Wine tasting in Mallorca

A wine tasting in Mallorca will undoubtedly be one of the best memories you will take away from your trip, and an alternative to the frenetic days spent visiting the island’s beaches and coves.

In recent years, wine tasting experiences have been booming. They have become an increasingly popular tourist attraction. An exclusive but at the same time very accessible plan for all kinds of tourists who have decided to travel to Mallorca.

Mallorca has more than 500 wine brands different and 70 wineries of which their owners and winegrowers have decided to open their doors in order to make their valuable product known, by making wine tastings and guided tours explaining the origin and production process, the results are often surprising and very interesting.

Wine tasting in Mallorca

History of wine in Mallorca

Mallorcan vineyards have been cultivated since Roman times. However, the moment of splendour for the island’s wine world came in the 19th century when, due to phylloxera in France and in order to save wine production in that country, the decision was taken to export it to Spain and Italy. Some time later, this plague also reached the Mallorcan island, causing many vines to disappear.

Nowadays this sector is booming again as new vineyards have been planted, new varieties have been incorporated and cultivation techniques have evolved together with technological advances, which has allowed the production and quality of these Mallorcan wines to increase.

Wines of Mallorca

Mallorca is well known for its wine tradition, something you probably didn’t know yet.

The location and the Mediterranean climate of Mallorca are decisive in the production of wines that have been gaining reputation and prizes in international competitions year after year. Thus, Mallorcan wine is one of the best wines with designation of origin in Spain, with an important international recognition.

Wine tourism, or wine tasting in Mallorca, has become very fashionable, so when you plan your route around the island, don’t forget to include wine tasting among the best things to do in Mallorca.

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D.O Pla i Llevant

This designation of origin was founded in 1999, where 13 wineries and 70 winegrowers are currently registered, with a total of 444 hectares in Mallorca. The wines of D.O. Pla i Llevant have the particularity that they grow at sea level, benefiting from the caresses of the sea breeze.

The Mallorca area covered by this designation of origin is an area with a a long tradition of winemaking distributed by the interior, centre and east of the islanddistributed in 19 municipalities: Algaida, Ariany, Artà, Campos, Capdepera, Felanitx, Llucmajor, Manacor, Maria de la Salut, Montuïri, Muro, Petra, Porreres, Sant Joan, Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, located by the area of Cala Millor; Santa Margalida, Santanyí, Sineu y Vilafranca de Bonany.

These wines are made from native white grape varieties such as Premsal Blanc and Giró Ros, and red grapes such as Callet, Manto Negro, Fogoneu and Gorgollassa, among others.

D.O. Pla i Llevant wine is an excellent wine to accompany a meal, as an aperitif or with a tapa of olives and cheese as it is usually served at wine tastings in Mallorca.

D.O Binissalem

This wine-growing region, D.O. Binissalem, was founded in 1990 and is located in the centre of the island with its vineyards between 75 and 200 metres above sea level.

The towns that make up this wine-producing region are: Santa Maria del Camí, Binissalem, Sencelles, Consell and Santa Eugenia with a total of 120 hectares of vineyards and 13 wineries. These villages have the geographical characteristics of gentle relief and are protected from the cold winds of the Tramuntana.

Among the Binissalem D.O. wines we can find young wines or wines aged in oak barrels, whites, rosés and sparkling wines. The most famous and most produced are the reds that contain 30% of the grape called Manto Negro, with typical characteristics of this native variety such as: not excessively intense colour and fruity aromas.

Meanwhile, the white wines of D.O. Binissalem are made with at least 50% of the grape variety Son Moll. Fruity aromas predominate here, especially apple and dried fruit, apricot, and bitter almonds. In the mouth they tend to be fresh, finding the perfect balance between sweet and sour with a slightly bitter finish.

Something not to be missed is the Wine days Mallorca event, which is 9 days in May combining wine drinking with the organisation of gastronomic and cultural experiences.

Binissalem D.O. Wine Festival

Wine days Mallorca includes excursions, open doors to wineries, market visits, wine tasting and a wine fair of the same name, where wine is tasted at the same time as you can enjoy the best local gastronomy in local food-trucks, in a quite informal way.

Another great moment when wine plays another leading role is the last Sunday in September, coinciding with the grape harvest in Binissalem, when the Festas des Vermar (Wine Festival) is held. Vermar noodles or grape harvest noodles are prepared here. The ideal way to eat these noodles is with a good Binissalem D.O. wine.

These noodles are prepared for everyone who’s interested on the outskirts of the village in huge pots and it is a very country dish, as it is made from lard, lamb, and chicken stock, carrot, celery and leeks and spices such as black pepper and pimentón de la vera (red pepper not spicy).

It was a dish formerly necessary for those who went to harvest grapes, and was cooked with old sheep, as the young lambs were put up for sale. It is a traditional local dish that has remained a delicacy.

Wine Fair in Pollença

The Fira del Vi Pollença, or Wine Fair, held in mid-May, is a great opportunity to get to know all the Mallorcan wines with denomination of origin and those from other places such as Valencia and Cataluña. You will pay an entrance fee to enter the fair and you will be able to taste all the wines from the wineries exhibiting their raw materials at this fair.

Best wine tasting in Mallorca

We want to tell you which are the best wine tastings in Mallorca according to the experiences of our users. Get ready, find a comfortable place and enjoy this sensory journey.

Full day winery tour in small group in Mallorca

Enjoy a tour through the interior of Mallorca visiting the most popular wineries of the region, taste the most famous wines with local gastronomic specialities and learn about the history of wine growing in Mallorca while enjoying views over beautiful vineyards in the centre of the island.

Horse riding and wine tasting in the Alcudia area of Mallorca

There are other types of experiences compatible with wine tasting, such as horse riding. You will enjoy a one-hour excursion on horseback through the forests of Puig de Sant Martí in Alcudia. This tour is suitable for children and more experienced riders.

After the excursion, you will arrive at the ranch and enjoy a unique taste of Mallorca with a selection of locally produced wines and cheeses. You can try other organic products such as pâté, jam and oil, all made by local farmers.

Visit an authentic bodega and wine tasting experience in Mallorca

Enjoy a tour of the estate with the owner, who will tell you about the history of the winery’s beginnings. Discover how local wines are made in this tasting. After this guided tour, it’s time to enjoy a cheese and local cured meats pairing with 5 different wine tastings.

Wine tasting at Bodegas Vi Rei and visit the vineyard by train

Visit the Vi Rei winery and immerse yourself in Mallorcan culture while you lose yourself among the wine plants. Get to know the culture and production of Mallorcan wine and Bodegas Vi Rei, and explore the vineyards of this winery on a panoramic train journey.

You will then visit the production area: observe the grape intake, the fermentation hall, the barrel storage area and the bottling line. Finish the visit in the tasting room where you will taste 4 different wines and a local gastronomic selection of Vi Rei.

Enjoy a wine tasting while discovering local gastronomy

Experience the flavours of authentic Mallorca with local wines from different grapes, accompanied by goat’s, cow’s and red sheep’s cheeses. All of this is the result of the work of local farmers.

You will discover an elegant white wine of which only 900 bottles are produced, accompanied by an excellent artisan goat’s cheese from Pollensa. Then taste a white wine (de noirs) made from red grapes and also accompanied by a local cow’s milk cheese. And of course, you will learn all the stories behind each of the wines you taste. An unique experience!

Have you already decided which wine tasting you are going to do? Let us know how it went in the comments. We read you!

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