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How to get to Mallorca: by plane and all ferry routes

Have you already decided that you want to travel to Mallorca and don’t know where to start organising your holiday? In this article we tell you how to get to Mallorca, we detail all the options, both flights and ferry routes, and we try to answer any questions you may have.

The island of Mallorca is located in the Mediterranean Sea, facing the east coast of the Spanish mainland and between the islands of Menorca and Ibiza. As it is the main island of the Balearic Islands, it is very well connected to most Spanish and European cities, either by air or by sea.

How to get to Mallorca

How to get to Mallorca by plane

Traveling to Mallorca by plane is probably the fastest and most convenient way to get to the island, as Palma International Airport (PMI) is the third most important airport in Spain and one of the busiest in the Mediterranean.

The airport is open all year round, although the greatest concentration of flights takes place in the summer season, connecting the island with the main Spanish and European capitals.

The most important European cities are less than 3 hours away and Spanish cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia are approximately 1 hour away.

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Transport from Palma International Airport (PMI)

The airport of Son Sant Joan, as it is also known, is located just 8km far from the island’s capital, Palma, and within easy reach of tourist areas such as El Arenal or Playa de Palma, so if you are planning to go to these places, you will be able to do so using public transport.

However, urban transport connections to areas further away from the capital are not the best in terms of options and frequency, so our recommendation is to hire a car so that you can get to your hotel and enjoy the island at your leisure.

Once at the airport, you have different options to get to your accommodation:

  • Bus: when you get out the airport from the “Arrivals” area you will find the bus stop (blue buses) that connects for 5€ with the city (line A1 of the EMT) and with the area of El Arenal (line A2 of the EMT). During the summer months, the company Aerotib (yellow buses) also connects with other parts of the island (lines A11, A32, A42 and A51). You can check the information here.
  • Taxi: in the same area as “Arrivals” you will find the taxi rank. The approximate cost of the ride from the airport to Palma is €20. If you need to get to another part of the island, the price will be considerably higher, so check the price with the taxi driver before leaving.
  • Private transfer: if you prefer, you can book a shuttle from Mallorca Airport to your accommodation. This option is comfortable and fast, with no worries, picking you up at the airport and driving you to your hotel. It is an alternative to taxis and we would also recommend it if you are not planning to travel around the island or if you are considering using a different means of transport, such as a bicycle, to get around Mallorca later on.
  • Car rental: renting a car is the best option to make sure you don’t miss anything in Mallorca. Much against our better judgement, public transport on the island is poor, so if you want to discover all the secrets and beautiful corners of the island, as well as get away from the purely touristy areas, you’ll need to have your own car.

💡 Our advice is to compare car hire prices in this search engine, download our map of Mallorca and move around at your own pace… you will experience the most authentic Mallorca.

Traveling to Mallorca by boat

Although the most common way to reach the island is by plane, it is also possible to travel to Mallorca by boat. It is a very interesting alternative, especially for those who want to get to Mallorca with their own car.

In addition to this, traveling by ferry offers many other advantages:

  • There are no luggage limitations.
  • The comfort during the journey, not being forced to stay in your seat.
  • If you travel with your pets, they will be more comfortable and you can even visit them along the trip.
  • Overall, it is more environmentally friendly, as some shipping companies have less polluting alternatives.

Mallorca has two ports for passengers: the port of Palma, which is the main harbour, and the port of Alcudia. These connect with Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Menorca and Ibiza and, in high season, with Formentera and Toulon (France).

How to get by ferry to Mallorca from Barcelona, Valencia, Denia or Gandía

The port of Palma connects with the cities of Barcelona, Valencia, Denia and Gandía. The ferry journey takes approximately 6 to 8 hours, depending on the departure city and the type of vessel chosen.

How to get by ferry to Mallorca from Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera

If you are traveling to Mallorca from any of the other islands of the Balearic Islands, the ferry definitely seems to us to be the best option. Mahon is about 5 hours from the port of Palma, and Ciudadela is 1 hour far from the port of Alcudia.

It is also possible to travel from Ibiza, in less than 4 hours, and, during the summer, there is the option of begun your journey from the port of La Savina, in Formentera.

How to get by ferry to Mallorca from Toulon

During the summer season, Corsica Ferries offers three weekly connections between the ports of Alcudia and Toulon, with a short stopover in the port of Ciudadela (Menorca), so if you want to travel with your vehicle from France, you can take advantage of this option.

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Transport from the port of Palma

Palma’s port is located about 4km from the city centre. As well as if you arrive by plane, you have several options available to get to your destination:

  • On foot/by bicycle: the city centre is a 45-minute walk from the port of Palma, where you can take a stroll along the Paseo Marítimo or use the cycle lane.
  • Bus: on leaving the port, you will find the bus stop, which connects to the city for €3 (EMT line 1).
  • Taxi: the port has a taxi rank in front of the maritime station.
  • Shuttle service: if you prefer, you can also book a transfer from the port of Palma to your accommodation.
  • Car hire: if your accommodation is located outside the city and you intend to tour the island, our recommendation is to rent a car. You can use this comparator to find the best deals.
Car hire Mallorca

Transport from the port of Alcudia

Due to the high number of tourists during the summer season, Alcudia has several connections to other parts of the island that stop at the passenger port.

You can check the different routes and fares here or use any of the other options we have suggested (taxi, car rental or private transfer).

Getting aboard a cruise ship

The island of Mallorca has become one of the most popular stopovers for many cruise ships on their route around the Mediterranean. Even for some people, Palma is the base port, allowing them to extend their stay on the island before or after the crossing.

If you are planning to spend a few hours in the city, as your cruise ship is calling at the port, you should be aware that the tourist bus has a stop at the maritime station that will allow you to visit the city in several hours, or you can use line 1 of the EMT, which will take you to the city centre for 3€ and do some of the free tours around Palma or take a ride with the tourist boat.

Travel insurance to Mallorca

During a holiday there may be unwanted unforeseen events that require assistance: delays in flights or other means of transport, lost or damaged luggage, early returns for personal reasons and a host of other things that we don’t normally want to think about.

For this reason, we always recommend purchasing a travel insurance policy in order to travel with the best guarantees, even for trips nearby. In addition, Yo soy Mallorca readers can take advantage of an extra 5% discount on the usual price.

Travel Insurance IATI Escapadas

And you, do you prefer to travel to Mallorca by plane or ferry? Let us know!

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