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Boat hire
in Mallorca

Would you like to discover and enjoy the island from the sea? Renting a boat in Mallorca is one of the finest ways to get to know the best of our paradise from the water.

Reach hidden beaches and coves that are difficult to access on foot and enjoy unbeatable views of the island.

30 € discount on boat rentals in Mallorca with Yo soy Mallorca and Click & Boat

From the Click & Boat website you can enjoy boat hire and bareboat charters in Mallorca with or without a captain in a simple way and at the best price. Have you taken a look at the available boats?

Variety of boats available

Mallorca has about 20.000 moorings for pleasure boats and 48 marinas, since the yachting sector is one of the most demanded tourist attractions in the Balearic Islands.

Even so, most of these ships are idle at piers and ports during 95% of the days of the year, which has led to the appearance of platforms based on sharing and collaborative economy, allowing many owners to offer their boats for rent*, as well as other websites that offer rooms or vehicles.

This phenomenon has already arrived to Mallorca, and many travelers arrive at Palma Airport not only with a car and a hotel room booked, as well as a rented boat to travel along the Mallorcan coastline and to be able to access the beaches and coves which would be impossible or difficult to reach on foot.

At Yo soy Mallorca we have identified the following types of boats through the Click & Boat platform that you have seen above:

Advantages and guarantees of renting a boat online

Chartering a boat online has many advantages, both for you as a hirer, who needs to enjoy a boat at a given moment; as well as for the boat owner, who can give his vehicle an outlet; and to ; and to promote responsible tourism with the environment and the local economy, promoting the exchange, the collaborative economy and the reuse and exploitation.

As a traveler, the main advantage of chartering a boat online is, above all, the price. Boat chartering is booming, offering more and more attractive, competitive and affordable rates, allowing every traveller to find a boat that suits their needs and to share the costs between all members on board. In addition to this, the reassurance of knowing that all the boat’s requirements are up to date and that you will only have to worry about enjoying yourself.

On the other hand the experience of the owners, who know well the area where their boats are located, so they will be able to give you lots of tips to enjoy your day on board. And in case you don’t have nautical experience and wish to hire their services as captains, they will be the perfect guides, so all you will have to do is relax and let yourself go!

In addition, the privileged relationship with nature and the possibility of disconnecting and relaxing in a peaceful environment, at your own pace. Mallorca has an extensive coastline of more than 550km, with many coves and beaches that can only be reached by sea, so renting a boat will allow you to explore the island in a different and unlimited way.

Last but not least, the business model developed by collaborative platforms such as Click & Boat, which promote conscious and sustainable tourism practices:

  • Allowing local owners the opportunity to dispose of their boats and earn money by giving their vehicles a useful life.
  • Encouraging the reuse and exploitation of boats already registered to more users and avoiding, in this way, the presence and increase of a greater number of boats on the Mallorcan coasts.
Cala Varques beach in Mallorca
Playa de Cala Varques, in Manacor

Tips for yacht charter in Mallorca with Click & Boat

If this is the first time you are chartering a boat through a collaborative platform, we recommend you to do it through Click & Boat. We know well how this website works and we are going to give you some tips that will be very useful to find the ideal boat for your trip.

If you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact them. They will be pleased to help you!

Ratings and comments from people who have rented a boat in Mallorca: the first thing you should know is that as in other collaborative platforms, you will have access to all opinions that other people have left about the condition of a particular vessel, the experience and the care received from its owner.

Also, Click & Boat, includes the status of “Super Owner” for boat owners in Mallorca who have received excellent ratings and reviews, who respond quickly to renters’ queries and who keep their ads up to date. Keep in mind that only one third of the owners who rent their boats online have this status, so if you choose to rent a boat in Mallorca from a “Super Owner” you will be on the right track.

Use the advanced search filter: when you access the page for yacht charter in Mallorca, use the different filters available to refine your search. You will be able to choose the port of departure depending on where you are staying, the type of boat, captained or bareboat, the passenger capacity and the number of sleeping berths, if you intend to spend the night on board.

If you are also an expert sailor and want to fine-tune your boat even further, you can choose the engine power, year of manufacture, length of the boat and brand. Surely you will find your ideal boat among the more than 800 options with all these filters!

Discounts: if you want to save on boat rentals in Mallorca, in the advanced search engine you can also select the “Discounts” filter and only boats with an active offer will appear and you will be able to book them at the best price. Combine it with the “Super Owner” status and get the best of the options available at Click & Boat.

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30 € discount on boat rentals in Mallorca with Yo soy Mallorca and Click & Boat

Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of this amazing offer! Book now and secure your €30 discount on boat rentals in Mallorca and don’t forget to enter the promotional code YOSOY30.

* Due to the current Spanish legislation, Click & Boat, in order to be able to rent boats to individuals, they must be registered in the sixth list (recreational boats).

Frequently asked questions when renting a boat in Mallorca

There are several factors that influence the average price for boat hire in Mallorca: the type of boat you choose, the season of the year, the age of the boat or the duration of the charter. Also, the fact of renting a boat without a license on your own or having the services of a captain and/or crew on board will make the price cheaper or more expensive, respectively.

You can rent a boat in Mallorca for days or weeks, during the dates you choose, and sail and enjoy every magnificent corner of the island.

Apply the available filters to find the boat that best suits your needs. You can request a free quote, as well as ask for help from Click & Boat’s expert advisors, who can guide you through your booking.

To rent a boat in Mallorca you will need a valid license if you rent a motor boat of more than 15 hp and more than 5m long. In the case of sailboats, you will need a license if the boat is more than 6m long.

In any case, you should submit a nautical CV to the owner detailing your previous experience on the type of boats you have sailed and chartered.

If you are inexperienced, you can choose to rent a boat without a license or a boat with a captain and let yourself go. The good thing about this is that the captain will know the area well, so it will be a very good opportunity to discover hidden coves without tourists.

Since Mallorca has 48 ports and marinas from which you can rent your boat, there are many opportunities for sailing on the island. Some recommendations are:

  • Visit the Cabrera Archipelago Maritime-Terrestrial National Park, twelve nautical miles away from Mallorca, and take a swim in the Cova Blava. Note, however, that anchoring on the sea floor is forbidden throughout the archipelago, so you will have to use the available buoys.
  • Discover some of the best coves in Mallorca from the sea, such as Cala Mesquida, Es Caló des Moro or Cala Figuera. We recommend that you consult our Mallorca’s beaches and coves guide; in each section we tell you about the underwater conditions for enjoying a day on board a boat.
  • Enjoy a sunset from beaches such as Sa Calobra or Es Trenc. In addition to this, you can have a cocktail at the famous S’Embat beach bar at sunset.
  • Head for the northernmost tip of Mallorca and let yourself be impressed by the beautiful lighthouses along the coast from beaches such as Cala Mitjana.
  • Puerto Portals is, without a doubt, one of the most glamorous places in Mallorca and where you are likely to meet more than one familiar face. If you are looking for luxury, this is your area.

The weather in Mallorca is typical Mediterranean, with about 300 days of sun a year and temperatures ranging between 16ºC and 18ºC on average. During the summer months temperatures reach 29ºC / 31ºC. The minimum night-time temperatures in winter are between 5ºC and 9ºC.

For this reason, renting a boat in Mallorca is an excellent option in any month of the year, although you will enjoy it the most between April and October.

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* During the winter season not all hotels and accommodation in Mallorca are open. Because of this, they may not appear on the map.