide you with some ideas!

Marvel with these natural monuments

Mallorca hides authentic natural treasures, some of them underground. Geological processes have created impressive formations that constitute true paradises that we can admire today.

Stalactites and stalagmites, tunnels, salt and fresh water lakes… these are just a few examples of the structures you will come across when you visit the island’s caves. We recommend that you make time for at least one of them! If you ask us for advice… we would tell you to choose the Drach Caves.

Outdoor activities for the most adventurous

Mallorca is nature and as such you will be able to practice many outdoor activities and sports. If you like adventure, don’t miss this selection!

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* During the winter season not all hotels and accommodation in Mallorca are open. Because of this, they may not appear on the map.