In the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana is Valldemossa, one of the most beautiful and Instagrammed villages in Mallorca, which was once home to Chopin., declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and just 17 km from the capital, lies Valldemossa, one of the most beautiful and Instagrammed villages in Mallorca and the most visited by tourists and residents alike.

Classified as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, if you are traveling around the island a visit to this town is a must, with its well-kept streets and cobbled houses with coloured shutters, framed by the majestic mountains. The Valldemossa Charterhouse is its main architectural jewel.

Valldemossa has been an inspiration to many artists such as Rubén Darío, Unamuno and Frédéric Chopin, who composed there his Preludios Op. 28 and described the town as the most beautiful place in the world.

Views of Valldemossa

Do you want to check if the words of the famous composer are true? Read on or click on the section you are interested in reading in the table of contents! In this article we give you all the information you need to know to visit Valldemossa, one of the must-see places in Mallorca, and to value it for yourself.

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How to get to Valldemossa

Valldemossa is a small town located in the northwest of the Sierra de Tramuntana and is very close to the capital of the island, Palma, just 25 minutes away, and to other beautiful villages in the mountain range such as Sóller and Deià.

Do you want to know where Valldemossa and the other main attractions on the island are?
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There are several options to get to Valldemossa, but we recommend that if you can, you do so using your own car or a rental vehicle as you could take advantage of the same day to visit Valldemossa and other nearby attractions such as the Port of Valldemossa or the Sa Foradada viewpoint and contemplate one of the the most spectacular sunsets on the island.

Car hire Mallorca

To get to Valldemossa you should take the Ma-1130 Valldemossa-Palma road, although you could also take the C-710, which crosses the entire Sierra de Tramuntana and runs from Andratx to Pollensa, if you feel like doing a route through the mountain villages.

Parking in Valldemossa

Parking in Valldemossa is one of the things you should take into account before visiting the town, as traffic is not allowed in the old quarter and you will have to park your car to be able to walk around the interior of the village.

Most of the parking in Valldemossa is paid parking (blue line), especially in the areas closest to the historic centre. You will find two public car parks and you can buy your ticket from the ticket machines in each one. Bear in mind that Valldemossa is one of the most visited villages on the island, so in high season you should be early risers.

The blue zone timetable in Valldemossa from 1st April to 31st October is as follows:

  • Every day (including Sundays and bank holidays): 10am to 8pm

The blue zone timetable in Valldemossa from 1st November to 31st March is as follows:

  • Every day (including Sundays and bank holidays): from 10am to 6pm

💰 Don’t forget to bring money in cash, as the car parks in Valldemossa only accept cash. You will not be able to pay by credit card.

You will be able to park for a maximum of 10 hours, paying the following rates:

  • 1 hour (minimum): € 2,00
  • 2 hours: € 3,00
  • 5 hours: € 4,00
  • 10 hours (maximum): € 5,00

You are probably wondering if it is possible to park for free in Valldemossa. The answer is yes, just outside the centre and a 10 minute walk into town. Walk past the main car park and head towards the housing area. There you won’t have to pay for parking, although it is true that parking spaces are limited.

Getting to Valldemossa by public transport

🚌 If you have any doubts about how to get around Mallorca, we have prepared an article with all the information about the different means of transport available so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you have chosen to use the bus to get around the island, you should know that you can get to Valldemossa on bus line 203 whether you are coming from Palma or from any other area, as you will necessarily have to change at the Intermordal Station.

The price of bus tickets varies depending on the method of payment. From Palma to Valldemossa the price will vary between €2.70 and €4.50 depending on whether you buy your ticket online or by credit card, or in cash on the bus. In this article we explain the payment options on buses and trains in Mallorca so that you can save as much as possible on your journeys.

Every year the information about the organisation and timetables of the bus lines tends to change, so we recommend you to confirm beforehand, just in case, on the official website.

Getting to Valldemossa by taxi

Another option is to take a taxi to Valldemossa, knowing in advance that taxi transport is not cheap. Even so, if you are travelling on a more flexible budget and/or you prioritise comfort and speed, we will inform you about how taxi services in Mallorca work and we will provide you with the telephone numbers of the main companies.

Private transfer to Valldemossa

🚐 If you want to get to Valldemossa without complications, you can also hire the services of a private transfer. Enter the place where you want to be picked up and the dates in the search engine and get the cost of the service instantly.

Excursion to Valldemossa

You also have another option to get to Valldemossa: take an excursion to Palma and Valldemossa with transfers and guide included. You will have free time to explore Valldemossa at your leisure and have a bite to eat in one of the many bars or restaurants in the village.

