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Sailing boat rental
in Mallorca

If we dream of Mallorca, we dream of coves with turquoise waters in the heart of the Mediterranean, because the island is made for enjoying the weather, the sea and sailing. Renting a sailing boat in Mallorca with or without a captain will allow you to enjoy the sea breeze and the sun in a unique way, avoiding crowds and living a different and unforgettable experience.

Discover postcard-perfect places and beaches, renew your energy and, above all, disconnect from your routine in the middle of the sea… Can you think of a better plan?

Renting a sailboat in Mallorca will allow you to enjoy the island from a different perspective and access beaches and coves that would be impossible to reach on foot. In addition, aboard a sailing boat you can enjoy a range of water sports and activities such as snorkeling and explore the best of the island away from the crowds of tourists.

If this seems like a good plan, we recommend that you take a look at the Click & Boat collaborative platform, where you can enjoy boat rentals in Mallorca with or without a captain in a simple way and at the best price.

Why rent a sailboat in Mallorca?

Thanks to its more than 300 days of sunshine a year and its more than 500km of coastline, Mallorca is a national and international tourist reference point and one of the Spanish (and world!) destinations par excellence for lovers of nautical tourism.

The island has many practically virgin beaches and coves that are difficult or impossible to reach on foot, only accessible by sea; a magnificent natural heritage and one of the best infrastructures for a perfect holiday.

What do I need to rent a sailboat in Mallorca?

You can rent a sailboat in Mallorca without a captain as long as you have the appropriate license. The most common are the title of Basic Navigation Pattern (PNB) for vessels up to 8 metres in length, and with which you can go up to five nautical miles from the coast; and the title of Recreational Vessel’s Skipper (PER), with which you can control boats of up to 15 metres in length and sail up to 12 nautical miles away, as well as make intra-island crossings.

Sailing boats with a length of less than 6 metres do not require a license to sail. If this is the case, you will be able to rent a sailing boat without a license in Mallorca without any previous experience, nautical training or license. The only requirement, apart from those mentioned above, is that you must be over 18 years old.

Before sailing, you will have a short briefing with the owner and follow his advice in order to enjoy the experience in the best possible way. With this type of boats it is not possible to go very far from the coast, but don’t worry, the Mallorcan coasts allow a close and easy navigation in most of its beaches and coves.

🏖️ Check out the Mallorca’s beaches and coves guide! In each of the files we explain in detail the underwater conditions and whether it is suitable for sailing, as well as possible precautions that you should take care of and keep in mind.

How much does it cost to rent a sailboat in Mallorca?

The price of renting a sailing yacht in Mallorca will vary depending on the season of the year and the duration of the charter, the type of yacht and its age, as well as the promotional periods chosen by the owners themselves. Also, bear in mind that having the services of a captain and/or crew on board will also influence the price of the rental.

In general, the cost of renting a sailboat in Mallorca starts at 45€ per day per person for a boat of 9 passengers (boat insurance included).

Check the technical data sheet of the sailboat to find out if there is the possibility of renting extra equipment (snorkeling equipment, paddle surf, etc.), if you are interested, as well as to find out if fuel is included or not. Generally, both extras and fuel must be paid for at the time of boarding.

Marinas where to rent a sailboat in Mallorca

Mallorca has a total of 48 marinas from which you can rent your sailboat or any other type of boat, being the most popular ones:

How to rent a sailboat with Click & Boat

Mallorca has 48 marinas and more than 20,000 moorings, with most of these boats idle 95% of the days of the year. A barbarity! As a result, many owners have decided to dispose of their recreational boats* through platforms based on sharing and the collaborative economy, just like other websites that offer rooms or cars.

In the same way, many travelers decide to travel to the island with a rented boat to explore the Mallorcan coasts and be able to access beaches and coves that would be impossible to reach on foot and enjoy the privacy and exclusivity offered by hiring a boat.

If this is the first time you are going to rent a boat, we recommend you to do it through a collaborative platform such as Click & Boat. We know how this website works and we are going to explain how easy it is to rent a boat in Mallorca:

  1. First of all, you need to find your ideal boat. In this case, if you are interested in renting a sailboat, you can do it from this link.
  2. Once you have chosen your boat, if you have any questions before booking, you can contact the owner via the “Message” button.
  3. Once your questions are answered, it’s time to book. You will be required to authorise the online payment and wait a maximum of 24 hours for the owner to accept the booking. If accepted, your bank account will be debited and Click & Boat will pass on your contact details to the owner.
  4. You have already made your booking! Contact the owner (by phone or email) to pick up the keys of your boat and enjoy Mallorca from the sea.

⛵ Do you want to know more? Here we give you all the information about Click & Boat, as well as some tips that will be very useful to find the ideal boat at the best price for your trip.

Other rental boats available

In addition to sailing boat rentals, at Yo soy Mallorca we have located other types of boats available for rent with or without a captain through the Click & Boat platform that you have seen above:

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* Due to the current Spanish legislation, Click & Boat, in order to be able to rent boats to individuals, they must be registered in the sixth list (recreational boats).

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