Cala Varques

No services There are no services at this beach, so remember to take your rubbish with you!
A picture-postcard beach, where the incredible turquoise sea breaks through the rocks creating caves and forming a beautiful cove, which is preserved natural and virgin like few others.



Cala Varques

Located in Manacor, between the urbanisations of Cala Romántica and Cales de Mallorca, is Cala Varques, one of the most beautiful unspoilt beaches in Mallorca and one of the most recommended in most articles about the best beaches to visit on the island.

Its undeveloped surroundings and difficult access had helped to preserve it from overcrowding. However, because it meets all the requirements to be the perfect beach, and with the rise of the networks, it has ceased to be a solitary cove frequented by locals, and the number of visitors has increased a lot in recent years.

Despite this, Cala Varques has managed to remain natural and wild like few others, so even if we are not going to be alone, it is well worth including this beach on your route.

Cala Varques is not Cala Barques

Please, note that there is another beach with the same name, Cala Barques, in the north of the island, in the municipality of Pollença. Don’t get them mixed up!

How to get to Cala Varques

You have several options to get to Cala Varques, but in any case, it is best to do it with your own vehicle or a rented one, as the beach is located in an unspoilt environment where there are no services nearby.

Car rental in Mallorca

Head towards Manacor and, once there, take the road towards Cales de Mallorca (Ma-4015) until it ends and you reach the crossroads, where you will have to turn left towards Porto Cristo. Once on the road, less than 200 metres to your right is the dirt road to Cala Varques, which is currently closed and parking is not possible.

If you skip the entrance and continue a few metres, you will find another road on your left where you will probably see other parked cars. You can park your car there and walk back to the dirt road to Cala Varques. Go early, as there is not enough room for too many cars!

If you prefer, another option to get there is to take a short trip along the coast. To do so, continue along the same road towards Porto Cristo and take the turn-off to the right towards Cala Romántica, where you can start a short walk to the beach. walking route from the Estany den Mas beachwhich does have a car park and passes through incredible places such as Cala Falcó or the famous“Es Pontet”(un puente de piedra natural) hasta llegar a Cala Varques.

This 3.5km hike is easy as the path is completely flat, but don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes as the terrain is somewhat uneven and uncomfortable.

Es Pontet
Es Pontet

Getting to Cala Varques by public transport is not very feasible, as the nearest bus stop is in Porto Cristo, about 11km away.

If your accommodation is in Palma, you could take the train or the 401 bus to Manacor, but once there you would need to use another type of transport such as a taxi. Here are the telephone numbers and approximate prices of the most common taxi journeys, but for convenience and greater independence, your best bet is to hire a car or motorbike.

Walking access to Cala Varques beach

If you have opted for the option of parking on the road and walking along the dirt track of Cala Varques, you should know that the access crosses a private property and that, as a result of certain conflicts between the town council, the owner of the property and the promoter of an “illegal beach bar”, in 2019 the owner decided to close the passage.

Even so, “someone” cut the metal fence and many people continue to access the path that leads to the beach, jumping over several walls that are not suitable for everyone. This can cause problems with the owners of the property, so be clear that although it is still the most common way to get there, it is not legal.

Getting to Cala Varques by boat

The underwater conditions in Cala Varques are excellent for arriving by boat and enjoying a day of sun and beach, as they are more than six metres deep in the vicinity of the cove.

Cala Varques beach in Mallorca
Cala Varques beach

The nearest port is Porto Cristo, just 7km from the bay, where you can take a glass-bottomed catamaran to visit several beaches on the east coast or hire a boat on your own to Cala Varques.

If you prefer to enjoy this beach on your own from the sea, you can do so by renting a boat from Porto Cristo here.

What to do in Cala Varques

Cala Varques is a true paradise. Its incredible turquoise sea, opening its way between small cliffs populated by pine trees, gives it the idyllic image of a typical Mediterranean postcard cove. A secluded beach where you can isolate yourself from the outside world and enjoy nature.

Due to its difficult access and lack of services of any kind (security, restaurant, toilets, etc.), it is perhaps not the most suitable beach to visit with the family. In any case, bring everything you need for the day, as you won’t be able to buy anything.

You won’t be able to practice water sports either, as is the case with other beaches in Mallorca. So forget about kayaks, kitesurfing and the like. Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the waters and surroundings, apart from relaxing and sunbathing. Do you want to know what to do in Cala Varques? We tell you about it here!

Enjoy the seabed while snorkelling

The crystal clear waters of Cala Varques are perfect for snorkelling. You’ll find plenty of marine life both on the sandy area and on the cliffs, so take your snorkelling gear with you and make the most of the beach.

Take a hiking route to other coves and to “Es Pontet”.

You should know that nudism is allowed in Cala Varques, but to tell the truth, you will find few people who do it. If you head south, you’ll find small nudist coves that are rarely visited.

If, on the other hand, you head north and walk along the coast in the direction of Porto Cristo, you will arrive at“Es Pontet”a natural rock bridge over the sea, which has recently been the subject of many photographs, and to the coves of Cala Falcó and it is Caló Blanc.

Explore caves in the vicinity of the beach

Caves of Cala Varques
Karstic caves at Cala Varques

In the vicinity of Cala Varques there is a large number of karstic caves, with stalactites and stalagmites, which are perfect for caving. Some of the best known are the Cueva del Xot and the Cueva del Pont, which can be accessed by land, and the Cueva del Pirata, which is currently closed because it has been declared a special conservation area.

For the more adventurous here you can book a visit to the Cueva dels Coloms, one of the few caves accessible by swimming through the sea, perfect for discovering marine speleology, which is advisable to do with an expert guide.

What you should not do

Although it is very common to find people practising “cliff jumping” and “psicobloc”, you should know that both activities are currently prohibited, due to their danger and the many accidents that have occurred on the beach of Cala Varques.

Cliff jumping consists of jumping into the water from the cliffs and psicobloc is a type of climbing without a rope, using only your hands.

Don’t risk it and enjoy all the alternatives offered by a setting like this beach!

Hotels in Cala Varques

There is no accommodation in the vicinity of Cala Varques. The nearest hotels are in the urbanisation of Cala Romántica, about 3km to the north, and in the area of Cales de Mallorca, 5km away.

If you are not sure where to stay, don’t worry! We have prepared an article with our recommendations of the best places to stay in Mallorca.

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