What to see and what to do in Valldemossa

The village of Valldemossa can easily be visited in a day, including a visit to the Port de Valldemossa or a hiking route. Here are the places not to be missed in Valldemossa.

Free tour in Valldemossa

🆓 Do you have limited time to visit Valldemossa? If so, you can take this free tour and wander the narrow streets of Valldemossa while you learn the stories of the aristocrats and artists who frequented it. We recommend that you book in advance, as there is no charge and you may run out of places in high season.

Royal Charterhouse of Valldemossa

If there is one essential place to see in Valldemossa, it is the Royal Charterhouse of Valldemossa, located in the Plaza de la Cartuja, which, together with Palma Cathedral, is one of the most visited buildings on the island.

The Valldemossa Charterhouse and the gardens of King Juan Carlos I
The Valldemossa Charterhouse and the gardens of King Juan Carlos I

It is a 15th century monastery built on the site of the Palace of King Sancho I, which was a gift to the Carthusian monks, who lived there until it was expropriated in 1835, during the confiscations of Mendizábal.

The monumental ensemble, today, stands out for its neoclassical church in the 18th centurywith paintings by Manuel Bayeu (Goya’s brother-in-law); the cloister, an former Carthusian pharmacy, the rooms of the Priory Cell and for housing various art collections, notably that of Archduke Ludwig Salvator. The bell tower, decorated with green ceramics, is one of the most iconic images of Valldemossa.

Opening hours:
– Monday to Saturday: 10h – 17h
– Closed between 12/11/2022 to 31/01/2023
Admission: €10 general admission or €12 if you wish to visit the tower (includes the visit to the Palace of King Sancho). You can buy your tickets in advance here.

Frédéric Chopin and George Sand Museum

Inside the monumental complex of La Cartuja de Valldemossa is the so-called Cell nº 4 or Chopin Cell. It was here that the famous composer stayed with his lover George Sand during the winter of 1838 and where he composed his Preludios Op. 28among other works. Today, the room houses the Frédéric Chopin and George Sand Museum and the original Pleyel piano that the artist received from Paris is on display.

The visit to the Chopin Cell is not included in the general admission to La Cartuja and must be purchased separately.

Opening hours:
– Monday to Saturday: 10h – 16h
Admission: 5€.

King Juan Carlos Gardens

Outside the monumental complex of the Carthusian monastery of Valldemossa and with free access is another of the essential things to see in Valldemossa, the Jardines del Rey Juan Carlos, in the old courtyard of the cloister of the church, which will allow you to take a moment’s rest surrounded by greenery.

In this space you will also find the busts of some of the personalities who have left their legacy in Valldemossa over the years, such as Chopin, Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria and the writers Rubén Darío and Santiago Rusiñol.

Palace of King Sancho

Crossing the Plaza de La Cartuja, you will see the Palace of King Sancho. First, go to Calle de Jovellanos, specifically to the small Plaza Rubén Darío, from where you can see the façade of the palace and the entrance.

This early 14th-century construction was built on the remains of a fortress when Valldemossa was a farmhouse under Muslim domination. King James II of Mallorca promoted the construction of this palace so that his son Sancho I, who suffered from asthma, would have a place to stay.

Remember that the visit to the interior of the palace is included in the La Cartuja ticket. The visit includes its courtyard and several rooms that are set in the period in which Sancho lived there. You can also visit the Torre dels Hostes, where Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos was imprisoned before being transferred to Bellver Castle.

In addition, in one of the small rooms of the Palace of King Sancho I, the Charterhouse offers its guests a 15-minute piano concert during their visit to the monastery.

Timetable of the piano concerts:
– From February to October (both included): 10:30h, 11:30h, 12:30h, 13:15h and 14:15h.
Entrance fee: included in the entrance to the Royal Charterhouse of Valldemossa.

Miranda des Lledoners viewpoint

Sa Miranda des Lledoners or the Mirador dels Lledoners is another of the essential places to see in Valldemossa, since from this viewpoint you can contemplate the best views of the village, with the Church of San Bartolomé standing out.

This is just a few metres from the entrance to the Palacio del Rey Sancho, which is located in the Plaza Rubén Darío, and has two restaurants where you can have a drink or a bite to eat before continuing along the route. We recommend you to do it in Es Taller.

Sant Bartomeu church

Going down the streets Sa Carniseria and Constitució, you will arrive in a few minutes at the square of Santa Catalina Thomas, where you will find the church of Sant Bartomeu, built in the 13th century and dedicated to the patron saint of the town.

This Gothic-style building in the lower (old) part of Valldemossa stands out for its early 20th century neoclassical bell tower and for one of its 12 interior chapels dedicated to Santa Catalina Thomas.

