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Mallorca travel insurance (covid19 coverage) 2024

One of the most frequent queries we receive since we launched Yo soy Mallorca is whether we consider it necessary to purchase a travel insurance to Mallorca (our answer is a resounding yes!) and which is the best insurance for traveling. As you can read in our presentation, we describe ourselves as traveling souls, we love to get lost in the world and we are regular users of other blogs that help us to live our adventures.

When we organise our own holidays, it is clear to us that there are certain aspects that we cannot neglect and one of them, perhaps the one we prioritise most, apart from getting a cheap flight, is to travel with good travel insurance. We won’t fool you! When we were younger, we didn’t think it was important to get an insurance policy, but after a few scares and some not-so-good experiences… we were convinced that it was indispensable.

After reading a lot of reviews and trying a few companies, five years ago we started traveling with IATI Seguros and our experience couldn’t have been better. With this article we want to explain the importance of traveling with insurance, tell you why IATI Seguros is the best option and give you a 5% discount on the purchase of their services.

Why purchase a travel insurance to Mallorca?

When we think about the possibility of taking out a travel insurance policy, the first thing that usually comes to mind is medical protection, but we must also think about situations that we wouldn’t even imagine until they happen to us.

During a holiday there may be unwanted unexpected events that require assistance: medical attention, theft of property, flight delays, lost or damaged luggage, early returns for personal reasons, and so on and so forth. Although it is normal that our main concern is our health, we recommend that you ask yourself a series of additional questions:

  • Can the delay in my flight cause me to miss another flight or a hotel night previously booked and paid for?
  • Would I lose a lot of money on bookings if I have to return early for personal reasons?
  • Would I like a family member to be able to travel free of charge in the event of an incident that requires me to be hospitalised?
  • Am I traveling with equipment that in case of theft would cost me a lot of money?
  • Would I like to have an interpreter if I have any problems?
  • Am I going to practice adventure sports such as trekking or cycling?
  • What happens if I finally have to cancel my trip due to a serious cause? Do I lose all the money I have invested?

It is important to consider all of the above factors in deciding whether travel insurance is an unnecessary expense, something that many travelers think. We are clear that it is not, and that it is indispensable: we pay for it expecting never to use it but knowing that it will be the best money invested if we should ever need its coverage.

What is the best travel insurance to Mallorca?

In the following section we are going to talk about the minimum coverage that a good insurance policy for traveling to Mallorca should have to ensure that you are protected during your holiday. All of them are included in the IATI Escapadas insurance, a travel policy specially designed for trips around Europe and Spain, which has a very economical price and which will guarantee you are covered for any unforeseen event.

Travel Insurance IATI Escapadas

But in addition to its numerous coverages, there are other important factors to consider, which in our case were the decisive reasons to start using IATI over other companies:

  • You will never have to advance money if you call the assistance centre when you need help. In our opinion, this is its main advantage. Who hasn’t had to advance money and fight for weeks with the insurance company to get your bill reimbursed? With IATI Seguros this does not happen, they take care of the cost from the beginning. We don’t even want to imagine the situation of looking for a cash machine at a time when our priority is to get to a hospital, and medical fees are not exactly cheap.
  • The service centre is located in Spain and is staffed 24 hours a day by well-trained and stable Spanish personnel, which is a guarantee of quality service.
  • There is no excess of any kind, neither on assistance nor on the payment of medicines.
  • With more than 100 years of experience, IATI is the most recognised specialist travel insurance brand on the market and the preferred choice of top travelers.
  • Their insurance covers you from any point to any point on the globe, even if neither the origin nor the destination is Spain.
  • They do not work with a closed list of hospitals, but with the most suitable centres depending on what is happening to the client and where they are located.
  • If you insure more than one person on the same policy and one of the members suffers an unexpected incident, the cover is extended to the other insured. Imagine that your companion has to cancel his trip and return home early; in that case, you could return early with him.
  • It is a socially responsible company, donating a percentage of each of its policies to the Fundació Nen Deu, which works with people with intellectual disabilities, and promotes a model of sustainable travel that respects the planet, giving support and visibility to different projects.

Essential travel insurance coverages

Travel insurance to Mallorca with COVID19 coverage

⚠️ All IATI insurances have COVID19 coverage and 5% discount if you purchase it from any of the links on this page.

During your trip to Mallorca you will be fully included in the medical cover for COVID19, hospitalisation, tests prescribed by a specialist and repatriation. Furthermore, in case of a compulsory quarantine, they will also cover the extension of your stay with up to 65 €/day.

Medical teleconsultation

It is not necessary to travel to a medical centre to be seen in cases of minor consultations, as you have the option of being seen via remote consultation, even exchanging images or files and receiving the prescription of the necessary medication, if necessary.

Extensive health care coverage

IATI Escapadas covers medical and hospitalisation expenses up to €50.000 as a result of illness or accident during your trip to Mallorca, including everything related to COVID19.

