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The 10 best sunsets in Mallorca

In Mallorca there are impressive places which, at the end of the day, at sunset, can become superlatives. That’s why today we want to show you where you can enjoy the 10 best sunsets in Mallorca. The list is quite eclectic, with a wide variety of areas: some are located at sea level, while others can be seen from mountains and viewpoints.

The island offers a lot of fun, whether enjoying its beaches and coves, leisure areas, cultural offerings, nature or visiting its towns and villages. Apart from these plans, there are others that are a little more transcendental and visual that you can also do during your holidays on the island, such as watching the sunrise or sunset.

Whether you are going to spend several days or just a weekend in Mallorca, enjoying a sunset… It’s a must!

Map of the 10 best sunsets in Mallorca

Do you want to know where all the places we suggest to watch the sunset in Mallorca are located? You can consult them on this map.

And if, in addition to these locations, you want to keep track of all the places of interest on the island, you can’t miss this digital map of Mallorca that we have designed for you. You can download it for free and carry it on your mobile phone during your trip to consult it at any time.

Most of these sites, because of their special character and the environment in which they are located, may be difficult to access by public transport, so if you have not yet decided how to move around Mallorca we recommend that you consider the possibility of rent a car during your holidays so that you can enjoy everything the island has to offer without limitations.

Car hire Mallorca

Sa Foradada viewpoint

The Sa Foradada viewpoint is located in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana, in the northwest of Mallorca, in the municipality of Dei脿. Being one of the must-see places we always recommend on a trip to Mallorca, it is also one of the most idyllic and impressive places on the island to watch the sunset. And, without a doubt, if we had a list of romantic locations to watch a sunset in Mallorca, it would be at the top of the list.

At the Sa Foradada viewpoint you will find a sort of “balcony” with incredible views of the small Sa Foradada peninsula, which is nothing more than a projection of land from the Son Marroig estate, The Archduke Saviour’s property, which is captured daily in a multitude of photographs.

The peculiarity of this projection of land is that it has a hole at the end, hence its name ‘Sa Foradada’, since in Mallorcan language forat means ‘hole’. Legend has it that this hole was the result of a cannon shot during the war between North African corsairs and Christians of the order of Mateu Sanglada.

Sa Foradada viewpoint one of the best sunsets in Mallorca
Sunset at Sa Foradada Viewpoint

Cabo Blanco Lighthouse

The Cabo Blanco lighthouse o ‘Faro de Cap Blanc’ as it is called in Mallorcan languageis one of the many Lighhouses of Mallorca and sits in a place where you will be able to see one of the best sunsets on the island, as it has views of the entire bay of Palma that are simply astonishing.

Located in the south, 95 metres above sea level, to get there from Palma you should take the national road to Puig de Ros, Bad铆a Gran and Sa Torre, which is a very pretty road that runs along the coast, with Mediterranean vegetation and flora on both sides and with views of the impressive cliffs.

It is a magical place to watch the sunset, because when the light completely disappears, Cabo Blanco becomes a very pleasant place where people dine outdoors during the summer and make music on full moon nights. In addition, during the L谩grimas de San Lorenzo feast, tourists and locals alike flock here to watch the star shower.

Aerial views from Cabo Blanco lighthouse at sunset in Mallorca
Aerial views from Cabo Blanco lighthouse at sunset in Mallorca

Puig de Sant Salvador

Puig de Sant Salvador es is another of the best places to contemplate a sunset in Mallorca, as it is a high point on the island, at 509 metres, you can see the sun set over the horizon at any time of the year.

You can get there by car or take an excursion to Puig de Sant Salvador, which starts in the village of Felanitx. This is very accessible and has several attractions along the way that culminate at sunset and watch the sun say goodbye until the next day.

Aerial view of Puig de Sant Salvador
Panoramic view of the Creu des Picot and Ermita de Mare de D茅u. Photo by Dirk Vorderstra脽e

Cap de Formentor

Cap de Formentor is one of our favourite spots on this list of the 10 best sunsets in Mallorca and on the island in general. Always recommending this area, we have many reasons to like it so much:

  • It is a place where you will find the most impressive lighthouse on the island, the Faro de Formentor, and you will have already seen in all our articles that we find the lighthouses of Mallorca simply magical.
  • It is located several metres above sea level, about 300 metres above sea level.
  • Its surroundings leave you speechless. The road that starts after leaving behind Puerto de Pollen莽a and that takes you along Formentor Peninsula in a continuous zig-zag with dozens of bends, until you end up seeing the lighthouse that stands imposingly on the highest point at the end of the peninsula right on the edge of the cliff, is simply spectacular. Once there, a sense of immensity will overwhelm you like you have rarely experienced before.

You should bear in mind that during the summer months arrival by car is limited for most of the day, so you will have to take the shuttle bus that leaves from Playa de Formentor. This measure was taken to avoid large crowds of tourist cars wanting to visit the site.

馃師锔 Another option, especially if you don’t have a vehicle, to not miss the sunset and the breathtaking views is through this excursion to Formentor at sunset.

If you are staying in the area and want to repeat the experience by watching one of the best sunsets in Mallorca, before reaching the Faro de Formentor lighthouse you will also find the Es Colomer viewpoint and the Talaia d’Albercutx, which will provide you with other sunset perspectives that are no less impressive.

