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Caves of Drach

The Caves of Drach are the most famous and most visited group of caves in Mallorca: the Black Cave, the White Cave, the Cave of Luis Salvador and the Cave of the French; reaching all of them together a total length of 2.4 km and 25 metres deep, really cool!

The interior temperature remains constant at 21ºC with a humidity of 80%.

Visiting them is possible, either on your own or through an excursion. They are considered to be an asset of cultural interest in Manacor, and in the Balearic Islands in general, and are one of the main tourist attractions not to be missed in Mallorca.

Lake Martel in the Caves of Drach in Portocristo
Inner lake of the Caves of Drach

Do you want to visit the famous Caves of Drach? Read on, then! We explain where they are located, how to get to the Drach Caves, opening hours and prices of the visit and all the activities you can do in and around them.

How the Drach Caves originated

The Caves of Drach were created by the action of rainwater penetrating the limestone, the predominant rock of the island, and in the case of its connection with the exterior, by the erosion caused by the continuous pounding of the sea waves on the rocks.

This slow, centuries-long process of erosion has generated the caves and lakes, and the stalactites and stalagmites, which in some cases are connected and form beautiful columns that we can admire today.

Although there are records that the Drach Caves were already known in the Middle Ages, its serious exploration was in the year 1880 by M.F. Will and in 1986 by E.A. Martel, who discovered the cave where the lake that bears his name is located, the Lake Martel, and that you will be able to enjoy as a final climax to the visit through a boat ride and a classical music concert.

Between 1922 and 1935, the caves underwent some modifications in order to be inhabited and exploited: an entrance was opened, paths and stairs were made and electric lighting, designed by the engineer Mr. Buigas.

Where are the Caves of Drach located?

The Caves of Drach are located in the west of the island of Mallorca, 5 minutes by car and less than 2 kilometres from the village of Portocristo. If you are coming from Manacor, the caves are about 15 minutes away by car.

The Drach Caves are also very close to the beaches of Cala Romántica or Cala Varques. A great plan is, without a doubt, to visit this natural wonder combined with a few hours on the beach in one of the coves we suggest.

How to get to the Caves of Drach

You have several options for getting to the Drach Caves: in your own vehicle, by public transport or by means of an excursion, which will pick you up at the point on the island where you are staying and which also includes the entrance to the complex.

Still not sure how to get around Mallorca? In this article we provide you with all the information about the different alternatives so that you can decide which means of transport best suits your needs.

If you decide to reach the Drach Caves with your own vehicle or with a hired car, if you are coming from Palma or the southern area, the best way to get there is to take the Ma-15 towards Manacor. Then, follow the signs to Portocristo and from there you will see the signs to the Drach Caves, which have a free car park.

Here are the details you can enter in your GPS navigator to get to the gate of the Drach Caves:

  • Latitude: 39º 32º’ 7,72″ Longitude: 3º19′ 49″

How to get to the Caves of Drach by public transport

Have you come to Mallorca to travel unhurriedly and enjoying the changing landscapes that Mallorca has to offer?, go by public transport to the Caves of Drach can be a very good option, since in this case, as it is such an important tourist attraction, they are well connected.

If you want to go by bus, coming from Palma, you will have to go to the Parque de las Estaciones and take bus number 401, which will take you to Portocristo. On the other hand, if you are coming from another part of the island, you can check the connections on the official website.

Once in Portocristo, you can walk about 20 minutes to the entrance of the Caves of Drach or take a taxi, which is the quickest way to get there. It will cost you €3-5, with a journey time of 3′. If you want to arrange a taxi service, you can consult the telephone numbers of the different companies and other information here.

Excursion to the Caves of Drach

A very interesting option to reach and visit the Caves of Drach is by means of an organised excursion. The main advantages of taking the tour are:

  • You won’t have to manage anything, without having to worry about buying tickets, which in high season are easily sold out.
  • They will pick you up and transfer you from your hotel for you, so you don’t have to drive.
  • The price includes pick-up, transfer, entrance to the Caves of Drach and the boat trip and classical music concert on Lake Martel.
  • You will have a local guide assigned to you throughout the tour, who will accompany you inside the caves and answer any questions or doubts concerning the visit.

🎟️ You can book from here the tour to the Caves of Drach. If you choose this option, let us know your experience in the comments!

