Es Trenc

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Often compared to the beaches of the Caribbean… Es Trenc beach is one of the most beautiful and famous virgin beaches of Mallorca. Definitely a must-see during your trip.



Es Trenc

Es Trenc beach in Mallorca is probably the most famous beach on the island. Its size, spectacular natural surroundings and crystal-clear waters make Es Trenc a true paradise that you should not miss.

It has three unbounded zones(Arenal den Tem, Arenal den Tenc and Playa de Es Trenc) that extend from Ses Covetes, another incredible beach area that shares the same paradisiacal beauty as Es Trenc, but is less crowded as it is not as well known, to Colonia de Sant Jordi.

Es Trenc forms part of the Natural Area of Special Interest of Es Trenc – Salobrar de Campos, which also includes the salt plants located behind it, the second most important wetland area in Mallorca after S’Albufera, which is frequented every year by hundreds of bird species.

Moreover, Es Trenc beach is a true symbol of the environmental movement in Mallorca, the last large well-preserved sandy area with no nearby constructions. On this beach you can practise nudism, enjoy its fine white sand and its transparent, shallow waters, and stroll around its surroundings from where you can contemplate an incredible dune system where sea lilies and thistles grow.

Es Trenc beach in Ses Covetes
Es Trenc beach

How to get to the beach of Es Trenc

You have several options for getting to Es Trenc, but the most advisable is to do so using a private vehicle, such as a hire car, as the beach is located in an unspoilt environment where there are not many services and getting there by public transport can be quite an odyssey.

If you are still not sure how to get around Mallorca, check out the different options here. If you decide to rent a car, use this search engine to find a car at the best price.

Regardless of the area of Mallorca where you are staying, access to Es Trenc is easy, as it is perfectly signposted.

If you are leaving from Palma, you must go to Llucmajor and, once there, take exit 26, which goes to S’Estanyol. After about 6km you will find a turning on your left that points the way to Es Trenc. Follow the signs until you reach the car park of Ses Covetes, a small cove next to Es Trenc.

From other areas of Mallorca, your best option is to head towards the municipality of Campos and from there continue on to the towns of Sa Ràpita or Ses Salines, where you will once again find the signs that will take you to Es Trenc. Whichever route you choose, you will reach the beach in any case.

Es Trenc car park

If you are going to Es Trenc with your private vehicle, you should know that there is no free parking option and that it is totally forbidden to park on the paths or in the pine woods. The area around the beach is in an area declared a Natural Park, so the penalties for parking your car in a non-designated area can be high.

So, where to park on the beach of Es Trenc?, depending on the area of the beach you are going to, you have different options and none of them are cheap:

  • Parking in Ses Covetes: in this area you have two alternatives for parking. On the one hand, parking on the street with the ORA ticket, as it is a blue line; or parking in the first of the car parks mentioned, with a capacity of 500 cars and which in high season costs €5 per day.
  • Parking in Es Trenc: at the opposite end of the beach, if instead of continuing in the direction of Sa Ràpita you had gone across the salt ponds, you will find the other paying car park, the Ses Arenes car park, with a capacity for 1,500 cars. The cost per day is €7 and it is open until 9pm.
  • Parking in the Es Trenc restaurant’s private car park: at a cost of €10, or €20 during the summer season, which you will be refunded whenever you eat in the restaurant – but beware, desserts, ice creams and drinks are not included.

Shuttle bus

During the summer months, if the car parks at Es Trenc are full, you can use the shuttle bus that leaves from the Ses Covetes car park for €1.5 each way and runs every 20 minutes.

You should have previously parked your car in the blue zone or in one of the car parks in the area, so the cost can also be considerable.

Getting to Es Trenc by public transport

As we have told you on several occasions, and much to our regret, public transport in Mallorca leaves a lot to be desired. Although we must recognise that it is improving year after year (you can’t even imagine what it would have been like to go from one end of the island to the other just 10 years ago…), it is still insufficient, slow and expensive.

Can Es Trenc be reached by public transport? Yes, you can… only in the summer months, with a journey time of about two and a half hours, mainly departing from the capital or having to make several transfers.

You should take the bus that goes to the area of Sa Ràpita and, once there, take the shuttle bus that will take you to the beach of Es Trenc.

How to get to Es Trenc on an excursion

If you don’t have a vehicle, you also have the option of arriving at Es Trenc on an excursion that will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the beach, where you can enjoy six hours of relaxation.

