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Cycling in Mallorca in autumn: a golden season for cycling

Autumn in Mallorca offers an exceptional cycling experience combining pleasant temperatures, breathtaking scenery and less busy roads.

This golden season is perfect for cycling and other outdoor sports enthusiasts who want to explore the beauty of the island without the summer crowds. In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of what makes cycling in Mallorca in autumn a unique experience.

If you live outside Spain and are thinking of preparing for the cycling season by avoiding the cold and low temperatures of northern European countries, here we offer you all the information you need, absolutely all of it, for the best experience of a professional cyclist and also for the non-professional.

Why cycle in Mallorca in autumn

There are so many reasons, we wouldn’t have enough words to tell you why you should come and ride a bike in autumn. Here are the most important ones!

Ideal climate for cycling

Autumn in Mallorca is synonymous with mild and pleasant temperatures. With highs ranging between 20 and 25掳C, the weather conditions are ideal for cycling.

In the autumn season the high summer temperatures have subsided, but the heat persists long enough to warrant a comfortable bike ride. In addition, rainfall is scarce during this season, which means you can enjoy sunny, dry days on the road.

Less busy roads

One of the biggest advantages of visiting Mallorca in autumn is the decrease in the number of tourists compared to summer. This results in less busy roads, allowing you to explore the island with greater peace of mind and safety.

The scenic routes, which can be crowded during the high season, become quiet trails where you can enjoy the scenery undisturbed.

On this map you can see the average annual traffic intensity of the roads in Mallorca:

Average annual intensity of roads in Mallorca (not motorways, not dual carriageways)

Spectacular autumn landscapes

Autumn paints Mallorca in a palette of beautiful colours, with different shades depending on the area and the prevailing flora.

The fields are tinged with shades of gold, orange and red, creating a stunning visual spectacle as you pedal along.

The Serra de Tramuntana, with its majestic mountains and winding roads, becomes even more picturesque during this season, and the coastal routes offer panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea that sparkle in the autumn sun.

Ultra panoramic view of the road to Sa Calobra

Bicycle rental in Mallorca

Elongated banner for bicycle rental in Mallorca

If you have decided to go cycling in Mallorca, you have two options:

  1. You can bring your equipment and your bike with you, whether you are arriving on the island by plane or by ferry.
  2. Or you can rent a bike on site.

馃毚 If you choose to rent your bike or the rest of your equipment on arrival, we recommend that you do so with Berganti Bikes, our trusted supplier, with a shop in Playa de Palma and a delivery and collection service anywhere on the island.

Those of us who cycle know that our bicycle is our tool, we know it and we know how to make the most of it, although we are also aware of the convenience of traveling with as less luggage as possible, without complicating our lives and entrusting the purchase of our equipment to a professional company.

Berganti Bikes is the local bike company that can offer you this. It has a long and extensive experience in the sector, and has the best brands and the best equipment to put it at your disposal.

Their reviews of 4.9猸愶笍 on Google, 5猸愶笍 on Facebook and 5猸愶笍 on Tripadvisor are an unbeatable business card and guarantee.

Travel insurance for cyclists in Mallorca

We have already told you that if you come to practice cycling in Mallorca you will find roads that are clearer and free of traffic, but that does not mean that the dangers disappear completely, and even less so if the activity you are thinking of doing exposes you to the road.

You can have some control over what you do, but not over the people around you. For this reason, we will always recommend that you travel with travel insurance. In addition to this, there are many reasons to do so. Do you have doubts about the importance of taking out insurance? Check out our article on travel insurance to Mallorca, we’ll tell you all about it!

In addition, Yo soy Mallorca readers can take advantage of an extra 5% discount on the usual price. Price, in this case, is no excuse for not traveling safely!

Travel insurance IATI Escapadas to Mallorca

Please note that IATI Escapadas insurance only covers trips made by Spaniards in Spain, so if you are a foreigner you should purchase another type of policy.

馃實 If you are not Spanish and you want to buy your travel insurance to Mallorca, we recommend that you take out the IATI Estrella insurance if you are going to go cyclotourism. As you will see, you will also receive a 5% discount for being a reader of Yo soy Mallorca.

Recommended cycling routes in Mallorca

In our article about cycling in Mallorca you will find a cool map with the best cycling routes in Mallorca, created especially for the readers of this website, as well as many alternative cycling routes.

Tips for safe cycling in autumn

  • Wear appropriate clothing: be sure to wear clothing appropriate for cool autumn temperatures, including a light jacket and gloves.
  • Keep well hydrated: although temperatures are milder, hydration is still important. Take plenty of water with you.
  • Plan ahead: before you leave, plan your route and make sure someone knows your itinerary.
  • Keep your lights on: days can be shorter in autumn, so it’s important to have front and rear lights on your bike, even during the day.

These are the main essential tips for cycling in Mallorca in autumn, also check the rules for cycling in Mallorca to keep up to date with everything.

We hope you enjoy this season of the year. For us, along with spring, it is one of our favourites. Both are inverse seasons that provide the island with a unique landscape throughout the year. Don’t miss it and enjoy it in a special way, cycling in autumn in Mallorca.

Have you already tried this experience? Share it with all of us. We read you!

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