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Vista aérea de Cala Tuent desde el mirador

Cala Tuent

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Cala Tuent is a paradisiacal beach in an unparalleled setting. A gift of nature located in Escorca, a charming village in the heart of the Tramuntana mountain range.



Cala Tuent

We can state with certainty and with full knowledge of the facts, as some of us have tasted its honey first hand, that Cala Tuent is the beach in the north of Mallorca that best combines the quality of its beach with the environment in which it is located.

It is located between Punta de Corda and Morro des Forat y under the shadow of Puig Major, the highest peak of the Balearic Islands, in the northwest of the island and exposed to the Tramuntana winds.

It’s a water inflow of 2 hectometres with rocks on their sides and where the central part is formed by sandy soils and rocks that give that turquoise colour to the seabed, and that give rise to a semicircular beach between rocky outcrops, that although no sand, the stones of which it is made are small and will not be uncomfortable when you lie down.

Your first impression will be striking: a huge green blanket of lush pine forests covering the mountains. But this view is still not the best. The best view is if you look from inside the sea towards the shore with the Sierra de Tramuntana in the background. We’ll tell you how to get those views below. Keep reading!

Aerial view of Cala Tuent from the lookout point with the sea in the background
Aerial view of Cala Tuent from the viewpoint

Weather in Cala Tuent today: weekly forecast

Cala Tuent Escorca

How to get to Cala Tuent

There are different ways to get to Cala Tuent, bearing in mind that this beach is located in a place of difficult access. It has only one road, so if you don’t have your own vehicle, car or motorbike, it will take forever as public transport doesn’t currently go there.

So, if you haven’t yet bought a car for your car, you’ll find it in the trip to Mallorca, or you have already arrived on the island and you are thinking about go to Cala Tuentwe recommend a car rental search engine and comparator to find the vehicle that best suits your needs. needs and budget.

Car hire Mallorca

Getting to Cala Tuent by car

To reach Cala Tuent by car you must take the road that leads to Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis, along the Ma-2141, from either of these two places:

  • Lluc, which is situated in the middle of the Tramontana mountain range, accessible either from Caimari or from Pollensa along the Ma-10 road, about 24kms or 45′.
  • Sóller, located a little to the west of Cala Tuent and well connected with Palma and Santa María del Camí, also via the Ma-10 road. This route is a bit longer, 48kms on a winding road that will take you approximately 1h 5′.

Once you enter the municipality of Escorca you will pass by some famous points of interest that you cannot miss and that are worth admiring such as:

  • S’Entreforc viewpoint, from where you will have a panoramic view of the limestone landscape that predominates in Sa Calobra and mostly in the Tramuntana mountain range.
  • The Turixant Aqueduct.
  • The Nudo de la corbata “Tie Knot”, which is a 360º turn of the road in order to safely adapt to the descent of the road.
  • Pass of Penyal del Cavall Bernat, a pass between two rocks where you will have the impression of going through a tunnel.

Almost 2 kms before reaching Sa Calobra you will find a turning on the left that will take you to Cala Tuent, and halfway there you will see the famous Cala Tuent viewpoint, where you can contemplate the marvellous views of the valley.

Arriving by motorbike

It is also possible to go by motorbike, although it can be dangerous if you are not an experienced driver. If you are, you will surely enjoy this road full of endless curves.

⚠️ Keep an eye out for cyclists, of which there are many in this part of the island. Always slow down when passing a cyclist and keep a safe distance.

Excursion to Cala Tuent

It is possible to reach Cala Tuent on a hiking route from many places, as the Tramuntana mountain range is full of endless paths; but we would like to tell you about a specific excursion, the Sa Costera route. This starts at the Mirador de Ses Barques viewpoint, which is halfway between Sóller and the Cúber and Gorg Blau reservoirs.

You will first go down a valley and then climb up it, cross a mountain pass and finally enter this beautiful route along the rugged coastline, until you reach the beach of Cala Tuent.

Hiking in Mallorca: Sa Costera to Cala Tuent route
The route along the rugged coastline of Sa Costera

Arriving by boat

The other option is to go by boat to Cala Tuent. The option of going by boat is very attractive as the sea route is beautiful.

You will go along the northern coast of Mallorca, full of cliffs covered with vegetation, mostly pine trees and caves, which in the history of Mallorca played a crucial role as a hiding place for pirates and their booty.

🚤 We recommend you to use this search engine to find a boat to Cala Tuent. In this area of the island we advise you to hire a boat with a skipper if you have no experience, as it is not advisable to anchor in Cala Tuent as it is exposed to winds from the northwest-north-northwest, making it a rough and dangerous area with rough seas on stormy days.

Activities in Cala Tuent

The surroundings of Cala Tuent are conducive to enjoyment, you can do activities by land or sea, or just relax on your towel and enjoy the beautiful place. But if you have decided to come to this “natural theme park”, perhaps it is because you are looking for activity and movement.

By land we recommend the excursion to the Torre de la Mola de Tuent, a spectacular hiking route where you will crown one of the highest points in the area between Cala Tuent and Sa Calobra. The main function of this tower was as a watchtower during the 16th and 17th centuries to warn of possible pirate attacks and during the Civil War to control planes coming from Catalonia.

There is also the Sa Costera route, which we have already mentioned and which is a must on hiking routes.

If you prefer the sea and you like diving, you will love snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters and rocky floors, where an infinite number of fish hide. Although if you are looking for something more advanced we can recommend the adventure company Tuent Adventure, with whom you can do a diving, paddle and kayak baptism.

Services in Cala Tuent

The only service in Cala Tuent is the Es Vergeret restaurant, where you can eat typical Mallorcan food. There is no lifeguard, so you will have to take extreme caution and use common sense, avoiding swimming in deep areas on days when the sea is a little rough.

The best thing to do is to check on an “APP” the winds and tides for the day before going to Cala Tuent on an app.

There are some litter bins and you will have to pay parking fees when you park your car. These are the prices:

  • 30 minutes: 0,50cts
  • 1 hour: 1€
  • 2 hours: 2€
  • If you want to spend the whole day it will cost you 5€.

We advise you to go early as parking is limited and in summer time the parking area fills up very quickly.

Another restaurant option is in the nearby cove of Sa Calobra, about 7 kms away, and you can visit the very famous Torrent de Pareis, one of the wonders of Mallorca that you can’t miss and that we have included in our list of the Top 10 must-see places in Mallorca.

Accommodation in Cala Tuent

In the area of Cala Tuent there is not a wide range of accommodation, but it is possible to find some options, unlike the nearby beaches of Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis. As it is a protected natural area, you will mainly find lodging houses. We recommend that you take a look at the following:

Do you want to consider other options? On this map you can see all the accommodation available in Cala Tuent. If you already know when you want to visit this area, enter your dates and choose from the accommodation available.

How will you finally get to Cala Tuent? Do you think the information we have given you is enough to make you decide to go? Let us know if you have any questions or constructive contributions, we’ll read you!

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Some of our posts contain affiliate links. By booking from these, you help us to keep Yo soy Mallorca alive and to continue offering the best information about the island. There is no extra cost for you and you can even benefit from some discounts.

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