Sunset at Cap de Formentor, one of the best sunsets in Mallorca.
Sunset at Cap de Formentor. Photo by L.V.C谩rdenas

Nudo de Corbata viewpoint (Tie Knot Viewpoint )

We continue in the Sierra de Tramuntana to see, without a doubt, another of the best sunsets in Mallorca in one of the most emblematic places on the island: the road to Sa Calobra and its impressive Mirador del Nudo de Corbata (tie knot viewpoint).

You can get here from the north, along the Pollensa road; from El Pla, via Caimari; and from the south, via Palma-S贸ller. This viewpoint is a magical spot to watch the sunset as it is the moment when the Sa Calobra road, the same one that goes to Torrent de Pareis, makes a 360潞 change of direction, in other words, it changes direction completely to adapt to the relief of the terrain.

The sunset is clean, as it hides directly in the sea and nothing stands between it and your view. The image is simply breathtaking, as you will see the valley where the Sa Calobra road descends with the sun setting in the background.

A very good plan is to go during the day to visit the famous beaches of Torrent de Pareis and the cove of Sa Calobra, and at the end of the day, stop to contemplate this impressive moment.

Aerial view from the Nudo de Corbata on the Sa Calobra road
Aerial view from the Nudo de Corbata on the Sa Calobra road

Cala del Delta

Cala del Delta, in the municipality of Llucmajor, is a good place to watch the sunset after a day at the beach or if you like a quieter place than the previous ones, as the other locations mentioned above, although impressive, are rather more well-known and touristy.

To get to Cala del Delta you will have to take the detour to the Maioris urbanisation after leaving behind the areas of Playa de Palma and El Arenal.

Honestly, we have a weakness for this area, which is why it couldn’t be missing from our list of the 10 best sunsets in Mallorca. If you are looking for a quiet place to watch a beautiful sunset, Cala del Delta is definitely the place for you. You will receive the last rays of sunshine of the day accompanied by the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks and with a very special orange light, as the sun is reflected in the sandstone which cliffs are made, and you can only see in a few other places on the island.

Sunset at Cala del Delta cove
Orange tones on the sandstone during a sunset in the Delta Cove

Es Trenc

Watch a sunset on the famous Es Trenc beach may be a very special experience as if you go in the summer, you can put a fantastic finishing touch to your day at the beach. watching the sun disappear little by little, alone or accompanied by friends, a partner and/or family members with a good picnic and cocktails..

Es Trenc is located in the south of the island, between Colonia de Sant Jordi and the beautiful Ses Covetes. beach. It is a huge sandy beach with crystal clear waters, often compared to the beaches of the Caribbean, where you just have to choose where to spread out your sarong and relax surrounded by pure nature, as it is a Protected Natural Park.

Today, restrictions have been tightened on the few remaining beach bars, so you should take all the food and drink supplies you think you’ll need for the day before you hit the beach.

Sunset from Es Trenc beach
Sunset from Es Trenc beach

Puig de Mar铆a

We return to the heights and continue with the list of the 10 best sunsets in Mallorca to go from the south to the north, to Puig de Maria in Pollen莽a.

Puig de Maria is a mountain with a monastery on its summit that stands imposingly right next to the village of Pollensa and from where you can enjoy beautiful views of the bay of Alcudia and the bay of Pollensa. It is climbed on foot along a route which, if you are interested, can be consulted in this detailed PDF provided by the Town Hall of Pollen莽a for visitors.

We recommend you to go up. You will be able to contemplate a fantastic sunset with the sun setting behind Sierra de Tramuntana and the beautiful village of Pollen莽a at your feet.

Puig de Santa Magdalena

Puig de Santa Magdalena is a place with a 360潞 view of the centre of the island. You will be almost the same distance from the north as from the south, east and west, as you will find yourself in the middle of the Pla (plain, plateau in Mallorcan) of Mallorca. You can sit at any point of the Puig to admire the orange light bath caused by the setting sun almost as soon as it grazes the mountains of the Sierra de Tramuntana.

A place that very few people know about and which, like the Cala del Delta, is less touristic than usual, but which, unlike the previous one, does take place in the heights.

Sunset from Puig de Santa Magdalena
Impressive sunset from the Pla de Mallorca, in the Puig de Santa Magdalena.

Sant Elm

And to close this list of the 10 best places to watch the sunset in Mallorca we move to the west of the island, to the place where you will be “closer” to the sun” at sunset: Sant Elm.

And to add to its charm you will have the sun hiding behind the magical island, Sa Dragonera, the island where it all began, the island where Jaume I landed in 1229 and prepared his troops to begin the conquest of Mallorca, which was in Arab hands.

If you are passionate about history, don’t miss this article where we tell you the history of Mallorca from its first settlements to the tourist boom of our days.

It is possible to visit the islet of Dragonera, for this you will have to hire a day trip excursion or arrive by private boat hiring a boat. In case you find this last option interesting, we leave you the list of boats, with or without skipper, that you can rent in the nearest port of Mallorca.

You can accompany the moment by enjoying your favourite drink at any of the nearby local attractions or on board of your hired boat. A magical and romantic moment!

Sunset in Sant Elm with a view of Sa Dragonera
Sunset in Sant Elm with a view of Sa Dragonera

What do you think of our selection of the 10 best sunsets in Mallorca, do you prefer to watch the sunset on the beach or do you prefer to see it from the heights? Tell us about it!

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