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Cala Pi

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Cala Pi is a beautiful sandy cove surrounded by cliffs in Llucmajor, as well as being one of the most sought after, picturesque and photographed coves, especially from above. Discover it!



Cala Pi

The beach of Cala Pi in Mallorca is a small cove surrounded by cliffs over 30 metres high and is located in the town of Cala Pi, in the municipality of Llucmajor, in the south of the island.

This cove is one of the best known, sought after and photographed, its image having been used as a tourist attraction by travel agencies for many years and, nowadays, on social networks such as Instagram.

And this is normal considering the idyllic setting in which it is located: as the final part of a torrent that bears the same name as the beach, the Torrent de Cala Pi; the cliffs are covered in residential houses and pine trees (Pi is pine in Mallorcan language, hence its name) embracing the sea inlet; and the old typical Mallorcan jetties on the side.

The cove itself is only 50 metres long and 150 metres wide, and it is easy to find shade from the sun. The beach is formed by white sand and turquoise waters. Absolutely beautiful 🩵.

Weather in Cala Pi today: weekly forecast

Cala Pi Llucmajor

How to get to the beach of Cala Pi

Do you want to quickly locate the beach of Cala Pi in Mallorca?
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The beach of Cala Pi is located in the urbanisation of Cala Pi, 17km from the municipality of Llucmajor and about 30km from Palma de Mallorca.

The beach is well communicated, whether you decide to go with your own vehicle or rental car, or by public transport. But as always, in Mallorca, going by bus is time-consuming.

In our opinion, in this case, and almost always when the plan is to visit a beach or cove on the island, the best option is to go with your own car.

Car hire Mallorca

To get there, go first to Llucmajor and then take the Ma-6015 road towards Cala Pi. It is well signposted and we recommend that if you look for the location in a navigator, you should enter ” Playa de Cala Pi” directly.

Parking in Cala Pi

Parking in Cala Pi is not a problem, as you can park your vehicle in any street around the beach easily and free of charge.

Going to Cala Pi by public transport

To get to Cala Pi by public transport, you must first go to Llucmajor:

  • From Palma, take line 501 from the Estación Intermodal, opposite Plaza de España.
  • From the northeast of the island, from towns such as Manacor or Felanitx, also taking line 501.
  • From the rest of the cities, towns and tourist localities of Mallorca, you must first go to the capital.

Once in Llucamajor, you will have to change and take line 519d, which will leave you only 2 minutes away from the beach access.

You can find detailed information on how to get around Mallorca using the public transport network in these two articles:
🚌 Public transport in Mallorca: bus, metro and train in Mallorca: lines, timetables and fares.
🚕 Taxi service in Mallorca: taxi ranks, taxi companies’ telephone numbers and fares.

Access to Cala Pi

Access to the beach of Cala Pi is via a long and steep stone staircase, 147 steps to be precise, which means that it is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Facilities in the beach of Cala Pi

Cala Pi beach has toilets, a beach bar where you can have a snack, a lifeguard and beach umbrella and sun lounger hire, although all these services are only available during the summer months.

The beach does not have litter bins, so we remind you and ask you to take with you all the rubbish you generate and deposit it afterwards in places intended for that purpose.

Outside the beach you will find some bars, restaurants, an aparthotel and a supermarket. If you are looking for more choice, Sa Rapita (about 15km away) is a larger town with more options.

Restaurants in Cala Pi

If you are looking for a restaurant where to eat in Cala Pi, you will have to do it outside the beach, as it does not have a restaurant, or take your own food for the day.

Our recommendations for places to eat in Cala Pi are:

  • Taverna La Paleta: Taverna La Paleta: this restaurant specialising in Mediterranean cuisine is one of the cheapest options in the area, but is only open for dinner. Prices range from €15 to €25 per dish, so you can see that eating in Cala Pi is not exactly cheap. Even so, we found the restaurant to be good value for money.
  • Restaurante Sa Terrassa: this restaurant specialises in meat, fish and rice dishes, offering very good quality, but at a somewhat higher price. On some days there is live music (at dinner time), which we love and for which we have repeated on two occasions. We had read that the octopus was very well prepared and we liked it very much.

What to do in Cala Pi beach and its surroundings

The beach of Cala Pi is a wonderful spot to relax on the sand under an umbrella, enjoy listening to music (with headphones, please!) or read a good book with a cool drink.

Although if this plan does not stimulate you too much and you are one of those people who like activity (like me), there are several water activities, hiking trails and cultural visits that you can do in Cala Pi and its surroundings.

