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Vista aérea panorámica de Cala Mondragó con playa S'Amarador al fondo a la derecha

Cala Mondragó

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Cala Mondragó is a paradisiacal beach located in the Mondragó Natural Park in the municipality of Santanyí and one of the jewels in the crown of the East of Mallorca.



Cala Mondragó

The beach of Sa Font de n’Alis, commonly known as Cala Mondragó, is one of the jewels in the crown of the island of Mallorca. Located in the Natural Park of the same name, declared as such in 1992, it belongs to the municipality of Santanyí, in the prelude to Cala d’Or.

It is a beach of fine sand and intense turquoise waters with a gentle slope, which makes it a highly recommended beach for bathing for children and could well form part of the ranking of the best beaches to enjoy with children in Mallorca.

Cala Mondragó was formed by an inlet of water that gave rise to this cove and its neighbouring cove S’Amarador. This beautiful inlet has a depth of six metres between coves, an important fact to bear in mind if you decide to visit these beaches by boat, anchor in the area and are not very experienced. Its environment is made up of low cliffs and is exposed to easterly and southeasterly winds.

Cala Mondragó borders the mouth of a torrent, the Torrent de Ses Coves del Rei, which is located in a wetland area (hence its name “Sa Font”, which means “fountain” in Catalan) where eels, water snakes, the odd feathered palmiped and hundreds of insects coexist.

If you walk to the right you will reach the beach of S’Amarador and if you walk to the left you will reach some jetties where you can take the famous Glass Bottom Boat or to Es Caló des Burgit.

Panoramic aerial view of Cala Mondragó and the sea inlet.
Panoramic aerial view of Cala Mondragó with S’Amarador beach in the background on the right.

Weather in Cala Mondragó today: weekly forecast

Cala Mondragó Santanyí

How to get to Cala Mondragó

There are several ways to get to Cala Mondragó, but no matter where you come from on the island you will need a private vehicle. This beach is located in a Natural Park, so if you decide to go by bus you can only go as far as Santanyí, and from there there there are no connections to Cala Mondragó.

You can only do without a car if you take the tourist train from Cala d’Or, which will drop you off at Cala Mondragó itself, but this will only pay off if you are already in that area.

Our advice is to rent a car to move around at your own pace and make the most of your time, and to do so with Auto Europe, one of the best online car rental comparison websites.

Car hire Mallorca

To get there, the first thing you have to do is head towards Satanyí, passing through Campos, from wherever you are in Mallorca. Once you arrive in Santanyí follow the signs to one of the two car parks in the area.

You can locate Santanyí, as well as all the places we have mentioned on this website, on the map of Mallorca we have prepared for you. Don’t have it yet? Download it for free here!

Parking in Cala Mondragó

Once you are in the area you can park in one of the two car parks in the Mondragó Natural Park, which cost €6 per day:

  • Ca sa Muda car park: head in the direction of Cala Figuera, turning off before arriving along Camí des Cap de Sa Peret. From there, you can follow the signs to the car park at S’Amarador beach and walk for about 15 minutes to Cala Mondragó.
  • Ses Fonts de n’Alis car park: go to Portopetro and take Camí de Sa Torre to the road to Cala Mondragó. This is the closest car park (about 9′ walk), although it has fewer spaces, so if you don’t feel like getting up early… we recommend you go to the S’Amarador car park.

💰 Don’t forget to bring cash, as the car parks on the beaches do not usually accept card payments.

If you are coming from Cala d’Or or any other place on the east coast of the island and you feel like going on an excursion, you could park in the village of S’Alqueria Blanca, which is almost 5km from the Ca sa Muda car park.

Getting to Cala Mondragó by public transport

As we mentioned, it is not possible to get to Cala Mondragó by bus, but you can get there by taxi, as long as you are willing to pay the fare. If you are travelling on a more flexible budget and/or prioritise speed and comfort, we will inform you about how taxis work in Mallorca and provide you with the contacts of the main companies.

