COVID19. Travel to Mallorca

Despite the improvement of the data in relation to the health crisis caused by the COVID19, there are still certain requirements that you should be aware of if you want to travel to Mallorca.

The Health Ministry has provided travelers with a website where you will be able to find all the updated information to enjoy a safe stay in Mallorca.

We recommend that you always consult the official website before traveling so that you do not have any surprises upon arrival and can enjoy the island of Mallorca in the best conditions.

COVID insurance for traveling to Mallorca

During a trip there may be unexpected incidents that require assistance and even though most travelers know how essential it is to travel covered by an international policy, nowadays this need has increased, and purchasing a travel insurance when visiting Mallorca or anywhere else is synonymous of calmness and security that, after these years of pandemic, we all deserve.

In our case, for many years, we have been traveling covered by the company IATI Seguros. Our experience couldn’t have been better and we have always recommended it as the best travel insurance, so once the pandemic started we were delighted that they were the first company to include COVID19 coverages in all their insurances.

In this article we explain you the importance of traveling with an insurance, we tell you why IATI Seguros seems to us the best option and we give you a 5% discount when contracting their services for being a reader of Yo soy Mallorca.

What does the COVID19 travel insurance cover?

COVID19 travel insurance

During your trip to Mallorca, for an approximate cost of about 0,50€ per day, you will have fully included in the medical coverage: COVID19 assistance, hospitalization, tests prescribed by a specialist, cancellation of your trip due to COVID19 causes of family members and repatriation. Furthermore, in case of a compulsory quarantine, they will also cover the extension of your stay with up to 65 €/day.

Don’t you believe it? Enter your travel details and check it yourself!

Iati insurance

COVID19 social measures in Mallorca

Currently, travelers coming from national destinations, from the European Union or from Schengen associated countries (you can check them here) are not required to present the COVID19 passport and do not have to fill in any form.

On the other hand, foreign travelers arriving from countries that do not belong to the European Union or are not considered Schengen associated countries (except for children under 12 years of age or those in international transit):

  • They must present an EU digital COVID certificate or equivalent, a negative certificate of a diagnostic test for active infection or a certificate of recovery after having passed this disease.
  • In case of not having an EU digital COVID certificate or equivalent, they will have to fill in a sanitary control form to obtain a QR code that must be presented at boarding and on arrival at the airports and ports of the Balearic Islands.

With the remission of the sixth wave of the COVID19, in April 2022 the Government of the Balearic Islands decided to remove the requirement of the use of the face mask to access the interiors of the restaurants, nightlife, cultural and sporting events.

Even so, in Mallorca there are still certain social measures in place to control the transmission of the virus:

  • The use of face masks is mandatory when using public transport and for access to hospitals, health centers, some pharmacies and nursing homes.
  • The safety distance of at least one and a half meters must be maintained indoors.
  • In case of not being able to maintain the safety distance, the use of a mask is recommended.
  • Smoking is forbidden on the hospitality terraces.

COVID test for tourists

If as a traveler you require a PCR or an antigen test to return to your country or region of departure, you can consult the list of authorized testing centers on this link.

* Last update: September 2022

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* During the winter season not all hotels and accommodation in Mallorca are open. Because of this, they may not appear on the map.