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Cala Moll (Son Moll)

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Son Moll, in the area of Cala Ratjada, is one of the best beaches in Mallorca to go with children. A sandy beach and calm waters, with surveillance and all the necessary services.



Cala Moll (Son Moll)

The beach of Cala Moll (Son Moll) is the first beach you will come across just at the entrance to the town of Cala Ratjada, having left Capdepera 2km behind.

Cala Moll is the most central beach of Cala Ratjada and it has a high volume of urban and, above all, human occupation in summer. In times gone by, Cala Ratjada was one of the first tourist spots in Mallorca.

This beach is endowed with a wide sandy area and is surrounded by tourist establishments of considerable height which in the mid 20th century replaced the old summer houses.

How to get to Cala Moll

To reach the cove of Son Moll you will have to head towards Capdepera, wherever you come from on the island and by whatever means of transport you choose. You go to Son Moll beach because you want to go, you don’t get there by just passing through.

There are many ways to get to Cala Son Moll, but the best and quickest way if you want to make the most of your holiday and not waste a single second, is to do it with your own car or a rented one. However, be warned that in the summer months and late in the day it can be hard to park. It will not be impossible, but you will have to look for free spaces in the surrounding streets.

Car rental in Mallorca

Getting to Son Moll by public transport

If you are coming from Palma or from the outskirts of Palma, you will have to go to the Intermodal Station in the Parque de las Estaciones, and there take the bus line 401 (50′) towards Cala Millor, getting off first in Manacor.

Just a minute’s walk away you will find the next stop where you will need to change buses. If you come by public transport, we recommend that you read our article on how to get around Mallorca by public transport, as it has information on how transferring between buses works in Mallorca and how to save money or simply not overpay.

Then take line 411 in the direction of Cala Ratjada. This journey takes about 46′ and will leave you in the centre of Cala Ratjada, just 50 metres from Cala Moll.

At this point of the island so far away from Palma, we recommend you to download our free map of Mallorca, where you will find many points of interest that you will surely want to know and not get lost.

Services at Son Moll beach

Son Moll is a family beach, where the main tourists during the summer months are British, German and Spanish mainlanders. In the months of May, June and September it changes to a more “party” oriented type of tourism.

We recommend Cala Moll as one of the best beaches in Mallorca to go with children, as it is a beach with services such as:

  • Sunshades and sun loungers for hire.
  • Fresh water showers to wash off the salt at the end of the day or during the day.
  • Public telephones.
  • Toilets and washbasins.
  • Kiosk and a spa.
  • Wheelchair and pushchair access is possible, as there is a paved and boarded path leading directly to the sand.

There are a couple of beach bars, restaurants overlooking the sea and a lifeguard and first aid post.

Around the beach there are souvenir shops, hotels and restaurants serving traditional Mallorcan and Spanish food in general.

What to do in Son Moll

Considering that it is a very touristy beach, it is striking that there are no water sports or activities for hire. Far from being an inconvenience, it is a privilege for a Mallorcan beach, allowing the practice of swimming or snorkelling from side to side of the beach without being disturbed.

Children have a lot of fun with lots of extra metres to swim, although we always advise you to keep an eye on them and not to neglect them.

This lack of services and activities makes lounging on the towel, reading a good book, playing cards and listening to music (always with headphones, please, so as not to disturb others), the activities most enjoyed by visitors to Cala Moll.

An activity that we consider a star, considering how much we love lighthouses at Yo soy Mallorca, is to see the sunrise at the Capdepera Lighthouse and be one of the privileged ones to welcome the new day before anyone else on the island.

Capdepera lighthouse in Mallorca
A star activity to do in the surroundings of Cala Moll

If you miss a bit of activity at sea, you’re sure to enjoy a catamaran trip along the east coast of the island, discovering nooks and crannies that would be impossible to see by land. Interested? Take a look at our proposal!

Where to eat in Son Moll

On the beach of Son Moll there are different restaurants and beach bars that with their music and constant movement of people liven up the day.

On the same beach is the Son Moll Beach Bar. Here you can start your day with hearty breakfasts and fruit drinks served from 9.30am to 1pm. They also have a special menu of hamburgers, chips and some tapas.

Also on the same beach, just a few metres away, is the Coco Beach House, with a slightly more sophisticated menu and offer. These places are located right on the beach, although we also encourage you to go into town and investigate the great culinary offerings that this area has to offer.

If you are looking for an impressive tapas place we recommend Sa Trobada. Here you will find a much wider variety of tapas and mixed dishes that they cook as if they were cooking for themselves. Everything is spectacular and delicious.

Where to sleep in Son Moll in Capdepera

The choice of hotels in the area of Cala Ratjada is endless and there are hotels everywhere, from the most basic to mid-range hotels with package tours, which is very popular in the Balearic Islands, to the “Hotel & Resort“.

Our personal experience has been with the Grupotel Aguait Resort & Spa – Adults only, a 100% recommendable hotel for adults that offers an unbeatable service and an exquisite customer service. Located less than 2kms from the town centre and the beach of Son Moll.

The The food served is fabulous and of high quality, being the breakfasts one of the highlights as you will be able to enjoy it in a environment surrounded by a lush pine forest and with views overlooking the sea. which will only enhance the taste of what you are tasting.

We have repeated several times and we can say for sure that we will come back to this hotel. If you are looking to disconnect and stay in an upscale hotel, for adults, without excessive luxuries and exorbitant prices, this hotel is your hotel, don’t hesitate!

Sleep in Grupotel Aguait Resort & Spa
The Hotel Aguait Resort & Spa is located in a hyper privileged environment.

We leave you a very interesting article about where to stay in Mallorca, where among other areas we recommend Cala Ratjada to stay during your holidays in Majorca and we leave you a list of hotels that we recommend to stay near the beach of Son Moll:

Do you want to know all the options you have to stay in Cala Ratjada? Enter your dates and check the availability of hotels, flats, agritourisms and other accommodation in the area:

Around Cala Moll (Son Moll)

As we have already told you, Cala Moll is just the beginning of many possibilities of all kinds that you will have in Cala Ratjada. It is a town that transforms in summer and will only give you good times due to the amount of options.

If you are going to spend several days in the area, you may also be interested to know that there are other spectacular beaches close to Cala Moll, which we list below, in order of proximity:

Other beaches close to Cala Moll

This is the information about the beach of Cala Moll (Son Moll), in Cala Ratjada. We hope our tips will be useful for you to enjoy this part of the island.

As always, we would love to hear your opinions and experiences, so don’t hesitate to leave us a comment!

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