Getting to Es Trenc by boat

It is becoming more and more common to see boats dropping anchor and spending the day off the beach of Es Trenc.

Although the seabed is mainly sandy, it has some pebbly areas that can be invisible in bad weather, so it is advisable not to get too close to the shore. Although the seabed is mainly sandy, it has some pebbly areas that can be invisible in bad weather, so it is advisable not to get too close to the shore.

The nearest port is Colonia de Sant Jordi, located 3 nautical miles from the beach, where you can rent a boat with or without skipper and reach the paradise of Es Trenc.

If you don’t feel like renting a boat on your own, but you still want to enjoy the incredible beach of Es Trenc from the sea, you can book this catamaran trip along the beaches of Es Trenc and Es Caragol.

Services in Es Trenc

Es Trenc is, above all, frequented by young people, but it is also very popular with families, as despite being an unspoilt beach, it has a multitude of services for the comfort of bathers.

It has shower and toilet facilities, which are located on the beach itself, and you can use the beach umbrella and sun lounger rental service if you forget to bring your own. You won’t find a single shaded area on the beach!

The beach of Es Trenc also has a lifeguard service, and warning flags are waving about the swimming possibilities.

Finally, although it has a wooden walkway, we consider that this beach is not accessible for people with reduced mobility, as the rest of the services are not adapted and the car park is certainly far from the bathing area.

Nudism in Es Trenc

Although nudism is permitted on the beaches of Mallorca, it is true that there are some beaches and coves that are more recommendable for this practice due to their naturist tradition.

Es Trenc is one of the main nudist beaches in Mallorca. Although there are no delimited areas for its practice and it is permitted and accepted on the whole beach, it is true that most people who practise naturism are concentrated in the extreme areas, near Ses Covetes and the islet Na Gavina.

What to do in Es Trenc

As it is a paradisiacal enclave, there are few activities you can do in Es Trenc apart from relaxing and sunbathing, which is not bad at all, or snorkelling in its transparent waters.

Although if you prefer to be active or spend more than one day in the area, there are some interesting places to visit in the surrounding area. Here are some ideas!

The Es Trenc salt flats

The salobrar of Campos is the most important salt producer on the island, consisting of an extensive circuit of ponds that is intended to increase the concentration of salt through a channel that connects directly to the beach of Es Trenc, as well as being the most important salt producer on the island. the second most important wetland in Mallorca.

It is an excellent place for bird watching and during the month of September it is common to see flamingos, which make a stopover in their migratory process.

There is the option of hiring a guided tour in which they explain the production process and there is a small shop where you can buy the famous Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc, which is highly prized by top chefs.

Isla de Cabrera

About 10km from the beach of Es Trenc is the town of Colonia de Sant Jordi, an area that we usually recommend as one of the best places to stay in Mallorca, and which is located in front of the Cabrera Archipelago National Maritime-Land Park.

If you would like to spend a day on the islet of Cabrera, learn about its history and take a dip in the famous Blue Cave, you can book a visit here, departing from Colonia de Sant Jordi. For us, without a doubt, it is one of the best excursions you can do while travelling in Mallorca.

Sunset and cocktail in Ses Covetes

If you decide to extend your day to see one of the the best sunsets on the island from the beach of Es Trenc or from its neighbouring beach Ses Covetes we recommend you not to miss the visit to S’Embata mythical chiringuito with an air of hippies which has daily musical performances and where you can dine on the traditional pa amb oli mallorcan or have a beer.

Restaurants in Es Trenc

Dining options in Es Trenc are limited. You’ll find a total of six wooden beach bars along the beach, but these are usually crowded and serve only typical beach food and snacks.

On the other hand, the Es Trenc restaurant (the one in the car park) does offer a more Mediterranean type of cuisine on its menu, but it is not the cheapest of the restaurants. If you choose to eat at this restaurant, please note that reservations are required.

Hotels in Es Trenc

On the beach of Es Trenc as such you will not find hotels, as it is located in an area that has been declared a Maritime-Terrestrial Natural Park and, among other things, buildings cannot be constructed in its immediate vicinity.

Even so, Es Trenc is very close to places like Colonia de Sant Jordi, one of our favourite places to stay in Mallorca, so finding a hotel to stay nearby will be easy.

Do you want to stay in Colonia de Sant Jordi? Enter your dates and choose from hotels, flats and other available accommodation.

Other beaches near Es Trenc

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