Birthplace of St Catherine Thomas

In carrer de la Rectoria, at number 5, is the birthplace of Santa Catalina Thomas, Mallorca’s only saint. Born in Valldemossa in 1531 and known as “La Beateta”, she was an Augustinian nun who lived her own mystical experiences and visions, relating them in her Spiritual Letters. She was so venerated that she was beatified in 1792 and proclaimed a saint in 1930.

There is a small chapel in the house where she was born and in most of the houses in the village you can see painted tiles with everyday scenes of the Blessed on their façades.

Streets of Valldemossa

Calle de la Rectoría, where the house where “La Beateta” was born, is the most beautiful street to visit in Valldemossa, but it is not the only one, as one of the great attractions of this charming village is precisely its streets.

The narrow streets, the stone façades decorated with vines and flowers, and the colourful shutters will surprise you at every turn. Ideally you should let yourself be carried away, but don’t miss, apart from Carrer de la Rectoria, the Callejón de la Amargura, Calle del Rey Sancho and Calle de la Rosa.

Streets of Valldemossa
Streets of Valldemossa

Port de Valldemossa o Sa Marina

Port de Valldemossa or Sa Marina, as the beach area of Valldemossa is popularly known, is located about 6km from the village. It is accessed by a narrow road and in some sections there is only room for one car, so extreme caution should be exercised, as there are 3 km of curves.

Sa Marina has two parts, both of which can be used as bathing areas: a small rocky cove and another where the jetty is located. The picturesque scenery is worth a visit to the Port during a day of sightseeing in Valldemossa.

The car park is free but there are only a few parking spaces and as services you will only find a small restaurant, Es Port.

Festivals of Valldemossa

Valldemossa has a great heritage of festivities spread throughout the year:

  • Festivities of the Beata or “La Beateta”: 28 July. The patron saint festivities of Valldemossa in honour of Santa Catalina Tomás are one of the most important and popular celebrations on the island. On this day, the Procession of the Relic and the Triumphal Chariot Ride take place.
  • Sant Bartomeu: 24th August. Another important festivity is that of the patron saint of Valldemossa, Saint Bartholomew. A multitude of events, concerts and open-air dances are held during this celebration.
  • Artdemossa: In the second half of July a night-time art fair is held in Valldemossa.

Where to eat in Valldemossa

Mallorcan gastronomy is a delight, as you will find dishes that are native to Mallorca and which, due to the use of ingredients that can only be found or created here. Valldemossa, despite being a small village, has a more than acceptable and quality food offer.

Ca’n Molinas

We seriously doubted whether this recommendation should be included in the “where to eat” or in the “must-visits” section, as there is no doubt that one of the things you can’t miss in Valldemossa is its famous coca de patata (potato cake).

The Ca’n Molinas bakery is the oldest in the village and here you can try the authentic coca de patata de Valldemossa accompanied by a hot chocolate (in winter) or an almond granita (in summer) in its beautiful and charming interior courtyard with orange trees. A must on any trip to Mallorca, even if it’s just for a weekend.

QuitaPenas Valldemossa

In the centre of the village, in a typical Mallorcan house, you will find QuitaPenas, one of the most recommended restaurants in Valldemossa by residents and travellers alike. Specialising in Pa amb Oli and other regional products, it stands out for being a restaurant that offers the essence of traditional Mallorcan gastronomy, quality products at very reasonable prices. A sure hit.

Es Taller

If you are looking for a restaurant in Valldemossa where you can enjoy a good gastronomic experience, your choice should be Es Taller, next to the Mirador dels Lledoners. Located in an old mechanical workshop and decorated in an industrial style, the restaurant’s menu stands out for its dishes made with top quality products, traditional ingredients and fusion style at really good prices.

Although the menu is exceptional and most of the dishes will make you salivate, we recommend the Majorcan suckling pig on the bone with snow peas, pears and mango sauce, and the Majorcan lamb couscous. Delicious!

Hotels in Valldemossa

Valldemossa stands out as a town with a wide range of charming hotels. It is an ideal place to sleep if your idea is to do a tour of the Sierra de Tramutana. Do you want to know which are the best hotels in Valldemossa? Here is our selection of our favourites:

If you prefer to consider other alternatives, here you can find all the accommodation options in Valldemossa. Do you already know when you are going to travel to Mallorca? Then enter your dates and choose from hotels, hostels, flats and other accommodation available at the best prices on the market:

What do you think of this Valldemossa guide, do you think we have left out any important places or activities? If so, feel free to leave us a comment! And if you have any questions, please let us know. We look forward to reading you!

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