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Taxi in Mallorca

Taking a taxi in Mallorca is one of the options you have if you need to get around the island and you have decided to do it by public transport. The cab service operates 24 hours a day and, although it is not the most economical means of transportation, it is the most comfortable and flexible.

Taxi in Palma de Mallorca

To take a taxicab in Palma, you can do so by going to one of the available taxi ranks, making a reservation by phone, or by making a hand signal when a free cab is approaching.

You will know that a cab is free, and therefore ready to pick up a fare, when it has a green light on. Otherwise, it will have an “occupied” placard on the front window.

Taxi ranks in Palma

You will find a total of 68 taxi ranks throughout Palma de Mallorca, which are signposted and operate on a rota system. You cannot choose the taxi you want to travel in, but only take the first taxi available.

Taxi phone numbers in Palma

If you prefer to book, these are the telephone numbers of the taxi companies in Palma:

Taxi service rates

In April 2022 the taxi fares in Palma de Mallorca were updated, setting them at:

Minimum fare and race price

Fare 2: 2,30€ (from Monday to Friday, from 7am until 21pm). Price per kilometer: 1€. Minimum fare: 3,15€.

Fare 1: 2,65€ (from Monday to Friday, from 21pm until 7am, and Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays throughout the day). Price per kilometer: 1,16€. Minimum fare: 4,25€.

Other fares

Supplement for journeys to or from the Airport, Na Burguesa and the Port of Palma: 4,70€. Minimum fare: 14,30€.

Approximate price from Palma to the airport: between 15 € and 20 €.

Supplement per phone call: 1,10€.

One hour waiting time: 17,85€.

💰 You can check here the approximate prices of the taxi service from Palma to other towns on the island and here the approximate prices of the taxi service from Palma Airport.

Taxi in Mallorca: other municipalities

Taking a taxi in Mallorca is a good way to get around comfortably in cities such as Palma, but to move around the rest of the island with flexibility of schedule and movement, it is usual to rent a car.

If, even so, you prefer to use taxis to get around the island, these are the telephone numbers of the companies that operate near the usual places to stay in Mallorca:

Alternatives to taxis

Taxis are undoubtedly one of the most comfortable means of transport you can use to get around Palma, but if you want to visit other villages in Mallorca, bear in mind that it will not be the cheapest.

On the other hand, the train and public bus offer better prices and have several daily frequencies, but if you are traveling in a group, prefer to enjoy flexibility and freedom in terms of schedules, or want to reach every part of the island, it may not be the best option.

🎁 Our recommendation is to download our free map of Mallorca and then compare prices and hire a car. This way you will be able to move around at your own pace and enjoy every corner of the island, with no limitations.

Other means of transport to move around Mallorca

Choose the means of transport in Mallorca that best suits your needs and preferences; travel around every corner of the island and… enjoy your stay!

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      If you want to consider other options, remember to check out our article How to get around Mallorca.

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