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Ferry to Mallorca

Traveling by ferry to Mallorca is one of the options you have to get to the island. If you still haven’t made up your mind, we explain you the advantages of traveling to Mallorca by boat, as well as the information you need to book your ferry ticket at the best price.

Yo soy Mallorca offers you this ferry ticket sales form provided by Direct Ferries. The purchase of the ticket will be made directly with this supplier and the confirmation of the booking will be done directly with them via email. If you prefer, you can also book your ticket through their website.

Benefits of traveling by ferry to Mallorca

Although the most common way to reach Mallorca is by plane, traveling by ferry is a very interesting option that you should consider, as it has many advantages:

  • You can travel with your own vehicle, avoiding the cost of the rental car. Although it may not be an affordable option for a weekend trip, it is certainly a great choice if you plan to spend several days on the island.
  • You can travel with as much luggage as you need, with no limitations. If your idea is to practice water sports or cycling and you have your own equipment, you can take it with you without paying any additional cost.
  • Security controls are not as strict, so access is quicker and you won’t have trouble checking in certain products.
  • The comfort during the journey, not being forced to remain seated in your seat. You will be able to walk along the ferry, step out on deck to get some fresh air or have a snack in the bar.
  • More social distance. If you’ve been worried since the pandemic started about traveling while maintaining the distance, it will certainly be easier aboard a ferry.
  • If you travel with your pets, you will be able to visit them during the trip and they will be more comfortable than in the hold of the plane.
  • Spending the night on board can be a very good option on long trips, saving time and allowing you to enjoy the day to the fullest from the moment you disembark.
  • Generally, it is greener, as some shipping companies have more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Traveling to Mallorca by boat

Mallorca has two passenger ports: the port of Palma de Mallorca and the port of Alcudia. These connect with Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Menorca and Ibiza, and also with Formentera and Toulon (France) during the summer season.

How to get to Mallorca

Traveling to Mallorca by ferry from Barcelona, Valencia, Denia or Gandía

If your idea is to travel to Mallorca by boat from the mainland, you can do so from several cities in Cataluña and the Comunidad Valenciana, with the companies Balearia, Transmediterránea, GNV and Trasmed.

Specifically, you will be able to depart from Barcelona, Valencia, Gandía or Denia and disembark in the port of Palma in less than eight hours, depending on the type of ship you choose.

Also, there is the option of traveling by speedboat during the day, as well as the option of taking the crossing at night with all the comforts of a cabin and without taking hours off your days on the island.

Traveling to Mallorca by ferry from Menorca, Ibiza or Formentera

If you are on any of the other islands of the archipelago and you have decided to spend your holidays in Mallorca, the ferry is undoubtedly the best option to get there and be able to move around with your own car.

Coming from Menorca you can reach the port of Palma in about five hours from Mahón and, if you depart from Ciudadela, in barely an hour, due to the proximity of the town to the port of Alcudia.

It is also possible to travel from the island of Ibiza and in summer there is even the option of departing from the port of La Savina, in Formentera. In less than four hours you will disembark in the port of Palma to enjoy your well-deserved days of rest.

Traveling to Mallorca by boat from Toulon

In high season, the company Corsica Ferries connects France with the island of Mallorca three times a week. The trip departs from the port of Toulon, making a short stopover in Ciudadela, until finally disembarking in the port of Alcudia.

This trip lasts approximately eleven and a half hours and takes place during the night, so you can enjoy your holiday to the maximum.

You can choose to travel in an armchair or in a cabin, as well as take your car with you and, as with all other boat trips, your pet will be welcome on board.

Ferry to Mallorca
Photography: Balearia

How to book cheap ferry tickets?

Do you want to buy ferry tickets to Mallorca at the best price? Follow these tips and ensure you get the cheapest ticket for your boat trip:

  • Use the ferry ticket search engine provided and compare prices between the different connections to Mallorca. You will be able to choose the one that best suits your needs and know from the beginning what price you are going to pay.
  • Travel in the off season, as tickets become more expensive during the summer season. Mallorca offers entertainment all year round, so if your priority is not enjoying the beaches, take the opportunity to find a cheap off-season ticket.
  • Purchase in advance, as with airline tickets, prices can become more expensive as the departure date approaches.
  • Generally, long daytime crossings are cheaper than the other routes.
  • Travel during the working week and avoid bank holidays. If you can be flexible with your dates, you can be sure to get the best price.
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Book your ferry ticket to Mallorca

At Yo soy Mallorca we recommend you to book through Direct Ferries, as it includes all the possible options and combinations, not only showing direct itineraries, but also those with stopovers. This ensures that you can assess all the connections offered, choose the one that best suits your needs and secure the best price.

For this reason, we have a partnership agreement, offering you the possibility to book online directly from our site through the search engine at the top of this page or, if you prefer, by booking directly from their website.

Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive an email from Direct Ferries’ website with all the details of your booking and your ferry ticket for your trip to Mallorca. In addition, you will be able to retrieve, at any time, all the information and details of your booking in the function “My Booking” of their website.

Travel insurance to Mallorca

During a holiday there may be unwanted unforeseen events that require assistance: delays on journeys, lost or damaged luggage, early returns for personal reasons and a host of other things that we don’t normally want to think about.

For this reason, we always recommend purchasing a travel insurance policy in order to travel with the best guarantees, even for trips nearby. In addition, Yo soy Mallorca readers can take advantage of an extra 5% discount on the usual price.

Travel Insurance IATI Escapadas

How to get from the port to your destination

If you have finally decided to travel to Mallorca by boat without your car and you have already bought your ticket, you should know that public transport connections are poor in the island, so ideally you should get a vehicle to get you to your accommodation and enjoy Mallorca with no limitations.

Transport from the port of Palma

If you are traveling from Barcelona, Valencia, Denia or Gandía, or from the nearby Ibiza, Formentera or Menorca (Mahón), you will disembark at the port of Palma, which is located 4km from the city centre. Once there, you have several options available to get to your destination:

If your accommodation is located in Palma:

  • Bus: just outside the ferry terminal you’ll find the bus stop, which connects easily to the city centre for €3 (EMT line 1).
  • On foot/by bicycle: the city centre is less than an hour’s walk from the port, so you could also get to your hotel by taking a nice stroll or using the bicycle lane that runs along the Paseo Marítimo.

Transport from the port of Alcudia

If you are traveling from Ciudadela (Menorca) or from Toulon, you will dock at the port of Alcudia. Due to the high number of passengers who frequent this town, the harbour station has several connections to other municipalities during the tourist season.

If you decide to use the public transport, you can check the fares and the different routes here or, on the other hand, use any of the other options we have suggested (taxi, rented car or private transfer).

🚗 If you finally decide to travel by ferry without your vehicle, compare prices and book your car at the best price from here.

Have you already booked your ferry ticket to Mallorca?

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