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Ses Fonts Ufanes: the magic fountains of Majorca

Ses Fonts Ufanes (or Las Fuentes Ufanas in Spanish) are located on the outskirts of Campanet and are a unique natural hydrogeological phenomenon known to date in the Balearic Islands.

Declared natural monument, they are intermittent upwellings which sprout in a diffuse way with great force and in a sudden way when filling all the subway aquifers around with water from 3 torrents: Torrent de Teló, Torrent de Biniatró and Torrentó des Camp; to unite into one, the Torrent de Sant Miquel.

Las Fuentes Ufanas, in castellano, are located in the north of Mallorca, more specifically in the surroundings of the beginning area of Puig Tomir, a few kilometers from Campanet, Gabellí Petit’s property

We live in Campanet, so we have it very easy and close to go to see them every time they occur. Whenever a storm comes to Mallorca and at least one day of non-stop rain is enough time for these magical fountains to spring up and then you can go and see them.

Then I take my camera and tripod and approach by bike or on foot to have a complete outdoor experience.

As it is a natural monument in the middle of nature, we warn you that it is not adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Ses Fonts Ufanes in Mallorca
Ses Fonts Ufanes. Picture by Javier Gómiz
Ses Fonts Ufanes in Mallorca
Ses Fonts Ufanes. Picture by Javier Gómiz

If you come to Mallorca in winter, when it is not time to swim in the beaches and coves of Mallorca, you can choose to go for tapas in Palma or for another type of more rural tourism such as seeing Ses Fons Ufanes, we assure you that you will not regret it.

Now you know a little more about this wonder of nature, did you already know them? Will you come to visit them? Tell us about it in the comments, we’ll read you!

[Technical information by Protected Natural Spaces of Mallorca ENP].

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