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Traveling to Mallorca for the first time. All you need to know

If this is the first time you are traveling to Mallorca, it is likely that some doubts have arisen and our intention is that they are all resolved while you are planning your trip and before you start your route around the island.

Practical information for traveling to Mallorca

  • Capital of Mallorca: Palma (although it is very common to use, incorrectly, Palma de Mallorca).
  • Population: the island has a population of more than 950,000 inhabitants, almost half of whom live in the capital, Palma.
  • Demonym of Mallorca: people from Mallorca are called mallorquina and mallorquín, respectively.
  • Language in Mallorca: there are two official languages on the island, Spanish and Catalan (using the dialectal variety known as Mallorquin), but it is very common to find people who speak other languages such as English or German.
  • Currency: the official currency, as in the rest of the country, is the euro (€).
  • Current local time: the official time in Mallorca is the same as in mainland Spain, GMT+1.
  • Electricity and plugs: the plugs are European type, with two round outlets and 220V.
  • Phone numbers:
    – Spain country code: +34
    – Area code for the Balearic Islands: +971
    – Emergencies: 112
    – Ambulances: 061
    – Fire brigade: 085
    – Maritime rescue: 900202202

When to travel to Mallorca?

The climate and weather in Mallorca is one of the main attractions that make the island one of the favourite destinations in Spain (and the world!) for people looking for a place to spend their holidays.

The island has 300 days of sunshine a year and, although the summer season is the preferred time to enjoy its spectacular beaches and coves, more and more visitors decide to travel to Mallorca in autumn, winter and spring.

📝 Check here the complete information about the climate and weather in Mallorca. We tell you what is the best time to travel to the island and what you can see and do depending on the season.

Requirements for traveling to Mallorca

Travel insurance to Mallorca

During the holidays there may be unwanted unforeseen events that require assistance: medical attention, stolen possessions, flight delays, lost or damaged luggage, early returns for personal reasons and a whole host of other things that we don’t normally want to think about.

For this reason, we always recommend purchasing a travel insurance policy in order to travel with the best guarantees, even for trips nearby. In addition, Yo soy Mallorca readers can take advantage of an extra 5% discount on the usual price.

Travel Insurance IATI Escapadas

How to get to Mallorca

Now that you know the basic information before traveling to the island, the first thing you will be interested in knowing is the different options you have for traveling to Mallorca, as it is an island you can only travel by plane or ferry. Here’s how!

Accommodation in Mallorca

The largest of the Balearic Islands has one of the best hotel facilities in the Mediterranean. Even so, we recommend that you don’t delay in booking your accommodation in Mallorca, as during the summer season it can be difficult to find a hotel at the last minute. Not sure where to stay? Take note of some of our suggestions!

How to move around Mallorca

Once in Mallorca and with your accommodation booked, the best way to get to and around the island is by renting a car.

Car hire Mallorca

We would love to tell you that this is not necessary and that you can travel around Mallorca, without limitations, by public transport. Our intention is to promote a responsible and sustainable model of tourism with the environment and local culture, distancing ourselves from the promotion of certain practices related to mass tourism, but we would be lying if we told you that Mallorca can easily be explored without a car.

There are very good alternatives, such as the increasing practice of cyclotourism, but we understand that there are different requirements for each traveler, so if this plan doesn’t suit you and your idea is booking a hotel and getting to know all the corners of Mallorca at your own pace, you will need a motorbike or a car.

Are you going to hire a car to get around the island? This interests you!
🪪 You will be able to drive in Mallorca with a licence issued in the European Union and the European Economic Area or with an international licence. Check all the requirements to drive in Mallorca in this article!

All you can see in Mallorca

If you don’t know the island and you don’t want to miss anything, we recommend that you download the map of Mallorca that we have prepared for you, completely free of charge. With it you will be able to organise your itinerary easily, as it includes all the main sights of the island.

Mallorca has 262 beaches and coves, and although these are the main tourist attraction (which we fully understand!), we guarantee you that Mallorca is much more.

The island is full of history, which you can get to know through its talayots or through the Roman vestiges of cities such as Pollentia, which will take you back to the first centuries of our era, being the departure point for a journey through time that culminates in the superb modernism that you can admire in the capital.

Moreover, the landscapes with their natural monuments also deserve attention. Did you know that UNESCO granted the distinction of World Heritage to the Serra de Tramuntana? You shouldn’t miss a route to discover it, stopping to visit some of its picturesque villages and ending the day enjoying a sunset from one of its famous viewpoints.

What to do in Mallorca

As Mallorca is the largest of the islands, it offers variety and multiple options to enjoy it. It is not the same to travel alone, as a couple, with friends or as a family, that’s why we have recommendations and tips for everyone in the Blog.

You may only have one weekend to spend on the island and you might not be sure what to prioritize. We have a plan for this as well.

What we are sure is that, whatever the case, Mallorca will impress you and that this will only be the first of many visits. We’re waiting for you!

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* During the winter season not all hotels and accommodation in Mallorca are open. Because of this, they may not appear on the map.