Private transfer to Cala Mondragó

If you want to get to Cala Mondragó without complications you can also hire the services of a private transfer. Just choose where and when you want to be picked up and you will get the cost of the service instantly.

Getting to Cala Mondragó by boat

Discovering the beaches and coves of Mallorca from the sea can be one of the best experiences you can have during your holidays on the island. You are in one of the paradises of the Mediterranean and you are going to miss the opportunity to rent a boat in Mallorca?

You will have the possibility to rent your boat with or without skipper. Do you not have a boat licence? No problem, at your disposal you will have the opportunity to rent a boat without a licence.

As you can see, you have no excuses, we make it very easy for you to enjoy the exclusive views that being on board a ship gives you.

Boat hire in Mallorca

If you have already sailed, we have little more to tell you about the goodness of what sailing is all about. If you don’t have the experience, we can only tell you that doing it in Cala Mondragó is simply unforgettable: you will skirt cliffs and caves as you go, to finally reach the beach with its sandy ground and bright turquoise waters. Sailing on board a sailboat can be a magical experience.

The nearest port facility, the Real Club Marítimo de Portopetro, is 2.1 nautical miles away. Would you like to rent a boat in Mallorca? Check here all the available boats and choose the one that best suits your budget. You can choose with or without skipper.

Where to eat in Cala Mondragó

In Cala Mondragó there were even two beach bars where you could eat on the beach. Nowadays, after several meetings between different organisations on the island, they ended up leaving just one restaurant: the Sa Font de n’Alis Restaurant, which is open from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 10.30pm, without interruption. You can afford to lighten your beach bag and buy your lunch and drinks for the day.

Eating in the surroundings of Cala Mondragó

If you don’t want to eat on the beach or you are looking for a special type of “cuisine”, you can look for other options in nearby places such as Santanyí, S’Alqueria Blanca, Portopetro or Cala d’Or.

Services in Cala Mondragó

Cala Mondragó can reach a very high occupancy rate in summer which, together with the small size of the beach, will make it very difficult to keep your living space intact. You will be surrounded by towels on all fronts.

To avoid this situation, you have several options:

  • Visit the S’Amarador beach, as it is much larger in size.
  • You will find yourself in the pine forest area, to the left of Cala Mondragó, which will provide you some shade. It’s not the same as lying on the sand on the beach… but it will make the high temperatures that tend to occur in Mallorca during the summer season more bearable.
Shaded area to the left of Cala Mondragó
Shaded area between pine trees to the left of Cala Mondragó

The beach has a sun lounger and parasol rental service, pedal boats for hire and lifeguard surveillance during the summer months.

There are no toilets on the beach. If you need to use it, you will have to go to S’Amarador beach or to Cala Mondragó car park.

What to do in Cala Mondragó

As is customary in Mallorca, enjoying the Mediterranean sun and its turquoise beaches is the most popular option for all those who decide to enjoy their holidays on the island.

Cala Mondragó is one of the 23 beaches awarded with the Blue Flag in the Balearic Islands and this is not surprising, as five of these twenty-three wonderful beaches are located in Santanyí: Cala Gran, Cala Llombards, Cala Santanyí and S’Amarador.

Aerial view from the sea with Cala Mondragó in the background

Apart from relaxing and enjoying the beach itself, we recommend you:

  • Renting a velomar can be a very good and more affordable option than renting a boat: you can sunbathe, take a dip away from the shore, leaving the rest of the holidaymakers behind, and get some exercise by pedalling a bit. All are adventages!
  • Diving in Cala Mondragó will undoubtedly be one of your favourite activities as you will have the sensation of being in an immense pool with infinite white sandy bottoms and seeing dozens of fish as you approach the rocky edges where the water borders.

Jet ski tour in Cala Mondragó

Adrenaline rush? This is definitely for you. We propose a jet ski tour that leaves from the beach of Cala Mondragó and takes you along part of the east coast of Mallorca almost flying over the water, are you up for it?

