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History of Campanet

The history of Campanet is marked in its very name. Campanet, it seems that it could come from the word “bell”, even in its coat of arms appears a bell as a unique and central element, but no; it is a mozarabism that comes from the late Latin, capanna, and the plural Arabic kapanät, which means set of huts.

This data assures in the history of Campanet a continuity of settlement in this town since prehistoric times.

The Alquería of Campanet (defining alquería as group of country houses -thus probably the term hut– with farmland, far from a larger population, and which are is administratively dependent on a town or city), in Islamic times together with Ullaró, of the Arab district of Inca, was the nucleus around which the medieval town was born.

The village began to spread out over the crests of the hills, giving it an elongated appearance.

Aerial photo of a sunset in Campanet with the Serra de Tramuntana in the background in Mallorca.
Sunset in Campanet. Picture by Javier Gómiz

Conquest of Mallorca

Our village appears as a farmhouse of 18 jovadas (ancient agricultural unit of measurement used in Mallorca), in the Book of Repartimiento of the lands after the conquest of Mallorca by Jaime I, key in the history of Mallorca.

Together with Búger, Ullaró and Sa Pobla formed a single term and was of the real part that was assigned to the men of Barcelona.

In 1300, it became part of Sa Pobla. After many disputes, tensions and various petitions from the campaneteros juries, in 1368 it became a municipality and its own independent parish by concession of Pere el Ceremoniós with the districts of Búger and Ullaró. The last modification took place in 1823 with the independence of Búger.

Until the 1940s, the economy was almost entirely based on the agricultural sector. Already in 1945, the footwear sector underwent a spectacular boom with a production that year of 422,000 pairs of shoes destined for Mallorca, Cuba and the army.

Today its economy is based on construction, tourist services in the Alcudia area and industry and services in Inca and Palma.

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[information obtained from the Campanet Town Hall].

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