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Uber in Mallorca

Engage the services of a Uber in Mallorca is possible from 8 June 2023 and is one of the options you have to move around the municipalities of Palma, Calvià, Andratx and Llucmajor; either using the service of vehicles for hire with driver (VTC) or taxi.

It will have a fleet of 50 high-end taxis and minibuses.

Uber arrives on the island to alleviating supply problems that the island has every summer, having a forecast that this fleet will grow as more and more visitors continue to arrive on the island, which is expected, as the early season numbers augur an almost outstanding season in terms of visitor occupancy. hotels in Mallorca refers.

Uber appears on Mallorca, in Palma, Calvià, Andratx and Llucmajor

How does the Uber service work in Mallorca?

Uber is a ridesharing platform that connects passengers with private drivers through a mobile app (Uber). The company was founded in 2009 and has gained popularity in many parts of the world as an alternative to taxi services.

In addition, the Uber service also allows for mutual evaluation between taxi driver and user, which guarantees the quality of the service.

During the journey you will be able to communicate your location in real time with your family and friends.

Uber service rates in Mallorca

In 2023 Uber fares in Mallorca have been set at:

Uber Comfort (the premium VTC service with larger vehicles)

  • Per minute: 0.2€
  • Per kilometre: 2€
  • Basic price: 12€
  • Minimum price: 36€
  • Cancellation fee: 12€

Uber Comfort Reserve (reservations up to 90 days in advance)

  • Per minute: 0.24€
  • Per kilometre: 2.4€
  • Base price: 14.4€
  • Minimum price: 38€
  • Supplement per booking: 9€
  • Cancellation Fee: 14,4€

Uber Van (for groups of up to six people)

  • Per minute: €0.3
  • Per kilometre: €2.8
  • Basic price: 16€
  • Minimum price: 50€
  • Cancellation fee: 16€

How do I order an Uber by phone in Mallorca?

To use the Uber service in Mallorca, the first thing you need to do is download the Uber app on your mobile, register and indicate a payment method. So at the end of the journey, the payment will have been made, and the link between you and the Uber service will have been finalised, without the need for any extra paperwork.

To communicate with the driver you can do so via the chat-in app or call by phone completely anonymously.

Once you access, you will have to indicate your origin and destination, and the application will show you the closed price of the journey.

When a driver accepts your request, the application will show you the waiting time until pick-up as well as the vehicle and driver details.

How many people can get into an Uber?

How many people can get into an Uber? Although Uber services are usually offered to carry up to four people, as in a normal taxi, the Uber Van service has the capacity to carry groups of up to six people.

How do I pay for an Uber service in Mallorca?

Uber accepts cash, card payments (debit and credit), plus if you are travelling in a group and choose to pay by card you can split the fare evenly by entering the names or numbers of the other passengers, and via PayPal.

If you choose to pay Uber in cash, you only need to choose that option when requesting the ride and pay at the end of the ride.

Shortly after finishing the service, you will receive an e-mail with the journey you have just made and you will be able to download, if you wish, an invoice for the service.

Other means of transport to move around Mallorca

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