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Cycling rules in Mallorca

With the arrival of the good weather, the island’s roads fill up with cyclists and cycle tourists eager to devour kilometres, while enjoying the spectacular landscapes that our island has to offer. In the interest of your safety and everyone else’s, we want you to know which are the rules for cycling in Mallorca.

The island has become, by right, a paradise for cyclists and cycle tourists from all over the world in recent years, and one of the top activities that, even if you don’t practice it, you might consider doing during your trip to Mallorca.

Cycling in Mallorca is booming and constantly growing. Several cycling competitions are held on the island every year, including the Mallorca 312, a high-level race with the participation of both active and retired professional athletes, which is a very competitive and popular race in the media.

The good climate and weather in Mallorca, which we enjoy for most of the year, the attractive and impressive routes along mountain roads that pass through villages such as Valldemossa, S贸ller and Dei脿; and the stretches along secondary roads in towns such as Campanet, Pollensa and Alcudia, which provide extra safety for cyclists and cycle tourists, have made even professional cycling teams want to prepare for the season on the island.

To this we must add the wide variety of specialised hotels for cyclists in Mallorca, also called Cycling Friendly, which have grown to provide better attention to the cyclist in terms of rest and recovery from physical activity, as well as the care of his or her bicycle.

Mechanic repairing a bike at the Bike Center of the VIVA Blue & SPA
Bicycle technician repairing a bicycle

Interaction of cyclists with other road users

This avalanche of cyclists in Mallorca in summer sometimes causes the traffic to become a little more complicated than usual, as the roads are also crowded with rental cars and coaches with tourists looking to enjoy the wonderful beaches and coves of Mallorca.

For all these reasons, it is important that you as a cyclist know the rules of cycling in Mallorca in order to avoid possible accidents and contribute to a smooth traffic flow during the busiest months of the island.

Main cycling rules in Mallorca

To avoid being fined, here are the main safety and traffic regulations in Mallorca for cyclists and cycle tourists on the road.

Mandatory use of helmets

This rule is one of the most important, as your life may depend on it. So, more than for the sake of avoiding a possible fine, look after your physical integrity and, as a cyclist, never ride on the road without an approved protective helmet.

There are 3 cases in which you may be exempt from carrying it. These are:

  • On long ascents
  • By medical prescription
  • Due to extreme heat

The fine for driving without an approved protective helmet, when it is compulsory, is 鈧200.

鈿狅笍 In addition to wearing a helmet and in order to be fully covered in the event of an accident or unforeseen event, as you are going to practise a sport that entails a risk both for you and for other people, it is essential that you purchase travel insurance. In the linked article we recommend you our favourite one, which has coverage for cycling trips.

Obligation to drive on the hard shoulder

As a cyclist, you are obliged to ride on the right-hand side of the road – provided there is one – and it is physically passable, in good condition and at least 1.5 metres wide.

You will only be able to leave the verge on very few occasions to use the rest of the carriageway on long downhill stretches and only in safe conditions.

Failure to drive on the hard shoulder when you must can result in a fine of 鈧200.

Use of reflective waistcoats

From the moment the light dims and it becomes compulsory to switch on your bike lights, it will also be mandatory to wear a reflective waistcoat to make it easier to be seen by cars at a distance of at least 150 metres.

Failure to wear this reflective waistcoat, when it must be worn, can result in a fine of around 鈧80.

Parallel circulation

One thing that many car and bus drivers complain about is groups of cyclists riding in packs.

The cyclists are obliged to ride as far to the right of the carriageway as possible, provided that it has suitable conditions for their circulation, and it is strictly forbidden to ride in a pack because, on one hand, this impedes traffic flow on the road and, on the other hand, increases the risk of causing an accident, by encroaching on a larger part of the road.

In poorly visible sections such as bends or in crowded areas, you should ride in a line.

Riding in a platoon and not in parallel, unless expressly ordered by the authorities, can lead to fines of 鈧100.

Prohibited to drive on motorways

If you are in doubt as to whether it is possible to cycle on the motorway, the answer is a resounding NO.

It is strictly forbidden to ride on motorways and in cities, on pavements or places intended for pedestrian traffic if there is no marked cycle lane.

By complying with all these points you will be respecting all the rules of cycling in Mallorca, as well as contributing to the streamlining of traffic on the island and, above all, keeping your safety and that of others intact.

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