Cala Barques

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The Cala Barques beach is one of the four beaches located in the fishing village of Cala de Sant Vicenç, in the municipality of Pollença, where Sierra de Tramuntana ends.



Cala Barques

Cala Barques beach is one of the four beaches that form part of the tourist resort of Cala Sant Vicenç in the municipality of Pollença, in the northwest of Mallorca.

It is a small sandy area, about 85 metres long and 40 metres wide, flanked by rocky areas on both sides and a small jetty on the left that reminds us of the fishing origins of the town of Cala de Sant Vicenç.

The accessibility, the fact that it is the first of the 4 beaches in the complex, the big bunch of available services on the beach and the existence of a large hotel infrastructure make Cala Barques to be somewhat overcrowded during the summer months, so if you are looking for a quiet environment you should avoid this beach or opt for one of the other coves in the area such as Cala Clara, Cala Carbó or Cala Molins.

Playa de Cala Barques in Mallorca
Cala Barques in Cala Sant Vicenç (Pollença)

Cala Barques is not Cala Varques

Note that there is another beach called Cala Varques in the east of the island, in the municipality of Manacor. Don’t get them mixed up!

How to get to Cala Barques

There are several ways to get to Cala Barques, but the best option is to do it with your own car or a rented one. Although Cala San Vicente is a popular tourist resort and has a public transport service, the area is very far from the most important towns, so it will take you quite a long time to get there.

Car hire in Mallorca

The beach of Cala Barques is located about 7km from the municipality of Pollença, so the first thing you will have to do is head towards that municipality from the point on the island where you are.

Once there, follow the signs to Port de Pollença along the Ma-2220 road around Pollença for 1.5km. At this point you will reach the Cala de Sant Vicenç crossroads, where you must turn left and take the Ma-2203. Continue 3km more until you reach the town and go straight on along a large avenue that will take you to Cala Barques.

In Cala de Sant Vicenç you can make use of the free car park at the entrance to the beach, although in the summer months you should go early to make sure you have a space if you don’t want to park a little further away.

Getting to Cala Barques by public transport

It is also possible to reach Cala Barques by public transport, either by bus or taxi, and you could even make the first stretch to Inca by train.

If you prefer to arrive by bus to this beach, you will have to make several transfers as there is no direct bus to Cala Barques beach.

Depending on where you are staying on the island you should take the following lines:

  • If you are leaving from Palma, the capital, the first bus you will have to take is line 301 to Pollença.
  • From the north (for example, from the area of Playa de Muro or Can Picafort) you will have to take lines 322 or 302 to Alcudia.

In summer, from the Tramuntana area of the island (for example, from Port de Sóller) you can also take bus number 231 to Pollença.

When you get off at the destination we have indicated, you will have to change to line 322, which will take you to the centre of Cala de Sant Vicenç. The bus stop is located next to the stairs leading to Cala Barques.

💰 If you want to save on your bus ticket, we recommend you take a look at this article with all the information about public transport in Mallorca.

If you prefer to get to Cala Barques by taxi, you can also do so and the price will be more or less expensive depending on where you start from. From Palma Airport it would cost you around 80€-90€.

You can find all the information about taxi services in Mallorca here. You will find approximate prices and the contact telephone numbers of all the companies operating on the island. We recommend that you call the taxi company in the area where you are staying and find out how much it would cost you to get to Cala Barques from there.

Getting to Cala Barques by bicycle

It is also possible to get to Cala Barques by bicycle, as several cycling routes pass close to the area of Cala de Sant Vicenç and next to the beach there is an area where bicycles can be parked.

🚴 Would you like to discover the island on two wheels? Then don’t miss the article we have prepared about cycle touring in Mallorca and download the map with the best cycling routes on the island, totally free 👇.

    Privacy information:

    Private transfer to Cala de Sant Vicenç

    If you want to get to Cala Barques in Cala de San Vicente without complications, you can also hire the services of a private transfer. Enter the dates and the place where you want to be picked up in the search engine and get the cost of the service instantly.

    Getting to Cala Barques by boat

    The underwater conditions of Cala Barques are suitable for the anchoring of vessels as long as the sea is calm, as it is very exposed to north and north-easterly winds; and provided that a stone slab is avoided covered by less than one metre of water, detected about 200 metres from the shore.

    The nearest port is Port Pollença, some 16 nautical miles away, where you can hire a boat and reach Cala Barques.

    In this case our advice is to hire a boat with a captain, as Cala Barques is a good beach to enjoy from the sea, but access can be difficult.

    Where to eat in Cala Barques

    There are no beachfront bars or restaurants in Cala Barques, but a few metres from the beach you will find several establishments, most of which specialise in Mallorcan and international cuisine.

    Also, near the bus stop there is a picnic area with several tables and benches that you can use if you bring your lunch with you.

    Services in Cala Barques

    As it is located in an urbanised environment, Cala Barques beach is equipped with a multitude of services, making it a very suitable beach to visit with the family. However, it is important to bear in mind that if the wind blows from the north, the waves can reach a large size.

    Cala Barques has toilets and showers, litter bins and a beach umbrella and sun lounger rental service. During the summer months, there is also a lifeguard on duty.

    Although there is a walkway in the sand, it is not an accessible beach, as you have to climb down a large staircase to reach the beach.

    What to do in Cala Barques

    In general, Cala Barques is a good beach to rest and spend the day lying in the sun, except when the wind blows from the north and the waves are very strong, and bathing is totally forbidden.

    It is important to note that in summer the presence of jellyfish and sea urchins hidden in the sand is frequent, so you should be aware of the warnings indicating their presence.

    Enjoy water sports and aquatic activities

    Cala Barques beach is ideal for sports such as paddle surfing or canoeing, although it does not have rental services, so if you want to temporarily rent a board or kayak you will have to do so in the neighbouring Cala Molins.

    Search for buried treasure

    This area is also ideal for diving and snorkelling. Very close to Cala Barques and Cala Clara, a Greek ship dating back to the 5th century B.C. was discovered at a depth of just a few metres, which is why it is common to find remains of this and other more recent shipwrecks around the cove.

    Visit the prehistoric caves of s’Alzinaret

    If you like history, at the entrance to Cala de San Vicente you will find the necropolis of s’Alzinaret, a group of artificial caves dating from the pre-Talayotic period.

    Take a hiking route

    Although the tourist resort of Cala Sant Vicenç is one of the most sought-after and has a great infrastructure and buildings, it is located in an incredible enclave, at the end (or the beginning!) of the magnificent Sierra de Tramuntana.

    For this reason, it is possible to follow a multitude of hiking routes in the area. There is a very easy excursion, perfect to do with the youngest members of the family, which starts from the pine forest near the beach to Puig de l’Àguila, passing through La Mola. If you want to add difficulty, the route can be extended as far as Cornavaques.

    Another option is to take a route along the path of the Coves Blanques or Camí dels Presos, a set of paths, caves and trenches where artillery pieces were to be placed during the Civil War, although they were never installed.

    Hotels in Cala Sant Vicenç

    Just above the beach of Cala Barques you will find two 4-star hotels, as well as some tourist flats. These are:

    Further away from the beach, but in the same locality, you will find many hotels of different categories, and in the municipalities of Pollença and Port de Pollença you will find a more varied offer in terms of types of accommodation and price.

    Here you can see all the hotels in Cala Sant Vicenç in Pollença. Already know when you want to visit the area? Enter your dates and choose from hotels, flats, villas, rural hotels and other available accommodation.

    Let us know! Will we see you enjoying Cala Barques and other beaches and coves of Mallorca this summer?

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