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The best activities to enjoy the sea in Mallorca

Thanks to its excellent weather and more than 500km of coastline, Mallorca offers many aquatic activities and water-related plans to enjoy the island’s nature not only from the mainland.

Would you like to discover and enjoy the island from the sea? We propose you some of the best aquatic activities and water sports that you can do during your trip to Mallorca.

Mallorca is a national and international tourist reference point and its more than 500km of coastline and 262 beaches are the main reason for this.

One of the best ways to get to know the island is by boat, as you will have access to hidden beaches and coves that are difficult to reach on foot and unbeatable views of the island.

The sailing opportunities are numerous. You can rent a boat on your own, with or without a captain, and let every part of Mallorca surprise and enchant you, benefiting from the intimacy and exclusivity that this plan offers you.

Whether by motorboat, sailboat or catamaran, the price will depend on the type of boat you choose and whether or not you hire the services of a captain.

You will find boats without a licence to sail along the coast on your own, but if you are not an experienced sailor it is always advisable to count on a professional to get you to your destination, who will also be able to show you the best kept secrets of Mallorca.

If you prefer a cheaper alternative, you will find many boat trips around Mallorca which, although they do not offer you the privacy and freedom that renting a boat on your own does, they, however, will allow you to discover incredible places from the water and spend a fun and different day..

Fascinate yourself with the seabed by diving or snorkelling in Mallorca.

It is well known that Mallorca is beautiful on land, but you will also be surprised by its beauty if you dive underwater off its coasts. If you’re going to spend a few days on the island, you shouldn’t miss out on discovering its seabed, whether you go scuba diving or snorkelling, which is much easier as you only need a pair of goggles, a snorkel and some flippers.

If you are up for a dive, on our Mallorca map we have included the best areas for diving, take a look!

Once you have decided, contact a reputable company that has good reviews and above all transmits seriousness and security. If you want to save yourself the search, we leave you a proposal with experience and very good ratings.

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Diving in Mallorca is possible all year round and is recommended for both beginners and professionals, but perhaps a scuba dive is too much for you and you prefer another type of plan.

So take your snorkelling gear with you and enjoy your day at the beach; or take advantage of the many boat trips in Mallorca that you will find, which will take you to the best marine areas and reserves to put on your goggles and snorkel and enjoy the beautiful underwater world.

Aquatic activities for the more adventurous

Do you prefer to enjoy the Mallorcan coast with an adrenaline-fuelled dip? With activities such as coasteering, cliff jumping or sea caving, you’re guaranteed to get an adrenaline rush.

Mallorca stands out for its privileged natural environment, so you will find a wide range of outdoor activities and sports, also on the coast.

Dynamic circuits that combine jumps, water caves, snorkelling, psicobloc… a perfect way to have fun in a group during the summer season.

Travel insurance to Mallorca for athletes and adventurers

Do you think you have everything ready to practice adventure sports in Mallorca and enjoy your trip to the full? As you may have read, at Yo soy Mallorca we always recommend to contract a travel insurance in order to travel with the best guarantees, even for nearby trips.

You’ve probably already thought about buying your plane ticket and booking your accommodation, but have you thought about a travel insurance for practising water sports and activities during your holiday?

The IATI Escapadas travel insurance is specially designed for people who want to practice sports at the destination, covering the medical assistance, the cases of COVID19, road trips on two and four wheels and, of course, the aquatic activities that you are up for, such as kayaking, snorkelling or kitesurfing.

If you are coming with the idea of enjoying the fun that the crystal clear waters of Mallorca have to offer, don’t hesitate and purchase now your IATI Escapadas insurance with a 5% discount for being a reader of Yo soy Mallorca.

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Would you like to discover the island from the sea? Tell us your plans and we’ll help you with whatever you need!

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