Hiking and excursions in Cala Mondragó

The Mondragó Natural Park has 5 routes to do on foot that are accessible to everyone, as they are all flat and very pleasant. Don’t forget to bring water with you, especially in summer, sun cream and head cover (cap, hat…).

Sa Font de n’Alis viewpoint

This route has a distance of 580 metres from Cala Mondragó to the Font de n’Alis Pond. It is a very short route that lasts 15′. You can start at the beach itself or at the Cala Mondragó car park.

Tour around Sa Guàrdia d’en Garrot

This circular route of less than 1km goes from Cala Mondragó to Es Caló des Burgit. It lasts about 25′ and its points of interest are Es Caló des Burgit itself and a “machine gun nest”.

This machine-gun nest was built in the 1940s on top of an old watchtower built in the 16th-17th century that served as a hideout and lookout against pirate ships and later used in the 19th century to try to control smuggling on the island. They are beautiful and very well cared for.

Punta de Ses Gatoves

It is a route of about 660 metres where you will be able to contemplate several viewpoints and old lime kilns. Lime baking was a widespread practice in some areas of the island where limestone is abundant. This is a very short route, lasting about 25 minutes. It starts at S’Amarador beach or from the car park of this beach. It is a circular route and also passes another beach: Es Caló d’en Perdiu.

Estany de S’Amarador

With a very short route of 1km and an estimated duration of about 25′ you will be able to see the S’Amarador pond, su “torrente” and the “casetas de curucull“, which are nothing more than limestone houses with a conical roof.

S’hort d’en Metge

This route is just over a kilometre long and lasts no more than 35 minutes. You will be able to see two torrents: el Torrente d’en Bogu and el Torrente d’en Paulo. It is a circular route that starts on the beach of S’Amarador.

Wildlife and vegetation at Cala Mondragó

If you are a quiet and observant person, you are sure to love the wildlife plan. Cala Mondragó is an excellent place for bird watching, as there is a wide variety of birds, including cormorants, shags, hawks, blackbirds, warblers, etc., as well as rabbits, dormice, hedgehogs, tortoises, etc.

If you are phytophilic or, in other words, a plant loverHere you will find a great variety to compare with other places on the island: pines, holm oaks, holm oaks, junipers, lavender, etc.; and in the beach and dune area you can find sea lilies, sea holly, sea holly, sea fennel and saltines.

Tips and warnings in Cala Mondragó

As Cala Mondragó is in a Natural Park, there are certain guidelines that must be followed under penalty of sanction if they are not complied with:

  • It is forbidden to camp on the entire surface of the Natural Park. Natural parks have a very sensitive ecosystem, and can be altered very easily.
  • If you decide to go on one of the excursions we have suggested, please note that if you are accompanied by a dog, it must be kept on a leash and access to the beach is strictly forbidden.
  • You must collect all the waste you generate, and you can use the bins provided for this purpose.

If you have any questions, you will find an Information Office in the Sa Font de n’Alis car park.

Beaches near Cala Mondragó

Hotels in Cala d’Or

In Cala Mondragó, as it is a Natural Park, there is less accommodation available than in other areas. A good rated hotel near Cala Mondragó is Hotel Cala Yuca with 9,7 in Booking.

After this, the hotel offer increases with nearby areas such as Cala d’Or, Santanyí, Cala Figuera and Portopetro, which are a little further away from our beach.

And this is all the information about the beach of Cala Mondragó. Having told you that it is one of the crown jewels of Mallorca, we have made it clear that it is one of our favourites, haven’t we? What do you think, have you already been there and want to tell us something we don’t know? We’d love to read about it!

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Was this information useful to you? Share it!


Some of our posts contain affiliate links. By booking from these, you help us to keep Yo soy Mallorca alive and to continue offering the best information about the island. There is no extra cost for you and you can even benefit from some discounts.

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