What are the opening hours of the Caves of Drach?

The Caves of Drach are one of the most popular attractions in Mallorca and their activity does not stop all year round, although their opening hours vary depending on when you visit them:

  • From 1st November to 12th March, visiting hours will be reduced, with visits at 10.30 am, 12 noon, 2 pm and 3.30 pm.
  • From 13th March to 31st October the visiting hours are extended, both in the mornings and afternoons, and the caves can be visited at 10am, 11am, 12pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm.

The tours take place in groups, but bear in mind that if you go on your own, they are not guided, unlike the excursion, where you will have a local guide who will explain and answer any questions you may have.

How to buy tickets for the Caves of Drach

If you decide to visit the Caves of Drach on your own, you can purchase your tickets through its online sale or at the ticket office, every day and from 9 a.m. for same day visits, although this option may be risky in high season as you run the chance that there may not be any tickets available at the time you go.

The price is 16,5€ and 9,5€ for children between 3 and 12 years old. If your children have under 2 years of age, they will be admitted free of charge.

Tickets are time-stamped for entry to the cave as places are limited.

If you decide to go yourself, we recommend that you buy your tickets online, so you can set the time and date you want. You will receive them in your mobile phone and you only have to worry about being 10 minutes before the entrance to the cave, which is 200 metres from the ticket office.

In order to avoid crowds of visitors, the best times to visit are at the beginning or end of the day.

If you visit the Caves of Drach through the tour you will not have to pay for your entrance fees separately, as the excursion includes pick-up, all transfers, entrance to the caves with a local guide and the boat trip and concert on Lake Martel.

Classical music concert in the Caves of Drach

The classical music concert that takes place at Lake Martel, at the end of the visit to the Caves of Drach, has been performed since 1935. It is performed by quartets of musicians, lasts a total of 10 minutes and is live, no playbacks!

It has a performance consisting of light effects that evoke the sunrise, very typical of the area in which the caves are located.

Boats in the interior of the Caves of Drach
Boats on Lake Martel

Rules during the visit

You should bear in mind that:

  • You can take pictures and film, but do not use flash, spotlights or tripods. During the concert, you may not take photographs or film.
  • You may not interrupt the passage of other visitors.
  • It is forbidden to fall behind the rest of the group, for safety reasons.
  • You must follow the staff’s instructions at all times.

Available services in the Caves of Drach

In the Caves of Drach and its surroundings you will find the following services:

  • Free parking
  • Gardens
  • Bar
  • Souvenir shop
  • Toilets
  • Shops where you can buy the famous Majorica pearls
  • Public telephone
  • Snack area
  • Bus stop
  • Cash dispenser
  • Wide range of shops, bars and restaurants

Activities and things to do in Portocristo

Visiting the Caves of Drach is highly recommended at any time of the year. It is a fantastic plan for winter days, even rainy ones, as it is an activity that is sheltered; and in the summer days, which are so long and we are sorry to have more availability, you will be able to combine your visit to the caves with other activities in the area around Portocristo.

If you are wondering what to see or do before or after your visit to the Caves of Drach, here are some suggestions:

  • Visit the town of Portocristo, which is only 500 metres away, and its harbour-side beach.
  • Enjoy a few hours on the beach in the beautiful Cala Romántica or Cala Varques, as we have already mentioned. In our beaches and coves guide we explain how to get to each one of them.
  • Take a catamaran cruise along the east coast of the island and see these and other beaches and sights.
  • Do you prefer to enjoy the sea in privacy? You can hire a boat from Portocristo harbour, with or without a captain, and cruise along the east coast on your own.
  • Only for the brave! If you want to put the icing on the cake, you can enjoy the sunrise or sunset by taking a hot air balloon ride from Cala Millor, 13km from Portocristo.

Other caves to visit in Mallorca

Although the Caves of Drach are undoubtedly the best known and most frequented caves in Mallorca, there are also other incredible caves that are not so crowded and are also worth enjoying.

If you were to ask our honest opinion and you could only visit a few of them, we would tell you to visit the Drach ones, as they are truly impressive.

But if you are in another part of the island or simply want to discover other geological monuments in Mallorca in depth, here are some other options:

Let us know! Do you fancy visiting the Caves of Drach or any of the other caves in Mallorca?

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