Adventure sports and cycle touring in Mallorca

The vast majority of travel policies do not cover this type of activity. With IATI Escapadas you are covered water activities such as kitesurfing, kayaking or snorkelling; trekking in the magnificent Sierra de Tramuntana; and the practice of cycle touring, a growing sport in Mallorca, covering your trips on two wheels and the theft of your bike during use.

Road trip coverage

For those who travel by motorbike, car, motorhome or camper van; this policy covers theft and damage costs, but also facilitates access to a replacement vehicle for 36 €/day, the shipment of a key duplication or the provision of a professional driver which will take you to your destination if you are no longer able to drive due to illness, accident or death.

Loss of luggage and theft included

Your Mallorca travel policy also includes up to €1.000 cover for theft and damage to luggage, plus the search, location and return of your lost luggage.

Pet coverage

Thanks to the pet coverages you make sure that your dear friend can also travel with you safely, including the veterinary assistance in case of accidents, the costs of transfer of the pet and owner to the owner’s home , the extension of your stay in case of loss of your pet and so on and so forth.

Cancellation option – cancellation of your trip to Mallorca

Cancellation insurance IATI Seguros

IATI offers a Travel Cancellation Supplement (extra charge) that you can book at any time up to seven days before your trip, with which you will be reimbursed with up to €1.000 for your travel expenses that you are unable to recover directly from your supplier if you must cancel your trip for any of the reasons considered, among which are that you are affected by a labour force adjustment plan, new recruitment, illness requiring hospitalisation, etc.

Travel insurance coverage to Mallorca

The coverages we have just shown you are the essential ones that a good travel insurance to Mallorca should have and that, therefore, you should check that they are offered in the general and particular conditions of any policy you are going to take out. All of them are included in the IATI Escapadas insurance, as well as many more that you can consult on their website.

Here are the main ones, so that you can get an initial idea:

Medical assistance
(COVID19 included)
Theft and damage
of luggage
Cancellation fees
50.000 €1.000 €IncludedIncluded1.500 €1.000 €

⚠️ Whether you take out IATI Escapadas or any other insurance policy, always read the specific conditions and general conditions of the policy you are purchasing.

How much does a travel insurance to Mallorca cost?

With so much cover offered by this travel insurance to Mallorca, you will probably think that its price is very high. Not at all! As you can see in the table below, the price of your IATI Escapadas insurance is very affordable, especially if you compare it with other companies that offer less coverage and have a much higher cost.

In addition, Yo soy Mallorca readers can take advantage of an extra 5% discount on the usual price. Price, in this case, is no excuse for not traveling safely!

International health insuranceCoverage1 week price2 weeks price3 weeks price
AXA Assistance3.000 €16,78 €18,90 €25,50 €
Mapfre Seguros de viaje5.000 €23,85 €35,31 €44,47 €
Intermundial go | easy50.000 €8,97 €13,43 €20,76 €
IATI Seguros + 5% discount
for Yo soy Mallorca readers
50.000 €5,94 €
5,64 €
9,28 €
8,82 €
14,78 €
14,04 €

Travel insurance to Mallorca for foreigners

Please note that IATI Escapadas insurance only covers trips made by Spaniards in Spain, so if you are a foreigner you should purchase another type of policy.

🌍 If you are not Spanish and you want to purchase your travel insurance to Mallorca, we recommend that you take out the IATI Estándar insurance if you are going to do city tourism and the IATI Estrella insurance if you are going to go to the beach or on some kind of excursion. As you will see, you will also receive a 5% discount for being a reader of Yo soy Mallorca. As you will see, you will also receive a 5% discount for being a reader of Yo soy Mallorca.

How to buy the best travel insurance to Mallorca

Taking out your insurance to travel to Mallorca is a very quick and easy process, as we explain below:

In the search box you will have to enter your travel details:

  • Country of origin of the trip
  • The travel destination: in this case you must select “Spain”.
  • Start and end dates of your trip to Mallorca
  • The number of travelers
  • Type of insurance: select “Travel insurance”.

Once you have filled in your travel details, click on “Calculate your insurance”. You will see your IATI Escapadas with the usual price and the final price with the 5% discount applied for being a reader of Yo soy Mallorca: select it and click on “Contract”.

⚠️ To get the 5% discount on your IATI insurance you must access from the button above or from any of the URLs that we provide on the web. Otherwise, the discount will not be applied.
Saving tip💰: if you access from the links, the 5% discount will be applied to any of their insurances 🙂

At this point you will be able to add the Travel Cancellation Complement that we have explained to you and with which IATI Seguros will reimburse you with up to 1.000 euros in case you cannot travel for any of the different reasons taken into account in its conditions.

Enter the personal information of the persons to be insured, make the payment and you will receive in your email all the information about your travel insurance to Mallorca and the contact details of IATI Seguros when you need any kind of assistance.

Do you still have doubts about the importance of purchasing a holiday insurance policy or which insurance policy to choose? Don’t wait any longer, travel with the best cover and in the best hands and get your insurance now to travel around Mallorca.

Safe journey!

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