Take a photo at the viewpoint of Cala Pi

If you want to feel like an influencer, you can’t leave this beach without visiting and having your photo taken at the famous Cala Pi viewpoint. Once down the first flight of stairs, on the left, you will see a small path that leads to a small artificially constructed ledge where all the instagramers take the typical postcard photo. Not suitable for people with a fear of heights!

Enjoy on board a boat in Cala Pi

Boat hire in Mallorca

Going to Cala Pi by boat is a unique experience. The south of Mallorca is a beautiful area, because as we move away from the bay of Palma, the coastline begins to gain in height, and the evening sun bathes the cliffs with red and orange colours which are a luxury to behold from the sea. Honestly, it is priceless.

If you have your own boat or you want to rent a boat in Mallorca to sail in Cala Pi, it is important that you take into account:

  • This sandy beach is one of the most sheltered in the south of the island but when the wind blows it is difficult to get out, so you should keep an eye on the winds before heading to Cala Pi by boat.
  • Near the sea inlet there are 3 rocks on the port side, so if you want to anchor with your charter boat without a captain you should access from the central part. This is as long as it is not too large, as the sounder marks between 2-5 metres depth on sandy bottom.

The closest marina to Cala Pi where you can rent your boat with or without captain is the Club Náutico S’Estanyol de Migjorn, 4.5 nautical miles away. Check here all the available boats!

Do a hiking route from Cala Pi

Hiking in Mallorca is a practice that is gaining more and more followers, both among tourists and locals, and that in the autumn and spring months gains strength as the weather conditions, for obvious reasons, are more favourable than in summer.

The beautiful natural environment in which Cala Pi is located allows for some coastal routes, such as the one that leads to the lighthouse of Cap Blanc, to the west, one of the lighthouses of Mallorca. Before arriving, you will pass Cala Beltrán, a miniature Cala Pi.

Along the way, you will also see some sinkholes formed by the collapse of caves inhabited in prehistoric times.

Visit the defence tower of Cala Pi

You can’t leave Cala Pi without visiting the defence tower of the 16th century which is located next to the beach.

If you want to access a watchtower like this one, to feel like a real sentinel with a privileged view over land and sea without having to spend a fortune on a drone, we tell you that you can access and climb a watchtower very close to there. This is located on the road that runs along the sea towards Cabo Blanco, some 5-6kms from Cala Pi.

Aerial view of the 16th century Cala Pi defence tower.
16th century defence tower

Visiting the Talayotic settlement of Capocorb Vell

About 4 km from Cala Pi is the Talayotic settlement of Capocorb Vell, one of the most monumental archaeological sites on the island and of great importance in the history of Mallorca.

Declared a National Historic-Artistic Monument in 1931, it is in a very good state of conservation, so we highly recommend a visit.

Hotels in Cala Pi

The south of Mallorca and specifically Cala Pi seems to us to be a good option when looking for accommodation, as it is a quiet area that is relatively close to the capital and some of the best beaches on the island.

But you should know that this area does not have many options. If you are looking to stay in a hotel in Cala Pi, you should know that the urbanisation only has the Aparthotel Ona Cala Pi Club, with very good reviews and, therefore, very popular. Therefore, we recommend that you book as far in advance as possible.

However, this area does have plenty of privately-run accommodation, which you can also view and book through platforms such as Booking, if you don’t mind staying in a home without the comforts of a hotel.

🏨 If you prefer to have more options, you own a rental car and you are willing to stay in the surroundings, we definitely recommend you to stay in Sa Ràpita, about 20 minutes away by car and right between Cala Pi and other magnificent beaches such as Es Trenc or Es Carbó..

Finally, you could also stay in Playa de Palma or El Arenal, but we recommend that you first consult the article we have prepared on the area, as it is not to the liking of all travelers.

Map with the hotels in Cala Pi

Do you want to evaluate all the options? On this map you can see all accommodations in Cala Pi in Llucmajor. Remember to enter the dates you want to travel to get the actual availability and be able to choose from the available accommodation.

If you move around the map and zoom in or out, you will also be able to see all the hotels in the nearby towns we have mentioned, in the same coastal area.

Tell us, are you planning to include the beach of Cala Pi in your itinerary around Mallorca? If so, we hope this guide helps you. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have!

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Some of our posts contain affiliate links. By booking from these, you help us to keep Yo soy Mallorca alive and to continue offering the best information about the island. There is no extra cost for you and you can even benefit from some discounts.

* During the winter season not all hotels and accommodation in Mallorca are open. Because of this, they may not appear on the map.